Found the perfect invitation that will grab guests’ attention and set the tone for your wedding? Congrats! Still considering your options and making that decision? We’re rooting for you (and let us know how we can help)!

But WAIT — before you place that invite order, there’s one last important detail that you Must. Not. Ignore. That would be the font or lettering style you choose for printing your wording. Just like your wedding colors, just like the style of flowers you choose, your font will say a lot about your wedding style.

For instance, a script font says elegance, formality and perhaps a bit of tradition depending on the script. Block fonts have a clean and more modern look in their unadorned form, while some are more intricate for vintage looks or classy styles. And don’t forget to consider font combinations that highlight your names within your wording  — after all, you’re the stars of this show, right?

To show you what we mean, we’ve used our In Black and White Invitation as a canvas for demonstrating five different looks created just with fonts.

The Vintage Look


Script font MSB is a little old-fashioned, a little “kicky” and lends an oh-so-sweet vintage vibe to your wording.


She’s a Classic

Block font CPG is a clean and traditional look for your wording and the script font CIT highlights your names with an elegant “wow.”


Simply Beautiful

Block font BUR is a simple, unadorned font that lets the style of your invitation and your big news take center stage.


Top of the Trends

See how we’ve turned the tables here for a totally trendy look? We used the script font CZR for the wording and then put the names in the big and bold block font ENG — so unique.


Diva, Dahling

For the diva couple, it’s all about them (and that’s the way it should be)! For this look, we choose the biggest, boldest, dashiest font (SPL) to highlight the names and put the rest of the wording in SRO, so as not to compete. With the names, you know.

Now that you’ve got some ideas rolling around in your pretty little bride-to-be head, what font style — or combination of fonts — defines you and your wedding? Let us in on your plans (we love to hear about brides’ plans, we really do) by leaving us a comment or polling your bride-friends on our Facebook page.

(And don’t forget that you’ll also get to choose the color of that font for extra, extra personal style!)

~ Dawn