We get lots of questions about invitation etiquette, envelope addressing and how to add custom touches to wedding invitations. But we’ve never gotten a question like this one before:

“I’m trying to find an online custom postage company to coordinate my wedding invitations, do you know of a good one?”

What an awesome idea! We did some digging and found the perfect solution: WeddingStamps.US. We started talking with Ben, a custom stamp guru and got down to the nitty gritty of ordering personalized postage for your wedding invitations. Here’s what he had to say:

“Couples spend lots of time and attention making sure their wedding invitations reflect their upcoming wedding day as well as their identities. Lots of time and money go into choosing the perfect invitations…but then they put a standard stamp on the outside.

“Why not add charm to the outside of the envelope, too? Using custom stamps allows you to choose the style and size of the postage stamp used on your invites. This gives couples a great way to coordinate the postage on the outside of their envelope with the style and color of the invitation inside. Use personalized postage save the date cards, response cards and thank you cards, too.

“Here’s how it works: USPS has partnered with certain companies to let you create custom postage stamps using your photos and text. You can also choose from thousands of wedding-themed designs from great artists. Here are a few of the thousands of design options to choose from:


“Before you decide to purchase personalized postage for your invites here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Know the exact postage price you need. Take a fully addressed, completely assembled invitation to your nearest post office. Based on the weight and dimensions of your invitation, they will tell you what stamp price you need (many invites require $0.64 or $0.84 cent stamps). You don’t want your invitations mailed back to you due to insufficient postage.
  • All custom stamps can be used for any first-class rate. This is important because the USPS only has a limited collection of designs available at each rate. Custom stamp designs can be created for all of the first-class rates including postage for postcards (which are perfect for save the dates & RSVP cards). This means that you can use any design on your wedding mailings—period.
  • There’s no need to hand cancel with custom stamps. Each custom stamp uses a special technology so your letters aren’t postmarked. This ensures your wedding invitations arrive looking as wonderful as the moment you mailed them.

“For more information about personalized postage visit WeddingStamps.US, where you can browse thousands of stamp designs, learn the latest postage rates, read answers to common questions and use our ‘Suggest-a-Stamp’ tool to see stamp recommendations based on your wedding.”

Thanks for sharing Ben! There are sooo many possibilities for creating custom postage stamps with this site. It gets a big thumbs up from us! What do you think?

Happy postage shopping,