Sigh. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we’re getting all sentimental here at the Dawn offices. We’ve been talking about love stories a lot and especially about The Moment. You know – the one when you just felt different, when you just…knew…that you didn’t want to live your life without him.

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57 thoughts on “How did you know he was “the one”? Tell us for a chance to win $150!

  1. I am a mother aged 50 with 2 adult handicapped children at home. I have been through a few marriages. They all turned out to be a disaster. It seems they never wanted me or my children but the MONEY they would get. My last husband tried to poison me. I was finally at a loss and determined that I would spend the rest of my life alone when I saw a falling star. I wished upon it for the man of my dreams, my soulmate. Exactly 3 years later it worked. I took the chance of FLIRTING with a local man on Zoosk. Even though I had my reservations about meeting him I did anyway. He took me out to a lovely dinner. When we first looked into each others eyes it was something I have never felt! It was worse then being a teenager in love for the first time. His adoring accepting eyes met with mine and we hit it off immediately. He found himself unable to stop thinking about me. I felt the same way. We talked, and talked for months on the phone. Went out on a few more dates and 2 months later he asked me to marry him. That was Feb 14th of 2011. I am still wearing his ring and am expecting to marry him on March 28th of this year. I have asked him, why me? His answer was this….I really don’t know but I do know this: When I first looked into your eyes I knew you were the one I was looking for all my life! He admitted to also feeling like a teenager in love. But the best thing that has come out of all of this is, I have not only met the man of my dreams that will be my husband, but my children LOVE him. They have never liked any of the men I have ever dated. They call him Dad. He is 100% happy with the complete package and is devoted at sharing his life with not only me but HIS children as he calls them.

  2. I met my fiance, Steve, on an internet dating site! I was still in college, and surrounded by “available” guys, but I was looking for someone with more substance. I found Steve and we soon started dating. I knew he was special from the start.
    Around 6 months into the relationship, we had a wonderful night out – dinner and parking at the beach to watch the sun set. Very romantic. We drove back to his place, and when I hoped out of his truck, I looked up at all the thousands of stars. I picked one, and wished with all my might that he would tell me he loved me that night, because I loved him. Mere hours later, he finally said those magic words. That’s when I knew it was meant to be.
    Since then, as all couples, we’ve had our rough patches in the road. But underneath it all, we are best friends and would do anything for each other. We’re now planning our September wedding and couldn’t be happier.
    So here’s to the magic of wishing on a star!

  3. It was my junior year in high school and I was having a rough time. I had lost a lot of my friends before the school year started because of rumors from a car accident and break up so I was nervous to go back to school. I was excited for Drama class because I knew I had it with my best friend. When I walked in there was a group of guys who were part of the group who were making me miserable and I was very unhappy to see them. One of them kept coming over to talk to me but I was still nervous. At lunch he came up to the table we were sitting at, laid down and didn’t stop talking. I immediately got a crush and we became best friends. Over the next 5 years we had a lot of ups and downs. Dating other people, losing our friendship for a little while but I always came back to him. He always gave me butterflies and the guys I was dating couldn’t compete. Finally after 5 years we were in the same place. The first time we kissed was amazing and worth the wait. Now 7 years after that first day we’re getting married. I never imagined when I walked into that classroom that my soulmate was waiting for me.

  4. I met my fiancé david technically three years before we started dating. He was dating someone else and I had just broken things off with someone so we basically didnt bother talking to one another at that point. But three years later we met up again through my brother, and we had only planned to hang out this one night. Even though I liked him and he liked me, neither one of us thought the other one wild like us back. But realizing th next day that I had left something there, I text him to see if I could pick it up. He said we should hang out sometime, and I was very hesitant, but I thought why not. That next time we were at his house, everything was so perfect. Even though other people were there it seemed as though it was just the two of us. Being with him made everything else in the world fade away. I was not afraid to be vulnerable with him or open myself up to him like I have always been. It had been about a week and he had already changed me into a better version of myself, and I knew I would never let him go.

  5. My Fiance and I met in high school. We went to our Junior Ball as a blind date (my high school class was over 500 students). Our friends were all going together and they decided that we were going together. We didn’t hit it off right away. That summer we saw each other at a Tim McGraw concert and started to hang out. Senior year was a memorable year. We has been together for ten years now and have grown up together.
    I knew he was the one when all I could think about was him. When I woke up and he was the only thing on my mind.
    On our ten year anniversary I was asking my fiance big life questions, when he popped a big question himself. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?

  6. I met my fiancé online a year and a half ago. I had decided I was tired of wasting my time on guys that did not have the same goals that I did. We started emailing back and forth and got to the point where numbers were exchanged. We had a hard time connecting and one day after I had gotten back from another date I tried calling him. He was leaving a local festival with his guy friends and was in no condition to talk and thus said he would call later. Needless to say, he never did. I few days later I sent him an email saying it was obvious he wasn’t interested and wished him the best. Lo and behold I received a phone call from him that night and we made plans to meet that weekend at a local outdoor venue. When I walked up to our meeting spot I saw the most handsome guy and prayed that he was my supposed date. He rose to greet me and my heart fluttered. After all those dates with those other guys I knew there was something different about this one. Our date lasted several hours and we talked about nearly everything. After finally deciding to part ways, and multiple kisses later, we went off on our separate ways. The next day I had my cousin’s wedding to attend at the Milwaukee Art Museum and he was visiting his parents. We texted back and forth a couple times and by the time dinner was wrapping up he said he wanted to see me. As I walked out of the museum, there he was – leaning against his car, arms folded across his chest, like a scene from a movie. My heart raced! His eyes lit up as he saw me coming towards him and I knew I could convince him to run home and change and come back as my date. Well, he did and willing met my family that night as the perfect gentleman he is. That was just the start of our whirlwind romance. 6 months later I moved in with him and 11 months after that he proposed while ice skating at Millennium Park in Chicago! I recall the night of my cousin’s wedding when the father of the bride leaned down and asked me if he was invited to our wedding! I guess I can safely tell him now that indeed he is!

  7. It all started with a piece of pizza! I always went to this pizza place with the best pizza around and also a very good looking Italian boy named Pietro that was always there night and day. I went to this pizzeria for years on my lunches or even on the weekends when I was in the area and I would always walk out of there dreaming of this man. I noticed him the very first time I walked in there I was about 21 years old and just thought to myself wow that guy is cute. His father owned the pizzeria and so he was always there working for his dad.
    For years when I went there we never went beyond saying hello and good bye to each other. But everytime I walkted in and saw his face it always made me smile. Its funny because I had a crush on him for all these years and before I even really knew him I felt like I knew him. I could just sense right away what a wonderful person he was.I would walk out of the pizzeria dreaming of what it would be like to see him outside of this place. I dreamt of what it would be like to be with someone whos family was so Italian like mine. Every time I went there his dad would ask me if I was married yet or engaged and I would tell himI didn’t want to get married. So eight years go by and there would be times I would go there every other week and times I wouldn’t go for months. One summer day in 2010 I walked in there and told his dad how I plan to go to Italy that summer . And so Pietro started talking about how much he loved Italy and he wants to go back. So I said half jokingly “ok well next time we’ll make plans and well go together” . He said ok and I grabbed my salad smiled and left. Several weeks later I went back to the pizzeria his dad was not there and so he asked me if I looked up tickets and said I guess if were going to go to Italy together I’m going to need your phone number. I gave my number and walked out of the pizzeria on cloud nine and couldn’t eat my food because I was so excited and nervous. He called me a couple days later we went on our first date which was a walk in the park at 8:00 in the morning on July 3rd and one year later on July 3rd in that same park is where we got engaged last year. This year on July 6th we will be getting married and I couldn’t be happier. I never really understood the meaning of true love until now. I cannot wait to marry him.

  8. My fiance and I met when he was a senior in high school and I was in 8th grade. He was a family friend of my best friend (now maid of honor), so it was only a matter of time before we would have met anyway! It didn’t take long for us to become friends, but since I was so young and he was going off to college, it wasn’t the right time for a romance to grow. We remained friends over the next four years, chatting whenever we had a chance, but it wasn’t very often. Still, we both secretly knew that the other was special. Finally, when I was a senior in high school, I got accepted to the same college that David was attending, so I decided to take a risk and go there! We have been inseparable ever since I moved in as a freshman. About a year after I graduated, David proposed, and now after 7 years together, we are looking forward to our Big Day and becoming husband and wife!

  9. After graduating from college I took a job up in the mountains of Colorado and was very excited for the new start and to hopefully find someone. All my roommates had found there guys and I felt like I was the only destined to be single forever – never realized how many duds you could find in 4 years!
    I had graduated on a Saturday, started work that Monday and met my guy literally a week (maybe 2…) later. My co-worker introduced me to this cute firefighter and I hadn’t realized she had been telling him about the new blonde in town. We met that night at a bar and exchanged newly printed business cards.
    A few days later after telling my friend all the details about this cute guy on the phone I logged into facebook and here’s a message from him asking what I was planning on doing for the weekend and he’d love to go out. So that weekend he picks me up and we have literally been inseparable ever since.
    Our first date was so comfortable and relaxing. Never thought you could feel that way with someone you barely knew.
    I never truly believed you would “just know” he was the one, but in this instance never in my mind did I ever doubt it and I think it’s safe to say after our first date I just knew…
    Fast forward 3 years later and he proposed and we’re getting married this fall!

  10. I was a bar tender in early 2002 at a bar in the middle of no where near the town I grew up in. I had been dating a couple different guys and the relationships were going no where. One night a regular customer came in with a buddy from work. It happened to be the friends 30th birthday and the two of them had a few drinks and were shooting pool in the back room. The bar was dead that night and my boss and I were sitting at the end of the bar talking and I mentioned to her how cute I thought the guy was who came in with the regular customer. My boss had a bit of liquid courage in her and when she got up to go use the restroom she went over to them and all of a sudden I heard her say, “Hey Eric, my Bar tender thinks your hot!” I was so embarrassed I wanted to die right there on the spot! He walked over to me, I could feel my face turning beat red and I started getting so warm! He had a grin on his face and asked me for another round of drinks. We ended up talking all night even after the bar closed.
    Eric ended up calling me that friday for a date. We have been together ever since! We will celebrate 10 years together on April 10th.
    The moment I knew he was the one though was when my Dad met him. All the other guys I dated my Dad never ever liked. He was nice to them yes but somehow my Dad knew this one was different. Eric is a transplant meaning he moved here from Michigan and has no family who lives here. Him and my Dad got along great. They went hunting and did things together. My Dad finally had the son he always wanted. In 2006, My Dad was in a horrible motorcycle accident. We would visit him in the hospital and Eric and him would talk about “guy” things. My Dad asked Eric if he could take care of the lawn and house for him until he got better so that my Mom didn’t have to bother with it and he was able to do it himself himself again. Eric was honored. My Dad took a lot of pride in his yard and the house, to ask Eric to take the reins was something special. (as stupid as it sounds to us woman) Eric went over there and mowed the lawn and did the yard work as asked. My Dad ended up passing away due to his injuries. I was heart broken, couldn’t function. Eric took care of everything for me.He protected my Mom as well as my sister and I. I think a couple of times he even had to remind me to breath. I had been with Eric for 4 years, never had seen him cry until my Dad died. I remember Eric looking at me one night, this was after things had settled down a bit, he told me he had to go mow Mom’s lawn. I got upset because it was the weekend and I wanted him to be with me. We started arguing and he yelled, “Look your Dad asked me to take care of the yard for him, I have to go over there!” his voice broke and he started to cry. At that moment I knew I would spend the rest of my life with him. We have been through so much together. We know what each other is thinking. He is my best friend and my rock. I could have never gotten through my Dad’s death without him, he guided me and let me be a mess without judgement. I cannot imagine my life without him. We push each other to be our best but don’t blame each other when we are not. That is a good relationship. Faults and all we deserve to be loved by someone. I’m just lucky he chooses to love me. I will, till the day I die look at him with as much respect as I looked my Dad. I felt safe and protected with my Dad and Eric has been the only one who has made me feel as safe and protected as my Dad always did. I am very thankful my Boss decided to play cupid that night! I will marry the man of my dreams October of this year.

  11. Remembering how we met ALWAYS brings a smile to my face! We worked together for 6 ½ years before we started to date. In those 6 ½ years he became my VERY best best friend. It wasn’t until then when I realized the difference a true friendship could have on making a HAPPY relationship. We laugh together, play together, understand each other, when we’re down we bring each other back up, there is no situation too big that we cannot sit down and talk it out. I knew I wanted more when I couldn’t stop thinking about him….So I made I move! September 22, 2006 was our first date and our new beginning of a lifetime together. We are now planning the rest of our lives together as husband and wife. I choose our “anniversary date” September 22, 2012 as our wedding day to keep it special; however, he wanted to have two special days. Our magical day that begins our LIFE together will take place Saturday, July 13, 2013!!! To this day he is till the first thing I smile about when I wake up and the last thing I smile about before going to be….

  12. I met my fiancé Jeremy, on a Thursday in February of 2011 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We exchanged phone numbers through an online dating site, the channel through which we met does not prompt someone to think fate was involved but I assure you fate had everything to do with our meeting. The night we met, under normal circumstances would never have happened. I work full time for an accounting firm and attend college full-time at night. Jeremy works freelance for the U.S. coast guard and was on a three month contract in Ft. Pierce, Florida but happened to be home for a few days that week in February waiting for parts to come in for the ship he was working on. I would have been in class in South West Miami until 10:30pm, but for some unknown reason the professor canceled class leaving me free to meet this man before he returned to work.
    After our first date, unlike the many I had been on before, I wanted to see him again. Jeremy was different from man I had met before and partly because he is the father of a six year old little boy. I had never considered dating anyone who had children but the chemistry I had with him on our first date made me consider the possibility of doing so. Jeremy called me every day after we met and finally asked me out again on the Saturday following our first date. There was a catch! He was only home because he had his son for the weekend. He asked me over for a BBQ with him, his son and friends. Timid about meeting his little boy so soon after we first met, knowing such an event could make or break any potential developments with us I tried to make excuses on why I could not go, using school and homework as my primary excuse, which he dismissed by saying, “come when you’re done studying, you have to eat anyways.” With a little encouragement from my mother who I lived with, I did go. We had a water balloon fight in his backyard while burgers grilled and laughed and screamed like children. I had the most fun then I have had in a long time. That night, I watched a wonderful man be a loving and dedicated father to his son. It was mysterious to me, it was magical and something I knew no matter how close he and I would get I could never fully understand it and I knew then, at the end of our second date, I was very much in love with this single father and did not want to spend another day without him.
    Five months later Jeremy came home from Ft. Pierce for a night, he took me out to dinner at my favorite restaurant. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Without skipping beat I said yes! I found out later, my now finance, earlier that day asked my mother and step- father for permission to marry me and they helped him arrange the most amazing night of my life.

  13. My hubby to be and I met 20 years when he was dating my best friend. He and I got together after they split and I became pregant and got scared and left. We have been searching for each other but couldn’t find one another until our daughter decided she wanted to meet her dad. A friend of mine found him and we got together and relized we still felt the way we did back then about each other.So we started seeing each other again. We got back together on November 14 2011 and on my birthday November 19 he asked me to marry him because his feelings had never changed nor had mine. We are planning to be wed on July 7th 2012. I love him with all my heart!

  14. My fiance and I met in marching band camp while we were in college and met through a mutual friend. The three of us began to hang out and once we knew there was something between us, just the two of us started hanging out. I knew there was something special about him and I knew we would start dating – it was just a matter of time. Sure enough, a couple days later, Jared asked me out and of course I said yes. Meeting him through our friend was the best thing that had ever happened to me (and him) because we hit it off great. We made each other laugh and loved to hang out. We brought out the best in each other and everyone around us could see that we were meant to be together. A year or so into our relationship, he decided to join the U.S. Marines and I was currently in my last year of college. After waiting to be sent to boot camp, it finally happened during my last semester of college during my senior year. That was the first time we had ever been apart for an extended period of time without access to the usual modes of communication that most people our age use. It would be three months without email, instant message, talking on the phone or texting. We went old school and were allowed to write letters – and that was it. It was a difficult time and my closest friends were the ones who helped me through those long 3 months without him. But we had no problem getting through them because our love is so strong, and that’s when everyone else knew that since we got through this with no problem, we would be together forever. I went with his family down to see him graduate from boot camp and become a Marine, which was something that I will remember for the rest of my life. His sister wasn’t sure if boot camp changed him or not, but when she saw him look at me, she knew nothing had changed and he still felt the same way about me. Having a fiance in the military is certainly not easy, and it takes a special kind of relationship to make things work. Our love is a once in a lifetime love and no matter what obstacles we face, either present or future, I know that our love will overcome them. Needless to say, it didn’t take either one of us very long to fall in love with each other. It only took a couple weeks into our relationship to know he was the one. He makes me incredibly happy, can make me laugh at the drop of a hat, knows when something is wrong and makes it better instantly, and even though I only see him a couple times a year, I fall in love with him all over again when I get to be in his arms after months of not seeing him. He is an incredibly Marine and fiance, and will be the best husband there can be.

  15. I had come out of a 5 year relationship and had been on the dating scene again for about a year with no real luck. A family friend suggested an online dating sight that she was using to meet guys. I was reluctant at first-who really meets their boyfriend/husband online?! Well after a few days I gave in and joined. I made a profile and started reading through profiles. When I came across Billy’s it was the most ridiculous profile you could ever imagine! It was a likes and dislikes list: If you don’t like pizza and beer, don’t message me, if you like long walks on the beach, don’t message me…etc. It was so funny that I messaged him…even though I love long walks on the beach! LOL We talked for a couple of months online before we decided to finally meet in person. We decided on a day and time, and then he told me he had something he needed to tell me before we could meet. I said “What, do you have 2 heads?” He said, “No, I have magic legs” Long story short, Billy has a mild form of cerebral palsy and switches back and forth between a walker and a wheelchair to get around. I was shocked, and because I am not the kind of person to intentionally hurt other peoples feelings I decided that even though I wasn’t sure how I felt about his disability, I needed to go on the date anyway because we had already made the plans. When I got to Starbucks for our first date I was nervous for all the normal reasons plus the obvious added reasons. When I got there he was already sitting, I got us some drinks and we sat and we had the best conversations for over 2 hours, it was a great date and I didn’t actually want it to end! We made plans to go out again, and then he stood up and I was reminded of his disability (for the first and only time since the date started). Again, we had already made plans that I didn’t want to break so a few days later we went out again, and once again I didn’t notice his disability until the end of the date when he got up to leave. After a few more dates I never noticed the “magic legs” again and instead I started seeing my future when I looked at him. That is when I knew this was the guy for me!! 2 years ago we got engaged and in 3 months we will be married!!

  16. I have a hard of hearing impairment and a mental illness. In 2003 I went on a phone dating service and I found the love of my life which I thought did NOT want nothing to do with me back then. Then i started dating other men and it seems like all the guys I dated wanted me for one thing only. Well the guy I met on the phone dating service called me after my mother died from ovarian cancer and says that he can finally say that he loves me. He just wanted to get to know me back then and was helping out his grandma whom was dying too. So, it turns out he loved me all this time and did NOT know how to tell me and now we are getting married on my mother’s birthday and have been together ever since 2003. We could NOT be more happier. He has to go on dialysis and I am going to be his kidney donor.

  17. About two years ago, I moved from a small town in Wisconsin, down to an even smaller town in Florida. My grandmother raised show dogs, and her father was ill. Having 7 dogs in the house was very hard on my grandfather, and I didn’t really have anything going for me back home, so I decided to pack everything I owned, and 24 hours later, I was on a flight to Florida. About six weeks into my stay, I had not met ANYONE! My grandmother and I were out “bumming around” one day, and I had a strange craving for McDonald’s, which was considerably weird, because I hate fast food. When I went up to order my food, the cashier was absolutely the most handsome mad I had ever seen. He had bright blue eyes, and the most perfect dimples I had ever seen. My grandmother and I got our food, and sat down. I told her I thought he was quite attractive, and wouldn’t mind getting to know him. So….I left my name and number on a napkin, and had another McDonald’s employee give it to him! The next day, he texted me! We made plans to meet up that day, and honestly, we have been inseperable since. We’ve been together two years now, and we’ve moved to Toledo, Ohio. He has been my rock when I needed strength, and my soft fluffy cloud when I’ve fallen. He was there while my brother battled cancer, and eventually died of cancer (at the young age of 20) He is my absolute best friend, and I could not picture spending my life with anyone else.

  18. Love stories don’t always begin in an ushy-gushy fashion and ours certainly didn’t. We had gone to school together since elementary school but didn’t become friends until 9th grade. He was a little weird but I felt like I was able to talk to him. After our class together ended we didn’t talk, but somehow one day online a couple years later he started a conversation with me like we had been the closest of friends for ages, and for some reason I felt at ease. I could talk to him about anything and everything and I didn’t feel self-conscious like with everyone else.
    He liked my best friend; I liked a friend of his. It gave us a mutual thing to discuss and a couple secrets to start a very close friendship. Then there became a hitch in our friendship, he liked me, and I wanted nothing to do with that. I broke his heart by saying that I didn’t like him that way. I’ll never be able to explain why, and you don’t have to believe me, but I had this feeling that as soon as I said yes I would never be with anyone else.
    That summer we continued to grow closer and he became my best friend. I still look back fondly on that summer and as it came to a close he thought he would try again. I agreed to go on a date with him and I remember sitting outside joking and listening to him talk about his family and how it made me smile. I knew right then that I had no choice in my fate, and it scared me. I was 17 and had never had a boyfriend or been kissed for that matter. It was a few days later on a Sunday when he shared a new Postsecret with me. It said “She was my only wish at 11:11 and my only hope is that one day I can be hers,” and I knew instantly he had sent it (I’ve always loved 11:11 and used to remind him to wish each night) and it hurt me more to know I was going to let him down again. I was a stupid high schooler too concerned with what everyone else thought and I was afraid to fall in love and never have the opportunity to change my mind.
    From that point on I feel like it was an inevitable decent to me giving in. I reached a point of jealousy by the start of the next semester and realized I was going to loose him if I didn’t give it a shot. And I was lucky enough that he was still there waiting for me. Lucky for us we both headed to the same college that year and we are rounding out undergrad this spring! I don’t think many people we know now know about our story. We tend to come across as more practical than sentimental, but I’m a hopeless romantic and I feel lucky to have found someone who can be my best friend and be the only person to really understand (and deal with) me. We got engaged on 11.11.11 (no, unfortunately not at 11:11) and I feel like it finally validates to everyone what I knew 5 years ago, I’m stuck with him forever. But I guess that’s ok with me. 🙂

  19. Hello self, meet self. The story of the 2 red shoes that never met. Until one day…. On a quiet Tuesday evening I got a last minute phone call from my friend, affectionately known to you as Stephers, to meet her at the Red Wolf at eight to discuss our upcoming travel plans. Just as I was leaving the driveway I got a work call out. So back inside I went, changed into work clothes, got a partner but had about fifteen minutes of lead time so in true Stephers fashion, I showed up late to our meeting and didn’t get to stay long. Halfway in to our debacle of a travel confirmation plan, in walks a handsome man who looks a tad confused yet he greets Stef and sits down quietly. As Steph and I shoveled in barbequed meat wrapped in bacon into our mouths while we conferred, he looked at us like we were scavenging animals. After being introduced, he barely said a word quietly absorbing my surprise at my (apparently our) friend’s lack of organization for the upcoming girl’s trip. I barely stopped talking to say hello-this was strictly business but I couldn’t help but keep glancing over to watch him while I didn’t skip a word. It wasn’t until we left on our trip on Friday that Steph was chatting this guy up did I realize I had let myself be set up by our little Cupid. Quite the little scam artist she is. While on vacation I received the annotated version on this new friend of mine. I asked Steph for your number and to my dismay she wouldn’t fork it over. After some light text ribbing you promised me a lunch date. On the 12th we were sitting in the airport trying to coordinate our pickup, finding myself bored I commandeered her phone and text you again right there from the airport. When her phone was about to die and I was getting more upset by the minute that our ride couldn’t seem to locate us still, I returned the ball to your court and passed my digits. The first few days I was utterly confused and baffled by some, well most of your texts but I wouldn’t let it stop my mission. Date night. Saturday was coming and I failed to see this lunch materialize. I decided to repossess the ball and invited you to the picnic at Vic’s with me. Truth be told Steph wanted you to meet him anyhow, but really I wanted you there for me not for Vic. That Saturday morning you said you may have something going on to keep you from the outing and I was feeling a little down. Our persistent friend needed to relax so we went saddle shopping so she could start her lessons. On the way home as I was driving her car some strange noises were being heard from her lesbian ride. Before I knew it, she had you on the phone and was trying to make these noises! I’ve never laughed so hard when I heard you ask her if she saw or smelled fire! We got back late but I grabbed my stuff and trotted off to the picnic solo. It was great to see everyone but I could not hide my disappointment of the mystery man suddenly being ‘busy’ and unable to attend with me. After a couple hours you text me asking if I did indeed go to Vics- like you thought I’d be at home moping and sulking that you didn’t go! A few drinks later next thing I know a guy I just met thirty seconds before walks up to me asking me to confirm my name. After a few attempts at this back and forth colloquy I’m like what do you want- much to my surprise he practically drug me out front by the arm to see the mystery man waiting to take me for a ride in a shiny black corvette. Without a seatbelt he drove us all over town too fast but all I could feel was the wind in my hair and an undeniable urge to stare at him wondering what he was thinking. At some point he stopped by his house but I wasn’t paying any attention to where we had gone. This became painstakingly apparent when he wanted me to meet him there for lunch on Monday and I was lost. I tried not to sound like too much of a moron asking for his address like I was on the right street but couldn’t find the only purple house! I arrived to a subway turkey sandwich- he swears by this place. I must have made him nervous; he threw out half of his sandwich and didn’t talk much. I didn’t really know what to say either; this calming feeling came over me when I was close to him. We let the puppies out to make him more comfortable. They seemed to be the apple of his eye. Before I left I put one arm around his neck and kissed him on both cheeks. He looked confused but I did it anyway. We texted a bit more each day and had lunch together every day that week. By the end of the week we talked almost the whole time during lunch. I just could not get enough. By Wednesday or so I was asked if I wanted to run some errands with him after work and I was excited to see him again. I had some lead time so when I got home I saw my high grass and realized I had to mow my grass right then. It took me longer than I told him it would. I saw the texts he left when I was cleaning up and the end ones didn’t sound too promising. But I text him back and before I even got out of the shower the dog was barking uncontrollably and his truck was in the driveway. I don’t really remember where we went or what we did, but he was driving me around and I was loving every minute of it. One day at the end of lunch he grabbed my hand after I kissed him. I looked up to find him staring at me deeply and he kissed me softly. It was official. I was hooked. We saw each other every day. It didn’t take long for me to realize I never wanted you to leave my side. We kept hanging out, fitting me between work and hockey, I was so lucky. I hoped you shared my sentiment one night when you said goodnight and I couldn’t accept that. I asked you to grab work clothes and return to sleep by my side. For a few minutes I didn’t think you would agree, but you finally gave in. I never slept so well when I finally stopped asking questions and staring at you involuntarily and succumbed to sleep at four am. It took me a few nights to relax next to you. I wanted to remember every minute of every early day with you and not to rush a thing. The electric feeling that surged through me was an eye opening experience for me. I never felt like that before. I knew instantly that I could not go on as I had. I had to be with this man, every day, for the rest of my life. Over an hour later we collapsed exhausted in each other’s arms. I don’t think you slept hardly at all for many nights in a row encapsulated in my arms but I could not pry us apart. I kept staring at you, trying to figure out how to utter the words ‘I love you’ without sending you sprinting out the door never to return. I kept deciding against it. I figured if it was exactly what I knew it was, there was no point to rush it. That week I remember calling my Dad and telling him I was going to marry you. He laughed at me and made some comment about time telling all. Within the week you held my face in your hand looked deep into my eyes and told me you loved me. I was never one to say it a lot, because I felt it lost meaning, but to this day I can’t stop telling you. If I tell you a thousand times, it isn’t enough. You wove your way into my life and my heart in a very short amount of time according to most people. The funny part is that I could really care less what other people think. So long as I never have to be more than arms reach from you I will be the happiest woman in the entire world. A few short months later we’re inseparable and everyday feels just like a dream….Two years has flown by already and we’re about to get married; it still feels like just yesterday we met 🙂

  20. My first instance when I knew Paul Partin was going to be my new husband was when I was a Freshman at Southeastern College in Lakeland, Florida. It was a dark and stormy evening when I finished dinner
    and I was getting ready to run back to my dorm room with two friends because I had forgotten to bring my umbrella. Paul Partin all of a sudden came up behind me and shared his umbrella. I started talking to him, and the rest was history.We will
    celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary on April 24, 2012 and we couldn’t be happier! Praise the Lord for those Summer rainstorms in Florida! It’s a great way to meet someone new and handsome!

  21. It all started 3 years ago i was out at one of my favorite dancing clubs and i started to chat with a dark hair man at the bar. i flirted with him, then would go back on the dance floor. Well i kept the pattern up. He must have loved my dancing because he gave me his number. I told him i would call him. I’ve never been attracted to dark hair men before so i never called him. I kept thinking italian men are classified as having controllng personalities. besides i know from experience that men you meet at the bar wont even remember your name at the end of the night let alone the next day. Six months later i see him at the gas station and he says “hi Tiffany” I was impressed he remebered my name but still not excited about his hair color. When he asked if i still had his number i lied to him and told him yes. Six months later i was walking downtown and walked right past him at his house. He said “hi Tiffany”. He turned out to be my neighbor. Really, is fate talking or what! A few days later i put my name and number on an envelope and told him to call me. He did and since then we have been inseperatable. He helped me through my horrible divorce and lift the burdens of being a single parent. hes my best friend. Just when you think you know what you want and need fate is their to show you otherwise

  22. Five years ago, a gorgeous Irishman walked into the office I was working at in Oz and I lost my breath, began to stutter and couldn’t even hold a pen! I could not have been less cool!! Luckily he saw something in me too. Later that day we ran into each other again. Some might call it fate. He happened to be a backpacker as well and soon we found ourselves touring the country together in a small hippie van. We were natural together and it didn’t take long for us to fall in love. Unfortunately, visas do expire and money runs out. We were forced to say our goodbyes thinking it was the end of our “backpackers romance” and the last time we would ever see one another. Nothing could have felt worse. Neither of us wanted a long distance relationship, nor were we able to move at that point. It was the end. We barely spoke in the next two months, thinking it would be easier this way. However being apart only strengthened our feelings for each other. We realized this wasn’t just a “backpackers romance” and that we had to be together again. He worked very hard to afford to immigrate to Canada, and after almost a year apart and a few short visits, we were reunited for good. We now have a very happy simple life in Winnipeg and are more in love than ever.

  23. I arrived in Germany had no Family and only one friend. We had nothing to do Christmas eve so we went to the service club. I found myself playing blackjack with four guys. I had played several hours and it was getting late when the one across from me made a comment finally. I looked into his eyes and they were as brown as the Big Mississippi River. I knew that I would marry him. I stopped playing and left the club. He made efforts to date me over the next few months, but I refused. Then another friend ask and pleaded me to go on a blind date with her and this other guy. We were told never to go out alone. She had picked me because everyone else refused. I wanted to helped her so I went. Who was my date? The same guy in the club. We started dating after that and were married in September that year and have been married for over thirty seven years and three daughters. The most funny thing is that my first name was a match for his last name. My dad brought it back from Russia in WWII. It was after a Ukrainian Ballerina. My Husband is Ukrainian. I almost got mrried to him without knowing how to pronouce his name.

  24. Seth and I met during our first week college in PA. After graduation we moved back to Seth’s hometowm. In the month of April Seth decided to take me away for a romantic weekend starting Friday evening through Sunday to Bucks County. we stayed at our favorite restaurant’s bed and breakfast. Saturday morning, Seth had asked me if we could go to our college to take some pictures of some plants for work, a bogus reason but all part of Seth’s greater plan. I agreed, thinking Seth was going to propose to her that evening, since Seth had made a big fuss with the restaurant about where we were going to sit for dinner later that night. After breakfast, Seth and I went to school and began walking toward our old dorm. As we got closer to the building, we saw two people lighting candles. There were two different reactions to that sight…In Seth’s mind, he was thinking “Oh crap, I am too early,” while I announced out loud “Is that some sort of memorial ahead of us?” When they were close enough to see the two people lighting candles, I realized it was my best friend Nicole (who traveled over two hours from NY) and Seth’s fraternity brother Cody who was helping Nicole. I looked at the ground and realized that there were candles and rose petals in a shape of a heart. And then, it finally clicked!…I knew what was coming next. Nicole and Cody walked away to give Seth and me “a few minutes.” Seth held me tightly and told me that we were standing in the exact spot we first met and that was the spot he wanted to ask me to be his wife. Of course, I said yes and we are engaged after almost 5 years of being together.

  25. David and I met at work. I was going through a divorce when I met him. I remember walking in the first time I saw and thinking he so handsome. We soon became friends and fell in love. He is such a gentlemen he always opens up the car door for me. He will place roses outside our door for me to find. He even made me sesame seed chicken last night. That was absolutely delicious. He proposed to me on December 14, 2011. Our wedding date is set for June 16, 2012 which is our 4th anniversary. Tonight we will be going on a romantic date to feed the duckies, dinner and a movie.

  26. A boss of mine had the same profession as my fiancé, Ken. My boss passed away in 2009 and his other assistant and I were planning a Celebration of Life for him since his family was too distraught over his sudden death. I met Ken at this Celebration of Life for my boss. When I first met him, I knew there was something different about him. I had a boyfriend at the time that I ended up breaking up with the next day; we just hadn’t been working out. I kept occasional contact with Ken through work, just when things would come across my desk that I would need to deal with him on, but it was nothing more than work. He was actually roommates with a coworker of mine who would commute to work; they lived in the next city over. This coworker asked me to watch her dog while their holiday vacations conflicted. Meanwhile, I ended up getting back together with that same ex-boyfriend. It was the evening of January 2, 2011 when he came back from his vacation. We sat and talked for a while and ended up going out to dinner. Our connection happened again. We talked for hours and I felt like I could tell him anything. Later that week, I called it quits with my boyfriend and I didn’t see Ken again until March, when got my number from another boss of mine. He was going boating with some friends and wanted me to go with him. I did not hesitate one bit. Our connection picked up right where we left it, and we’ve been together ever since. It is such a different feeling you have when you know you’ve found the person you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with. He proposed January 2, 2012, and we are getting married this October.

  27. On December 18, 2009, my fiancé, Matt, and I met at my favorite bar. I go there just about every Friday and this Friday was not any different. A friend of mine just started dating this guy (they are now engaged as well) and he invited his best friend out, which was Matt. Another one of my friends told me Matt was asking about me. He ended up buying me a drink later in the evening and so we got to talking. Matt was different, he intrigued me because he asked me out in a way that was unique. We were expecting a huge snow storm that night where they were calling for over two feet of snow. Well, Matt bet me that it would only snow three to six inches and if he was right we would have to go out on a date. I knew there was no way he was right but agreed. Sure enough we got a blizzard but I could not stop thinking about Matt. I asked my friend to get his number for me just in case I would decide to pursue him. New Years Eve, after I had a few drinks in me, I mustered up the courage to send him a text message and we kept sending texts back and forth until about four in the morning. The next six days we would talk on the phone, text and Facebook chat. I think we spent an average of three to four hours a day talking. We decided to meet up at the same bar we first met at and the first hour was awkward. I had had two friends there with me but he came alone and we barely talked. Instead he talked to my friends. I was slightly confused because we hit it off so well over the phone. I asked him to come outside and smoke a cigarette with me so we could be alone. From there we clicked just as well as we had over the phone and it felt like I knew him my entire life. I think the initial anticipation was making both of us nervous but those seven minutes alone together changed my life forever. Two days later my friends and I were throwing a birthday party for my older brother, which was at the same bar of course. I decided to invite Matt so he could meet my brother. My brother has never liked any of my boyfriends so I was curious to see how things would go. They also hit it off instantly and it was then that I knew he was, without a doubt in my mind, the one. Two years later and my older brother is not the only one who gives him the seal of approval, my entire family loves him. He will officially be a part of the family on December 1, 2012.

  28. My fiance and I lived in the same apartment building. When he first moved in, my roomate and I thought he was the hottest guy. We made up nicknames for everyone in our building…his happened to be “God”. We always tried to meet him, but we either weren’t in the same place at the same time, or he hardly noticed if we were around. One day my roomate and I were driving out of the parking lot and he was outside letting his dogs out. All his dogs jumped up on my car. He yelled for them to get down and that was the first time I felt he actually noticed me. I was in heaven for a few days, thinking about that day. I week later, I was cleaning my apartment for a party a was having that night. Someone had knocked on my door and I told my friend to answer it for me. The moment I heard his voice I went running to the door. We talked for a few minutes and then I invited him to our party. He came later that night. I remember telling all my friends that night that him and I were going to be together 🙂 and sure enough we’ve been together ever since. Who knew I would meet my soul mate just down the hallway? He proposed on our two year anniversary and we will be husband and wife on june 30th of this year 🙂

  29. My fiance and I started dating December 15, 2007. Since that very first day, I knew that there was something different about it, but I just couldn’t seem to pin point exactly what it was. As I got to know him I found myself completely captivated by him and I wanted to spend every waking minute by his side. I felt safe in his arms and I knew it was where I was meant to be.
    On our two year anniversary he planned an evening for me that any girl would feel cherished to be a part of. He makes it a point every single day to tell me how much I mean to him and how big of an impact I’ve made on his life, but this day was different. He made me feel like I was the only girl in the world even though we were surrounded by a crowd of people. He’s the type of guy to open the door for you and pull out your chair for you before you sit down. His ability to treat me like a princess and give me all the love I could ever dream of captured my heart. This was the day that, when I looked in his eyes, I knew he would be the man that I would marry. I knew that my life wouldn’t be complete without him in it. He is the center of my world.
    March 6, 2010, my fiance and I arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We were extremely excited to have the chance to vacation together. We arrived at the resort that we were staying and spent the day in the sun. We had reservations to have dinner at one of the restaurants in the resort that evening which required formal attire. We both got ready to go to the dinner and walked to the restaurant on the beach. We were halfway to the restaurant when he picked me up and walked to the edge of the water. He carried me to boat, but since I wasn’t expecting it, I thought we’d get in trouble for using it. He talked me into being spontaneous (although he had it planned and I just didn’t know it), and we took a ride out to a private island. Once we got out of the boat, we sat on the edge the water and watched as the waves crashed against the rocks. I was so taken back by how romantic it was, but I was starting to sense that something wasn’t normal because he seemed extremely nervous. He suggested that we go on a walk on the edge of the water, so we began to walk. After a short walk he told me he had something to show me and covered my eyes and guided me a few more steps. He uncovered my eyes and there in the sand was written, “Will you marry me?” and he was down on one knee with a ring. There in that moment, I knew this amazing man that I’d do anything for would be the man that I’d grow old with. I said, “Yes!” through the flowing tears and hugged him tighter than I ever had before. That was the day that I knew my price charming was here to stay.
    Through the past two years, we’ve planned a fairy-tale wedding, but more importantly, we’ve began the most perfect life together. Every morning that I wake up and he’s laying next to me, I realize that dreams really do come true. I couldn’t imagine my life with anyone else. He had made the past 4 years of my life absolutely incredible. I couldn’t be more positive that I’ve found, “the one!”

  30. my fiance and i met in 1994 or so in third grade. we were if u would say third grade sweethearts. we hungout in school all thje time on valentines day he kissed me. the teacher did not kno wat to do. then fourth grade he still liked me and was too afraid to talk to me tried throwing a frizbee near me to get my attention and hit me in the head with it. he moved away then we lost contact. we gained contact in 2006 on myspace i went to his house then talked and lost contact briefly agian when he moved agian. agian we gained contact in 2009 in december thank you facebook you rock!!!!!!! then he finnally proposed and now we are planning on somehow getting married if we can figure out the money issue not easy when you are poor!!!!!!!! but that is how my fiance and i met.

  31. Matthew and I met on August 27, 2011 at TSC in Thompson Station TN, where I work. I was down the castors aisle, when I saw him walking by. I greeted Matthew and asked him if I could help him. He told me he had called and talked to Kelly about his need for a governor spring for his push mower. She had informed him that he needed to come into the store and place a special order for it. I stepped over to the “Service Counter” with him to look up the part that Kelly had already found. I just had to follow the directions that she had left before leaving the store. God has worked an amazing story in our lives. Although we had been busy that day, everything literally slowed down in that moment. While I was looking for the part, our computer system slowed down, and we had to wait for it to load each page very slowly! I didn’t have any other customers needing help right then! So, while we were waiting for the computer and trying to find the part, Matthew and I started talking, first about movies, and the fact that I know old movies better than the modern ones. Our conversation went from there into what we liked, and I mentioned that I was a Christian. After 15-20 minutes of talking, we finally found the right part for his mower and got it ordered. Matthew left, and I went back to work, but with a larger than normal smile on my face and thinking of a very nice and very good looking customer that I got to wait on. Also one that I was pretty sure was a Christian as well, even though he didn’t say anything about it. A few days later, August 29th, the special order came in, and I again was working. We were busy again that afternoon. I was finishing helping a customer on the phone when I saw Matthew come in; I got his order, And carried the governor spring to him. We talked a few minutes longer, but things got really busy at the store and I had to take care of some other customers. I later found out that Matthew took the opportunity to ask the cashiers about me, and if I was “available.” On September 1, 2011, I again was at work and going over some things in the office, when I was called to the floor for a “customer” that had come in with a big present for me. I went to find out who was there, and what was going on. I then saw Matthew standing at the Service Counter with a large wrapped present and a letter that he told me “explained everything”. I thanked him and he left. I went back to the break room where I opened the gift, which was a gorgeous framed print of a painting of the return of Christ on a white horse! The letter was 6 pages long! Matthew started out explaining the things about me that stood out to him, all being very “Christ centered,” which thrilled the living daylights out of me! Matthew ended the letter with his intentions of writing to me. He said he wanted to ask me out. I got home that evening, and talked to my Dad about it. Then I called Matthew, and he talked to me for around an hour! I informed him that I had an agreement with my Dad that he would interview anyone who wanted to date me. Matthew agreed to meet me for church on Sunday, September 4th, and meet my Dad and be interviewed to date me.
    My Dad gave him permission and we went on our first date, being sure to be back in time for evening service at church! Our night ended with Matthew taking me for a walk on the railroad tracks in the rain! I could not have imagined a more romantic first date!
    On October 4, 2011, Matthew made an appointment with my Dad to talk to him again, and got Dad’s permission to ask for my hand in marriage! However he did not propose right away, but we did get things started with seeking pre-marital counseling which started on October 30th.
    After we had started our pre-marital counseling, I shared with Matthew the interesting fact that my 3 older sisters who are already married, have married from the oldest down, a “John”, “Luke” and “Mark”, so it had been a joke in my family that I had to marry a “Matthew”! Apparently God agreed!
    The second week of December, my family went to Pigeon Forge where we had gone in together to rent a large cabin and celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together. Of course we made it possible for Matthew to come with us.
    On December 9, 2011, we had started our “Christmas” celebration, where I knew there would be games played with a gift exchange, so I didn’t think much of everybody getting the same type of gifts… 26 of them were white t-shirts with a spray painted large purple letter on each one. The “game” was that I had to figure out what all the “letters” spelled… I thought my mom had come up with the game, so I didn’t think that it was possible for it to be a proposal! Especially since Matthew seemed as “clueless” as I was! We all went out onto the huge front porch on a beautiful sunny day, with the Smokey Mountains as a backdrop. Matthew started sorting out members of my family. I finally started to catch on and get people to line up. From toddlers to over 40, we arranged them all! As I was finishing it up Matthew disappeared into the cabin only to come back out putting on the final t-shirt. The “message” was: “STEPHANIE WILL YOU MARRY MATT” The shirt Matthew had put on was the “?” He had also turned on a tape of my Mom’s playing a song with the lyrics “will you marry me? It’s been my only thought, since you came into my life…” Matthew then got down on his knee and told me that after that first conversation with me on August 27th he knew he wanted to marry me. And then he asked me to marry him! When he opened the box, my jaw dropped and I took a step backward at the sight of the ring he had bought me! He had actually had it designed and explained that he wanted it to look like a princess in her tower with a guard on either side. So the end result was a “princess” cut diamond in a taller center looking like a tower, and on either side a lower setting with “trillion” cut diamonds! Of course I said “YES”! I then also got 3 of my nieces and nephews together to spell out “yes” right back to Matthew!! We have posted the last 5 minutes of the proposal to my Facebook page. We have set the wedding date for February 29, 2012! Leap Day just seems like a perfect wedding date for us! We praise God for His goodness, and how He worked out so many details, including Matthew’s frustration with his lawnmower, to bring Matthew and me together!

  32. My fiance Dustin and I met four years ago. My best friend and his best friend had started dating and they wanted us to get together so we could do double dates. We went out a few times but it ultimately didn’t work out. We kept in contact every once in awhile over the next few years. My fiance was big into drinking and partying and that just wasn’t my thing so we would hang out and flirt but I never really thought of him as boyfriend material.
    I started to develop feelings for him and it scared me because of the fact I didn’t think we could ever be anything serious. I stopped talking to him and I started dating someone new. I thought this new boyfriend was terrific and he seemed absolutely perfect. After awhile I found out my new boyfriend had been cheating on me the entire time. When I confronted him about it and let him know I wanted to break up a completely different side came out. He became violent, verbally abusive. He threatened mine and people that I was close to’s lives. I was terrified and didn’t know what to do. My fiance had always been a stand up guy and I decided to talk to him about it.
    He got me out of a potentially life threatening situation. He stood up to the guy and made sure that he never bothered me again. He did what I could not and made me feel safe for the first time in months. Even after being physically attacked he still stood by me and made sure I was safe first and foremost.
    I will never be able to thank him for what he did for me. After going through all of this he realized he wanted to change and he wanted to be serious with me and we have been ever since. It took a lot of time for me to get past everything that had happened and he was always understanding and patient with me. He gave me back my peace of mind and potentially saved my life. He has shown me what true love is and that love never hurts. He made me, me again, trust again. I cannot wait to start the rest of our lives together and know I will get to keep that feeling for the rest of my life.

  33. As a freshman in college, I was dating a guy who was extremely deceitful, controlling, and really really mean. I finally got out of the relationship when he decided it was a good idea to cheat, in turn I began this ‘I hate men and never want anything to do with one again because they are all the same’ phase. I completely avoided men and was far from looking for another bad relationship. In one of my classes, we were made to walk around the class and talk to our peers for about ten minutes. This was to help us feel comfortable considering it was speech class and we had to get up in front of these people. There was a girl in that class who was dating a guy who was on the baseball team with my now ex boyfriend. She told me not to worry about it, and pointed at this one guy who was in our class. She then said, “Amber, you should go talk to that guy. Go for him.” I looked at the guy she was pointing at and answered that I wasn’t going to talk to him because he was “too perfect” and I didn’t need another bad relationship. However, It didn’t take long before I developed a crush on him. But in my mind, it didn’t much matter, because I didn’t have a chance anyways. While in class with him, I went up to talk to him before class, and the first thing I said was that he look like a cop. It was funny because he was going through the law enforcement program at the college to become a police officer. This broke the ice and slowly we started talking. He worked as security on the campus one night so I decided to go play car hide and go seek on the campus with him and a few of my friends. We had a lot of fun. That’s when I knew that I wanted more than just a friendship with him. It didn’t take long after that for us to become exclusive. Everything with him was amazing, a true fairytale. He was so sweet, and so perfect. After a while of dating, after I had gotten off work at around midnight, he took me to the bridge to take a walk. He pointed his flashlight up at the bridge from the trail on the side and asked me what that was hanging from the bridge. it was too far away and I couldn’t see it, so I just said I didn’t know and oh well. He walked me up on the bridge and I stopped, leaned over and read the sign he had made…He was asking me to marry him :). I looked back and he was on his knee with the most beautiful ring. I of course said yes. I called my grandma and my best friend and told them the news. I woke them both up, but I was so so excited I couldn’t wait. We are getting hitched September 7th 2012. We are extremely excited to start our lives together, and still very very much in love. Everything about him is perfect, life couldn’t be better. Just goes to show that the perfect person comes when we least expect it and when we aren’t looking for them.

  34. It was like we were always destined to be together. My fiancé and I first met in 2006 when I was a freshman in college. We ran into each a couple times on campus but we never knew each other’s names. He’d always invite me to student events he was hosting but I’d politely turn him down and go on my merry way. Months later, ran into each other at my military unit and I was shocked that he too was in the military. Again, we chatted but we never knew each other’s name. I never saw him again nor thought about him. After summer, I had to leave school due to a tragedy of events that caused me to get pregnant at 18. Having a still rocky relationship with my mother caused me to move down South to my hometown, hoping for better for my small son and I. That didn’t work out so I had to move back North and eventually found my own place, a job, and re-entered school in 2007. I ran into that guy again. He lived in the same apartment building as I. What a coincident? At this point it was becoming creepy that we continued to meet but we finally exchanged names and surprisingly became great friends. That’s all I saw him for, knowing over time, his feelings grew stronger for me. His quirky personality deemed him in my eyes as nothing more than a friend although he was there for me through thick and thin: family issues, drama with my parents, a disastrous relationship of my own, and plenty more issues. I was blinded and continued to look at it as a this-is-what-friends-do type of deal. When my son and I were on the verge of getting evicted, he graciously took us in without question. Slowly I began to see how much he was the only one to stick around for me when no one else did. But still I hesitated because he was like a best friend to me but without a doubt, he’d do whatever it took to make sure I was always safe and taken care of. As I began opening my eyes more, my heart began to tell me to give him a chance. He had already pursued me for a year after my move in date, only asking for my company and friendship which was different for me; but most importantly, my son loved him and they interacted well together. That created even more endearment in my heart for him and I knew he was the one for me. I finally told him that I loved him which I realized all along that I’d been fighting with that reality. He told me that he’d always loved me from the beginning and couldn’t leave as much as he tried because from when he was a young teen, he made a prayer to God about his ideal wife and I was her. Not believing him, he pulled out the noticeably aged paper and sure enough, the qualities he listed fit me perfectly from personality to looks, etc. I couldn’t believe it and it made my feelings grow even stronger in that instant. We made it official and ever since, we have been inseparable. Now, with another child together, we are engaged and to be married in August 2012! I couldn’t be happier!

  35. This story is not going to be a typical boy meets girl, girl falls for boy at first type kind of story. This is going to be a bit out there but it is real, so here it goes (please respect the boldness that it is taking me to say this). I meet the man of my dreams and didnt think anything of it. It took me a while to finally realize that he was the one I’d been waiting for. Like I said this is going to be real, and it may be a bit too real but hey, it happens. I had left my boyfriend because he was to immature and I couldn’t take the temper tantrums. The next day he told me he had a date, so I didn’t see a problem with me going out again if he already had a date. So… I finally got with the man that I knew loved me (just to give him a chance). A few days later I realized that I was about a week late. Not wanting to sting along a man who waited months for me, I told him that I may be pregnant from my ex-boyfriend and that I undrestood if he wantted to end the relationship. He looked at me like I was crazy for even suggesting it. The next words out of his mouth is what made my heart cling to him.
    “I’m not going anywhere. If your pregnant, that will be MY baby. MY name will go on the birth certificate, that will be OUR baby. I told you I love you, I ment it. I want to have a family with you, so even if its much sooner than I expected, and even if its not BIOLOCILLY my baby, it will be OUR family.”
    I had only been with this man for about 3 days but I knew he was the real deal. What was more surprising was seeing how sad he got when the test was negative.Since then my heart has belonged to him and I haven’t even noticed other men. We have had problems like every couple but we are still going strong. He proposed a few months later, and we plan to be married on our 3 year anaversery. =)

  36. I read tarot cards…(yeah weird I know! but I really am your average normal bride!)
    and ever so often we have tarot nights at my house. The night I knew was one of those nights…
    Chris and I had been talking for awhile, just friends, but batting around some serious tension and flirtations… yet both of us had baggage to deal with and neither were 100% ready to make the leap…
    So when Chris came in to have his cards read, I was actually super nervous, but his cards didn’t say anything that I found suprising, lots of messages about healing and moving on, letting go of the past….
    But then Chris had a question for the cards… “when will i get a girlfriend?”
    He pulled one card and flipped it. It was the Strength card, which is my significator (or card that represents a specific person)… I looked at Chris and said, “its not a matter of when, but a matter of realizing… thats all I’m saying”… I didn’t want to sound like I was trying to make him want me… but then he made me tell him, and all I said was “thats my card.” and he just responded “interesting”…
    later that night though, he sent me a text, listing everything he saw as his faults, and baggage and I knew then…
    We snowballed after that night… like any hesitation of fear was erased in that cosmic assurance that we were meant to be…

  37. My boyfriend is a trucker. Was born/raised in NY and traveled has traveled just about the entire country. We met incidentally at an IHOP where a group of our mutual friends were hanging out together. It was a game night of sorts and neither of us had ever gone to it before. It was fate. We were both immediately attracted, but most of our friends in that community were gay/lesbian so we both assumed the other wasn’t going to be attracted. We started talking about Colorado because we both had a mutual passion for the state. We connected and for at least an hour just started talking about everything. He had to go back on the road and left early before the night was done. Me, in my curiousity, tracked him down via facebook and sent him a short message explaining who I was and seeing if he wanted to be friends. He shot me a short message back saying he recognised me and friendship was wanted. The next message I sent back, I confessed my attraction because friendships are better when honesty is it’s base… he admitted liking me back. From there our conversations exploded. They went from short messages to long multiple paragraphs about our background and viewpoints on everything. We talked for two whole weeks back and fourth like that while he was out on the road. We finally had our first date less than a month ago. It was… amazing. He took me out to sushi, something we both enjoy. I was kinda messy with mine at one point, we both laughed at it. He’s experienced so much of the world, yet I was still able to make him blush like a schoolboy. We went to a park on the outskirts of the city and walked around talking, getting on some swings and acting like children. I feel so young around him, I’m sure he feels the same way. There was virtually no light pollution, but we weren’t able to see the stars through the cloud cover. He brought me back to his place. He played bass for me, watched funny videos on youtube and talked a lot more. We spent a ton of time just cuddling with eachother. Then it happened. A single kiss. The kind that makes sparks fly. We spent the rest of the evening just curled up next to each other holding each other and talking. He offered me a place in his bed, but I had to get home to my children. He confessed to me later that he doesn’t fall quickly like this for people. He doesn’t often offer to let people sleep in his bed and he’s rather picky about who he chooses as lovers. He’s had few. On the car ride home he serenaded me. Music and vocals are my weakness. I don’t think he knew that at first. We talked about everything the next day and he confessed that he was attracted to me on more than just a physical level. That i was an amazing kisser. That my touch was addictive. And he started trusting me with secrets and I did the same. The entire evening was as romantic as I had ever had and we both confessed it had been many years since we had actually been ABLE to be romantic with anyone else because of the types of partners we had. Quality over quantity is kinda a motto of his life. And he’s been proving it ever since just with the things I’ve seen and done with him. He savors me like fine wine. Spends hours just learning the contours of my body with only a little sexuality involved. A couple days later he stayed at my place and held me the entire night through. While trying to figure out our relationship, I basically told him I loved him and he admitted the same. A couple days later I admitted to myself that I would marry him. I had actually placed myself in somewhat of a bad situation and he’s been actiing as my stability through it. Offering me a place to stay in case things turned to worse. He’s been completely calm, caring and rational throughout the entire thing. One particularly bad night, he had me listen to A SONG and then he confessed something to me that I’ll never forget. He said he had never met anyone like me… his exact words were, “I’ve traveled across 7 states and looked for 12 years to find a girl like you. I’m not ever going to find another one. I know, I’ve looked.” I melted. He even told me he would switch his profession if it meant having more time to be with me. Our connection goes way beyond physical. We’ve known each other for well over a month and we’ve only had sex twice when many other opportunities have presented themselves. “Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.” It’s something I’ve started seeing in my own life. And it’s allowed me to slow down in the same way and see life for what it’s really worth. I’ve even started picking up old hobbies like sewing and writing that I thought I didn’t have time for anymore. We’ve been getting closer and closer as each day passes. As of yet, we haven’t had to spend more than a week apart since our first date. But the first time he’s on the road for several weeks at a time.. I might just break down. I’m fairly certain I have seperation anxiety with regards to him. I love him so much and I know he feels the same way. Children often pick up on things first. My son called him my best friend. And I guess, in a way, he really is. He’s making me happy in ways that no one else ever could. My kid even ran up to him and gave him a hug the last time he came to pick me up for a date. That kind of endorsement from my child means I’m heading down the right path.

  38. My fiancé Carter and I met in 8th grade at our church’s confirmation class. We became friends during our high school years as we went on mission trips and sang in the church choir together. Carter had a crush on me, but I didn’t see him as more than a friend until the summer after senior year. Our first date was on August 4, 2005. We ate dinner at Olive Garden, walked to the end of the observation deck at Paynes Prairie, admired the stars and a lightning storm in the distance, and had our first kiss! Then we didn’t see each other again because we left for college the next day! He went to school in Boston and I went to school in Oklahoma. We dated long distance all 4 years of college, visiting each other as much as possible. After college, we lived in different cities due to our jobs. We moved in together in May 2011, but continued being long distance due to my traveling job.
    In October we went to our hometown to attend our friend’s wedding. Carter popped the question on Sunday, October 23, 2011. Carter drove me to Paynes Prairie and proposed at the end of the observation deck where we had our first kiss over 6 years prior.
    We are getting married on August 4, 2012, which will be our 7 year anniversary. He knows me better than I do and I love him with all my heart!
    I knew Carter was the one when we had our first kiss back in 2005. He is the kindest, sweetest, most romantic man in the world and without a doubt the one for me. Dating long distance for multiple years in a row isn’t for the faint of heart. We were meant for each other and are so looking forward to sharing our lives together.

  39. I met the love of my life 9 years ago while interviewing for a job. At the time you couldn’t have told me he would be the one, but he won me over easier than you could ever imagine. Although the attraction wasn’t instant our friendship was. He always had a kind word, and there was never a day he didn’t make me smile. It was the simple things he did that just made my heart melt. After years of dating off and on and ignoring our feelings for one another we finally decided to quit denying what was so painfully obvious and take that leap of faith. Since then I’ve been floating on Cloud 9 and look forward to many more years with the man I love.

  40. Our love story began October 2005 in a parking lot for student housing. I was outside rollerblading with a roommate and he was just moving into the apartment complex. I was far from dressed to impress…a cut off “I Love NY” tshirt, some old shorts and oversized hoop earrings. A neighbor introduced us as his new roommate. I said a quick “Hey” and went on my way without much of a second thought. Little did I know that this complete stranger would become one of my closest friends as each semester passed by. Over the the next three years, he became a person I could discuss my hopes, dreams, frustrations, and even fears with. He was always an ear eager to listen, a shoulder always open to cry on, a chef when ramen noodles just wouldn’t do, and even a guinea pig to practice on once I began nursing school. I was so busy focusing on unhealthy relationships that I didn’t even notice the true gentleman that had been in my life three years by this time! He had made several attempts to take our friendship to a relationship level, but I abruptly shot him down each time ( he reminds me of this from time to time now). I took him home to meet my family and made it clear “He is just my friend.” My family immediately fell in love with him. College graduation had arrived and I received an extra ticket which I didn’t hesitate to give to him. After graduation, I moved out of student housing and our friendship virtually became nonexistent for months. Fast forward several months to the week before my birthday. I received a random call from him that turned into hours of catching up. It was as if we had simply picked up right where we had left off; this time, however, I knew our friendship wasn’t something to take for granted. I suddenly had an epiphany and realized that he was the boyfriend I had been hoping for all along. Nearly four years after we first laid eyes on one another, we made it official and became a couple. Two months later, we made a trip to Mississippi so that I could meet his family for the first time. I was welcomed into his family with love and open arms. It was so nice to finally have faces to go along with the stories I had heard about for four years. With the support of both of our families, our relationship continues to grow today. We have now been dating  two and a half years and couldn’t be happier. We share a love for the outdoors and jump at the opportunity to go new places and try new things. Some of our favorite memories as a couple thus far include horseback riding on the beach in Florida, camping in the comfort of the the backyard and taking a tour of a Louisana swamp in an airboat. I’m absolutely in love with my best friend and we both look forward to the journey God has in store for us.

  41. I met my best friend/future husband in 1998. I was in 6th grade, he was in 5th grade. We were what we considered at that time, boyfriend and girlfriend, even though all we did was talk on the phone for hours and see each other in school. As we entered high school we became more serious, being allowed to go to the mall, movies, and seeing each other after school. Looking back at that time I knew that I wanted to marry him and that I couldn’t picture my life with anyone else but him. However, it was not until I was 17 years old and involved in a horrific car crash that almost claimed both of our lives that there was no doubt that this was who I was meant to spend my life with. The reality of almost losing him was more than I could imagine. He was there for me every step of the way as I recovered, he not only physically took care of me, but mentally was there for me. As we recovered from our crash, I eventually moved away for college and he was as supportive of my dreams as ever and he would make sure to come visit me every chance he had. Now college is finished and we are looking forward to starting our lives together. We have been through so much together over the years and he really is my best friend. I have never pictured my life without him since the day we met. We have the same goals and dreams in life. I can’t wait to spend our lives as husband and wife!

  42. During college I interned at a local zoo and the first day I worked with a slightly grumpy zoo keeper. After a few weeks of the internship he invited me to his party and I found out he wasn’t cranky all the time. Since then we’ve found out that we went to the same college, had the same major and even lived across the hall from each other in one of the dorms. We frequently go on trips to Disneyland because we have yearlong passes and in December he was planning another trip for New Year’s. Well I was suspicious (he is not very good at hiding things from me). That morning we had breakfast at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Resturant (a childhood favorite of mine) and then we headed to the park. Midway through the day he wanted a photo in front of the castle. He kept trying to get someone to take a picture while I stood facing into the sun getting more and more cranky. Finally he came over and we started to pose when he said “just one more thing” and he got down on his knee. I said yes. The best part? It wasn’t a photo, our whole proposal in front of sleeping beauty’s castle is on video!

  43. I knew he was “The One” the first night we met in person and he gave me a quick peck on the lips when he greeted me, but I denied it to myself for months. We had talked online for about 3 months, before we finally met. I wrote him a poem and gave it to him on his birthday about 6 months into dating, this was the first time I told him “I Love You!”, but I hid it in the poem! here is my Poem below, but it won’t be as easy to find the hidden message because of the layout on this page.
    I feel the words I want to say,Upon the tip of my Tongue. But my fears…keep them at bay.
    Laughter and Lightness of heart,Are the things you to give to me,…even when we are apart.
    Once in awhile…from your fears and pain, I feel you distance yourself, patiently I wait, For you to be yourself again.
    Very late at night…you sometimes snore, Or you reach for me and pull me close, When you do…it touches me to the core.
    Every day…thoughts of you run through my head, Giving me a smile…or a wicked grin. Even when…I’m sleeping in my bed.
    Your Kiss…the one you gave to me, When we first met, felt like…Coming to a place I was meant to be.
    Over the Moon, I feel I’ve gone! Being with you, touching you, kissing you. In my head…it feels like a song.
    Upon a star I will wish,For more time spent with you, And of course…Your Kiss
    Dedicated to: Davis Bernier Jr.
    By: JoAnn Vladimiroff
    (Hint, The first letter of each paragragh)

  44. I knew he was the one when my grandmother died and, instead of going to work, he rushed over to spend the day with me while my mom took care of the funeral arrangements so I was not alone at the house. He stood by me at the funeral and held me as I cried. We’ve hit a speed bumps along the way, but one thing has never changed. He has always been there for me and has always supported me, no matter what my decision was.

  45. I knew he was the one after our first date. I met him when I was in music school in Hollywood CA. I used to walk around Hollywood and people watch for inspiration when one night I saw him. He was break dancing on Hollywood Blvd and from the moment I saw him I was hooked and knew I had to know him. I had a problem though, I am super shy and there was no way I was going to introduce myself to him. One night my roommate and I were out walking around when I saw he was performing again. After my roommate and I watched a show she wanted to go home. Of course I wanted to stay and watch him. When the show ended my roommate walked over to him and told him that I liked him and would like to meet him. I was totally mortified! I gave him my number and left feeling stupid and like he would never call me. To my surprise the next day he called me and asked me out! Our first date was over 7 years ago at Mel’s drive-in. We shared a plate of cheese fries and ended up walking around Hollywood for most of the night, he and I have been inseparable ever since. To this day he still makes me blush, I still act like a crushing school girl and he still gives me butterflies.

  46. I knew he was the one 25 1/2 yrs ago. I was 15y/o and he was 19y/o. His older sister had just moved on our street and he walked down the street going to her house and a bunch of my childhood girlfriends and I were sitting on my steps and when I laid eyed on him, my heart was doing somersaults. Obviously he must have felt the same way because a while later he sent his nephew up the street to let me know he wanted to see me. After that day we were inseparable. That is until my parents found out about the age difference and they forbid me to see him again. Of course I did as normal teenagers due and didn’t listen. I would sneak off to see him whenever I got a chance but of course my parents found out about that too. This time my parents had gotten his older sister and parents involved and he moved to CA and I didn’t see him again until I was married about 7yrs later while at the mall shopping. We reconnected and shared a few laughs but I was married. I lost contact with him again for about 3yrs and saw him again while visiting my old neighborhood. I was still married at the time but it was nearing the end. A few months later my marriage ended and moved down south and gave up on seeing him again. Then thanks to Facebook and his nephew again, we reconnected because we both commented on his nephew’s post about two yrs ago. I was in Tampa, FL and he was still in Philadelphia, PA. His marriage has just ended. We began to talk on Facebook and then he asked for my phone number so he could hear my voice. We exchanged numbers. He called me five minutes later and we talked for hours like we were never apart for all those years. After talking on the phone everyday about five times a day during my drive to and from work and my lunch breaks and at bedtime, we decided to finally meet each other to confirm if the feelings were still there. Of course they were. I moved back to Philly a few months later. Then a few months after that, he proposed to me on birthday and now we are planning our wedding. Of course my mother loves him to death now. She always tell him that “he is the son she never had” and he always respond back saying ” I was here all the time but you never knew it”. He is the most loving, considerate and caring man that I have ever known and he has made very happy. I am grateful that the Lord saw fit to bring us back together. Our relationship is truly meant to be.

  47. I was 21 years old and supposed to be going to Las Vegas w/ my best friend. My friend had a family emergency to attend to so instead of going to Vegas I ended up staying home. My half sister, whom I have never met, contacted me. I drove to her hometown and stayed at her house for a few days. We ended up going out that night for a few drinks and there “he” sat across the bar from me. I was in awe of how gorgeous he looked. I instantly fell in love. He and I dated for a two years. The two years we dated, we never said “I love you” to each other. I was too shy to express my feelings to him, but I always told myself that he was the one. After the two years, we slowly stopped talking to each other and moved on with our lives. We didn’t end on bad terms, we just stopped talking. I did keep in contact with his mother and aunt for a few years after, then I just stopped talking to them. Eight years later, (January 11th 2011) I got a voicemail from a familiar voice but he didn’t leave his name or number. I didn’t recognize the number on my caller ID so I didn’t pick up the phone. The phone rang and rang again so finally I picked up the phone and called the number back. I was in shock it was him! I knew this instant he was the ONE! I couldn’t let us lose contact ever again! We picked up where we left off. We were able to express to each other how we felt about each other and we did say “I Love You”. I knew I would marry him! On Valentine’s day (2/14/11) he proposed to me at his home and we are happily engaged and planning our wedding for October 27, 2012!!

    I have never given birth, I am not a foster or step- parent, nor have I adopted kids. My fiancée has never fathered children, he’s not a foster parent, nor has he adopted. However, for the past 5 years my fiancée and I have been “married with children”… or so it seemed to us and most people. What makes our story even stranger is that we have been in a relationship for 5 ½ years…. So now I guess you’re wondering how are they “married with children”. I’ll start from the beginning…
    Picture it: Tallahassee, FL 2005 a young lady celebrating her 21st birthday leaves one of the most popular clubs in haste as it is beginning to rain. She and her friends are rushing to the car holding hands (to prevent each other from falling, as the ground is beginning to get very wet, and they dare not fall in their cute stilettos, but I digress….). While focused on getting to the car and out of the rain a young man approaches one of the young ladies, but she refuses to stop, not wanting to mess up her birthday hair that she spent hours getting done. When the birthday girl refused to stop, the young man immediately jumped in between two of the friends and began to walk hand in hand with the young ladies while they searched for their car. As they walked the two exchanged some casual and witty conversation. The young lady not looking for anything serious politely turned the guy down when he asked for her telephone number. He was very persistent, and yet she still refused until he offered to take her to lunch (she was a college student and wouldn’t think of turning down a free meal!). After about 5 months of the two not looking for any more than friendship from each other, one random day they decided to escalate their friendship into a relationship. Although they didn’t think it would get too serious because they were both young college students, enjoying the carefree lifestyle that only requires worrying about yourself! Shocking to both, they had just begun their fairytale romance. They wined and dined each other, went to class together, supported each other financially, they even went to bed at the same time and asked their friends not to call them after a certain time, as to not disturb the other one from sleeping (strange for a young couple still in college). Friends would tease them and refer to them as an “old married couple”. This didn’t bother them in the least; they became so entwined in each other’s lives that one would think that they had been together for years. They somehow fit into each other’s lives perfectly, and fell comfortably in the role as a “married couple”. Not knowing that their “children” would be on the way soon, the couple enjoyed life as college students in a whirlwind romance.
    As no fairytale can be complete without misfortune, this story is no different. In February of 2006 the young lady not even 22 yet received a frantic call from her Aunt, instructing her to come home immediately as her mother was very ill and the doctors didn’t expect her to live through the night. I will not discuss details about this trying and troublesome time in their lives, but I will briefly state that the young lady’s mother succumbed to her terminal illness. She made a promise to her mother that she would take care of her younger siblings, and she vowed to keep her promise. At the young age of 22 a college student with no kids of her own became the legal guardian of her two teenage sisters ages 13 and 16!! Oh boy, let the fun begin….
    The couple was taken aback at how much their lives changed. Eating out in nice restaurants every night was replaced by cooking family meals, partying and living carefree became replaced with Parent teacher conferences and school performances, and house parties were replaced with teenage slumber parties. And so the story goes, they became “married with children”. During this time their relationship was tested as most are. But they remained grounded in the foundation that they had already laid for their relationship. They became stronger as a couple, closer as friends, united as “parents”/guardians and more appreciative of the alone time that they were lucky to get for romance. It should be mentioned that our couple didn’t give up their college student lifestyle completely; both remained in school and earned their Bachelor’s Degree in 2006 and 2008. Many people, especially their family members are surprised and elated that the couple could endure everything that they have at such a young age, and more importantly that their relationship continues to flourish through it all. Not many men, let alone young men would stay and help raise kids that have no relation to them. This young man took on the role as big brother without a second thought. As she became a mother to the girls he took on the father role. He’s protective of them, guides them in the right direction and even helps provide financial and emotional support.
    Fast forward, 6 years later…. Both of the girls have graduated from High School. One has already left the nest for college, and the youngest will be leaving for college in TWO months. On May 1, 2011 over a relaxing picnic the young man decided to make the young woman his forever, and he proposed. After screaming, running around, and telling him to put the ring away, she finally calmed down enough to answer “yes”. Our couple is now engaged, and planning to have their Royal Wedding October 20, 2012. It has been a long process of: happiness, sadness, romance, friendship, frustrations, maturity and love. But they made it TOGETHER. They will now be officially, legally and spiritually married and one day with children of their own (but no time soon as they have just gotten the house to themselves)!!!! This is truly a testament that when two people are meant to be together LOVE will conquer all. Cliché? Yes of course it is, but if you have experienced true love you will know the value of that statement.
    Ok, so if you’re still reading, and wondering who this fabulous young lady is…. it’s ME; the author of this lovely narrative. Aaron (my fiancé) and I have been together for about 5 ½ years now and been “married with children” or so it seemed, for 5 of those years. Just as we were getting to really know each other and truly explore our love as a couple on a higher level, our relationship endured a major change. We have been through so many obstacles together, yet we somehow found a way to survive and more importantly, maintain a healthy relationship. Of course it wasn’t perfect; we had our share of break ups and make ups, of which the couple of days apart were thought of as the longest days EVER. As I reflect on our relationship, I have learned that we are imperfect individuals, with imperfect milestones, that are perfect for each other. Choosing to raise my sisters and become a “parent” at such a young age was beneficial to all involved. We laughed, we learned, and we loved. I am usually a fairly unlucky person, but my luck changed on my 21st birthday when I met Aaron. His heart is pure, his intentions are good, and he loves me unconditionally. What I did to deserve such a solid, entertaining, educating, and romantic relationship, I may never know. But I do know if I’m dreaming let me sleep……

  49. I knew he was the one the moment he moved away and my world felt incomplete. Our story began over a year earlier when as a freshman in college I took Chemistry II Lab. Daniel, the Graduate Teaching Assistant, was nice but an irritatingly tough grader. He thought I wrote decent lab reports but refused to give me full credit since there was always room for improvement. I wanted to dislike him but Daniel made lab fun and was a genuinely nice person. As I entered my sophomore year, Daniel and I became classmates and discovered we had a great deal in common, both working to be environmental chemists and avid sci-fi/fantasy fans. Since we were both in the chemistry program, we saw each other almost every day and quickly developed a platonic friendship.
    And then Daniel moved 80 miles away to work on his doctorate in chemistry. Suddenly my world felt empty and it was hard to imagine my life without him. Shortly after he moved, I went to visit. He confessed having similar feelings and after our first kiss each of us knew we had found the one. For two years we had a long distance relationship and then I moved closer. We are now happily living in the same town while working on our doctorates in chemistry and looking forward to our wedding in June & spending forever together.
    We like to say, the chemistry was right! 😉

  50. 22 years ago I met “The One”. I was a senior in high school and he was a junior. He asked me out Valentines Day of 1990. We went out the next day. Soon we were inseparable. We were married in August of the following year. We went on to have 6 wonderful boys. Eventually with the stresses of having 6 children in 8 years (and no, none of them were twins) we grew apart and divorced in 1999. Not a day went by that I didn’t think of him. He moved out of state and our children grew up and onward. We didn’t talk as the pain was too great for me. Three years ago we began emailing, then IM’ing and eventually talking on the phone. Soon we were talking for hours every day. I would wake up to his voice and go to sleep to the sound of his voice. In October of 2010 he made the decision to move back to California. In January of 2011 he asked me to once again become his wife. It has been a long, difficult, winding road for us, but in December after nearly 14 years our family will once again become complete. I can’t wait. He truly is my other half and completes me in every way possible.

  51. I knew my fiancee was the one when I ran in to him last year walking home from a college class I had been in after not having seen or spoken to each other in two years; the way we talked, laughed & had fun together reminded me why I loved him in the first place but was too embarassed to admit it. From that day I saw him until now we have practically been inseparable, we do everything together, he knows how to make me smile, make me laugh & make me fall in love with him all over again just by doing simple little things every day.

  52. I knew my husband was the one the first night I met him.He just seem to accept me for who I was.When my husband proposed it was at The Bristol Renaissance Faire.He bought me a temporary Celtic knot ring.Put it on my finger and said never take this off until I give you the real thing.We were married April 28,2001 at The Canterbury Wedding Chapel.We dressed in Royal costumes as a king and queen.My husband even took me to Medieval Times for my birthday and had me knighted by the king.Every day we are together is a blessing.We are truly soulmates and each other’s best friend.My perfect song for us is The Story Of My Life.The story of my life begins the day you came and ends the day you leave.Each chapter of my story begins with his name and image.He is my one true love for all of eternity!

  53. My Fiance Jason and I met on my first day of junior high, he was awkward and gawky, I was awkward and nerdy. We had crushes on each other all through out junior high. Then he was transferred to a different high school for an accelerated program. I saw him one more time at a get together before homecoming while we were building a float. He came because he knew I would be there, and I finally got up the courage to tell him how I felt, but at that time we were so young and at different schools, it was not meant to be.. yet! 10 years later I was going through a break up and like fate he found me on facebook that week 🙂 He was deployed in Iraq as he is a Sergeant in the Army, and he found me and wrote me to tell me he had never stopped thinking about me. I had never stopped thinking of him either. So we started writing back and forth while he was deployed and our relationship blossomed. He came home 4 months later, where I met him at the airport, saw each other for the first time in 10 years and had our first kiss. We continued to date and fly back and forth across the country as he was then stationed in Washington and I still lived in New York. He is now deployed again to be home in a few weeks and we will be married March 25th. It is like a fairy tale come true.
    p.s: he proposed to me in Disney during the fire works in front of the castle. He really is my night in shining camouflage 🙂

  54. So, Im not much of a writter, lol and I really cant spell, but talking how me and my fiancee met is a joy and I absolutely love sharing our story.
    This past March Rob, a friend of mine that i have known for a while, ask me if i wanted to go to go to a concert with him, I said yes of course, went with him, had a blast,and before we left I told him that i wanted to attend a singles adults group and just meet some new people and hang out with a new group of friends. He took me the next day over to Church By the Glades. Rob, acting like he knew everyone, started introducing me to everyone around…I soon relized that nobody that he introduced me to knew who he was, so yes, quite awkward. All of a sudden, Rob introdueced me to a man named TC Mooney, not knowing who he was of course, I said Hi and went on to see and meet other people. Before I knew, TC mooney went up on stage and started talking bout his heart and burning passion for God. You could tell he loved life. Ok, me- Instant Crush… let me also say it was the first crush i had ever had on a guy and I had dated many many guys in the past. That night, Rob decided to go home and TC along with a few other people insisted that id hang out with them at ale house afterwards. I finnally gave in, hoping that somehow I wouldnt have a seat by TC because I knew that I would be so nervous and start acting like a fool. Believ it or not, The following week. Me and Tc went out and BOOM! we hit it off, only there was one problem, TC said he couldnt date for 7 more months because of bad relationships that he had had in the past, he felt like he needed a break and not date for a year and to focus on God. I knew right then, I was in for a whirlwind. But i was ready, I knew right then that he was the one. It was like verything inside of me was screeming it and other things started confirming that Tc was the one. My dad, and people, my dad is from texes, and we all know how they can be, after meeting tc, my dad comes in my room, shuts the door, pulls me in close and says..Kodie I like TC, he is good for you, Dont screw this up. haha. well, God totally interviened. For the next 7th months, me and Tc hung out in groups of five or more, we didnt hold hands, we didnt kiss, we didnt talk about love, amazingly, my dad hardly had to put up boundaries because me and Tc had already set boundaries up. Man, When that novemeber came. We were in love. the first holding of the hand, the first kiss, and wow the first time to say I love you was so breath taking. None of this had ever been so meaningful to me before.So not too long ago, TC proposed and now we are getting married June 15 2012. When you know, you know. I knew fromt he first day that I had met TC that he was differnt and I somehow knew he was going to be the one. TC is everthing im not, hes my other half, my puzzle piece. he was a bleesing and a gift (james 1:17) This Valentines Day is going to be so specail, more than any other valentine days that I have had in the Past. We are very excited, and could use all the help we can get with the upcoming wedding. SO exciting! 🙂

  55. How I know he’s the one!!!! Hi my name is Michelle and I’m 20, and the love of my life is Danny and he is also 20. Danny and I met at church when we were still in middle school, but we never really knew each other until high school. We went on a missions trip to Reynosa, Mexico when we were about 16 years old and that’s when we became best friends. We were best friends for about a year before he finally asked to date me. And what a gentleman; he asked my parents permission first. =] We have been dating since June, 19 2008, and just this past June (on our 3 year dating anniversary) Danny proposed to me! Our wedding is June, 23 of this year!!! I knew he was the one from the very beginning. We have so much in common and we balance each other out so well. We know it was God’s plan for us to be together, and how can you argue with that! (Why would we want to?!) I am the most blessed woman in the world to have such an amazing fiance who I will share the rest of my life with. I can’t wait to continue our lives together and add to the adventures we’ve already had! We love to live life to the fullest, that’s why we want to travel the world! We loved sky diving for our 2 year dating anniversary and I hope to do many, many other crazy things in our life together! I can’t wait to finally wake up next to the love of my life…Danny! ♥♥♥

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