Congratulations to our giveaway winner…Wendy Lynn!

Wendy, get in touch with us via Facebook and we’ll get you your choice of unity candle or unity sand ceremony set.

And the rest of you, wow. You really know your wedding stuff! So many of you got so many quiz answers right — even when all you had to go on was an up-close shot of a ceremony accessory or reception accessory. You’re so good with the details, we predict there’ll be some gorgeous weddings coming up.

P.S. Just in case you missed a question or two, here are the answers to the quiz.

1. Answer #3: “I give you this ring…”

Rose Ring Bearer Box

Rose Ring Bearer Box

Rose Ring Box


2. Answer #1: “cheers!”

Pink Toasting Flutes

Toasting Flutes

Pink Glitter Galore Toasting Flutes

3. Answer #2: “takes the cake”

Purple Cake Topper


Purple Cake Top

Purple Flower Cake Top



4. Answer #3: “handsome outside, sweet inside:

Tuxedo Favor Box


Tuxedo and Bride Favor Box

Tuxedo Favor Boxes



5. Answer #2: “shower of petals”

Red Flower Girl Basket


Red Flower Girl Basket


With All My Heart Claret Satin Wedding Basket

What details are you choosing for your wedding? Tell us all about them by commenting on our posts and on Facebook!