Oh, the waiting for the rock. It’s killing you, right? How will you ever be able to tell if he’s getting closer to popping the question?

We asked married women on staff how they knew he was going to propose. Are you seeing any of these signs?

Picture 5

Sign #1 – generally odd behavior

April: “We had been dating for 5 years, gone through living in an apartment together, buying a house and getting a dog. I knew we were going to get married at some point, so I eventually stopped obsessing about getting engaged. On Halloween (my favorite holiday), we were at a friend’s party. It was really warm in the kitchen and he was holding his coat, which was strange for him. He said no when I asked him if I could put it in the closet for him, which was just plain odd. A little later, he put on his coat in that warm kitchen and then he proposed!”


Sarah and Bryn

Sign #2 – he’s secretive / your family and friends are bursting with excitement

Sarah: “I knew he was going to ask me because of a chain of three events. 1. He kept leaving at odd times and acted giddy when I questioned where he had been. He’s say things like, ‘I was just working on your Christmas present.’ 2. My friends kept telling me I was going to have the best Christmas ever, or that they knew what he got me and that I’d be really excited. 3. My brother called me the day before the planned proposal and asked if my fiancé had asked me anything yet (yeah, this kind of blew the surprise…).”

Sign #3 – he’s obsessed with your hands

Robin: “He kept looking at my hands. He kept his hands in his pockets more than usual. He was overly attentive. Then he popped the question!”



Sign #4 – he’s insisting you be in the perfect spot at the perfect time

Julie: “We knew we were getting married and even had a wedding date, but he hadn’t officially asked me yet. One day, he wanted to go for a walk in the woods and insisted I bring my phone with me. He kept dragging me to all these different locations and pretty soon I was getting tired of standing in spots looking at the lake, looking at the trees, looking at him being all fidgety. Then he told me to get out my phone. There was a text from him that said ‘Will you marry me?’ Then he got down on one knee!”

Other ways to tell?
• One of your rings goes missing, then suddenly reappears (a sure sign he’s checked out your fingers size)
• He visits your parents…without you (asking Dad for permission? What a guy!)
• He’s looking at your friends’ wedding rings a lot (getting ideas of what you might like…)
• He doesn’t leave the room when diamond commercials come on TV (the boy is studying!)

So, unengaged ladies  — any of these signs sound familiar? Keep on the lookout. Maybe this Christmas will be the sparkliest ever!