Brial Horror Stories
Oh, brides. The wrecked dresses, the cake disasters, the family feuds, the photographer woes. We could NOT BELIEVE all the things you and those you know have had to go through on your quests for the perfect wedding. Thanks to each one of you who shared your scariest — we hope it at least made you feel a little bit better to read other brides’ stories and know that you’re not the only one with a horror story to tell!

We put all those tales together and drew three winners — and here they are!

Kayla V: “I was walking between the head table at our wedding and a wall with my plate of food when one of my bridesmaids said “move my shoes” (so we could all walk by) I bent to pick them up since i was 1st to approach them. My dress ripped all up the zipper in back!! My mother in law threw a shawl over my back as we went to the office of the owner & she & her friend spent the next 45 mins sewing me back up!!! She had to explain to my husband how to “cut” me out of the dress when we got to our hotel room! How romantic!!!”

Ashley Banks: “So morning of my ceremony after getting my hair done I go to the bakery to pick up my wedding cake…after about 15 minutes the manager finally comes to tell me that there was no cake. A month and a half post wedding our photographer mails me the CD containing all of our wedding pictures. Of course we were so excited to see them finally. So we are going through the pictures and we are up to family pictures and it just starts over. I contact my photographer who looks through her stuff and informs me that the pictures are GONE. There are no pictures of any Grandparent or the Grooms family and no way to get those pictures back.”

loah12: “My poor sister has a mother-in-law from hell. Wedding planning was going smoothly for her last year until she started saying no to some of the MIL’s ideas. Rehearsal dinner was on his parents and they had it all “planned” and then changed their mind and decided since the reception hall was already decorated for the wedding let’s just do there and grab some picnic food. My sister was horrified b/c we spent all day decorating, putting table cloths down and why get it all dirty with a rehearsal dinner. Then his parents told my sister that if she wasn’t happy with that option she can plan it herself. Her future sister in laws didn’t want to get there hair done with everyone else so they no showed for hair appointments and after my sister called them said “Oh we just wanted to go somewhere else”. My sister was also told she couldn’t have short bridesmaid dresses because her future sister in laws didn’t like how their legs looked. And to top it all off her future father in law told her a few weeks after the wedding that he couldn’t believe how much weight our mother had gained. Seriously!? Her saving grace is that her husband is the best guy ever…funny how it comes from a family like that.”

Kayla V, Ashley Banks and Loah12, we’ll be getting in touch to get you set up with your $50 prize — use it toward anything on the Dawn site, from invitations to ceremony and reception accessories to favors to holiday cards!

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~ Dawn