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You know the stories we’re talking about — the surprise ring pops, the bended knees, the “Will You Marry Me” written out on the big screen at the ballgame. The proposal stories that go viral and set the bar — high — for future grooms.

We want to hear what you’ve got. How did your fiancé propose? Or tell us the craziest, funniest, wildest proposal story you’ve ever heard! If you do, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win $100 off your purchase from Dawn!

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To get you inspired, check out this video of real people sharing their hilarious proposal stories (Pepsi, anyone?).


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76 thoughts on “What’s the best proposal story you’ve ever heard? (It could win you $100!)

  1. I’ve been a facebook fan since ordering my invitations.
    I knew my fiance had the ring and was planning to propose, I even thought I knew when…but I was wrong. I was having a bad day…we had a family reunion and I had a rather large disagreement with one section of the family, to the point where I was sick to the stomach about it. After the reunion, my fiance, Rob, who couldn’t be at the reunion because of work, picked me up and took me to his place for a few hours to cool down. I was sitting on the couch nursing a Coke to soothe my stomach and he was upstairs. Soon he came down and crouched in front of me. “Are you okay?” I said I was feeling better. I thought he was acting oddly. He asked again how I was feeling…then the phone rang. He jumped up and answered and then said, “Oh, hi Jasmine!” And I’m thinking, who the heck is Jasmine? And why is he so happy to hear from her? As it turned out, she was the tech from Verizon helping him with his intermittent internet connection. They talked for a few minutes and he came back, rummaged under his jacket for a moment and asked again how I was feeling. Then he pulled out a box, lifted the lid (which had a little light inside) and held it out. Inside was a pretty little diamond ring, with little diamonds on the band and one in the center, and he asked me to marry him! What could I do? I started laughing…and laughed…and laughed…for about five minutes straight before I was able to say “Yes!” He still tells people about the evening where Verizon tried to help him propose and I laughed at him.

  2. Martin and I had been planning on getting married for over a year when he popped the question; I had been waiting the whole time! The story goes something like this:
    It was the last day of camp, and I was helping my team clean up their room a little bit before heading out to our last worship session. While I was standing with my back to the door, Sara, another team leader, told me to turn around.
    Standing right in front of me was my boyfriend, Martin.
    I almost started crying, but I think my racing heart and uncontrollable smiling stopped that. Martin led me outside, keeping a casual attitude. We started walking up to an old prayer chapel, which sits on a hill looking out on some trees. Almost exactly five years ago, we had been sitting in the same spot; it was at that spot that I started liking him. Today, as we sat together, I could feel my heart about to jump out of my chest. My thoughts were on one thing, one question.
    We stood up.
    Martin wrapped his arms around me and smiled. He started saying some sweet things, playing with my hair, staring into my eyes. He gave me a kiss and, as I started breathing faster than ever, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!
    It was a very sweet, intimate time for us as a couple. We were alone up there, so there are no pictures, but I am glad we were able to share that moment privately!

  3. My story is not as elborate as some, but it very special to me, my fiancee told me that he knew we were getting married the first time he saw me, however I was like yeah right. As we progressed he asked me to marry him in Nov 2010 mind you we met in June 2010, the cautious theda was like this is too early in the game. However he continued to woo and I continued to fall in love, I accepted in March 2011. now he did not give me my engagment ring until August of 2011. It was really stange no elborate set up just a man that found his mate and was will to wait until she accepted him. The ring process to approx 20 mins to chose and the sparke of this fire of our hearts cannot be measured or even taken a pic of(believe he has tried) ooo Did i mentioned that we met via online , june of 2012 is our wedding date and I will be packing up my family-son and 150lb dog to move from OHIO to Plano TX.

  4. (I’m a Facebook fan!)
    I was coming home from Boston to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport last February, and my fiancé said he would meet me at the top of the escalator and take me home. So I get there and I’m struggling with my suitcase, my heavy coat, and my hat, and I see him walk out of the crowd with a bouquet and a slightly nervous smile. He took my jacket and put it on the suitcase, handed me the bouquet, and got down on one knee. The crowd got very quiet; then he pitched his voice to carry and asked me to do him the honor of becoming his wife. I immediately said “Yes, gladly!” and he slid this beautiful sapphire set in yellow and white gold with diamonds around it onto my finger.
    I helped him stand up, then we hugged and kissed and I tried to jump into his arms. While we have been successful with this maneuver in the past and since then, this time it failed. Hard. He leaned forward to kiss me again right as I jumped up and we overbalanced and I fell over backwards. Our hats went one way, my bouquet went flying, the suitcase tipped, and he landed on top of me! Everybody laughed and somebody yelled “Get a room!” We both burst out laughing as well and picked ourselves up before the airport security guard could get out of his chair to yell at us. It was a very memorable proposal that fit perfectly with the slightly crazy thing that is our life. I only wish somebody could’ve gotten it on film!

  5. My fiance and I met at a festival we each went to with our friends. Throughout the morning I noticed this cute boy staring at me. I discretely told my roommate that he kept looking at me and smiling. Within minutes, my roomie walked by him and pushed me into him, much to my surprise and his. We ended up talking for hours together about school, family, church, sports, and life in general. We had tons in common including our love for travel, sports, and our adorable parents that had each been married for 30+ years. It was amazing that after a few hours I felt as though I had known him for years. That night he asked me to dinner, but I declined and told him to come running with me in the morning. I never thought he would really wake up at 9am on his day off from medical school rotations to run with me, but at 9:05am (of course) he showed up at my front door and ran 4 miles with me. Little did I know at the time but that was the most he had run in months and he was exhausted. After running with me, he bravely ventured into my house and said hello to my 3 roommates and the 20 girls at our house for a bridal shower. That night we went to dinner and the rest is history.
    He matched for residency in a new city the following year. We stayed together and decided to continue our relationship long distance. Before starting residency we took a trip to Australia. After this trip, I knew we would be together forever. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder and after 9 months of distance and much prayer, I transferred my job to be with him and we were finally in the same city again. Since the move 3 years ago, our relationship has grown immensely. We have so many wonderful friends and have really settled into life together.
    This past April we traveled to Southeast Asia to visit our friends in Singapore, as well as travel to Thailand, Hong Kong, and Bali. My fiance had three surprises for me during the trip and one morning in Bali after a wonderful brunch while relaxing at our pool, I got my third surprise when he asked me to be his wife. I said yes, and couldnt be more excited to spend the rest of my life with him. Since my move, we have grown stronger and closer, and fallen more in love with one another. We recently joined the church where we will be married and we are looking forward to sharing our wedding with everyone!

  6. Proposal
    The way that my Fiance’ and I got engaged was very special. We started talking about marriage and really getting serious about settling down because we saw in each other something so special that we knew that God had created us to be together. So, we decided that we should take that next step. He asked my dad for my hand in marriage on May 29, 2011 and he proposed to me in Cleveland, Ohio on June 11, 2011.
    When Bryson proposed to me, we were taking professional pictures as a couple to cherish the stage we were in with our relationship. We had been to 4 different locations before we came to the place where Bryson wanted to pop the question.
    The last place we went to was to the beach. The sun was setting and the waves were washing up on the shore so peacefully. Our photographer asked Bryson to get down on one knee and for me to sit on his leg. I didn’t think anything of it because we had tried a lot of poses, so I went along with it. As soon as I looked towards the camera, Bryson brought the ring from behind his back in a small black box and asked me to marry him. It was so unexpected and I was at a loss for words. My stomach dropped and the first thing I asked him was, “are you serious?” then I said “yes”. It was one of the best feelings in the world. The proposal was captured on camera from start to finish. We will forever have those memories!
    God is real and He answered my prayer. I am so grateful and thankful because I am engaged to the greatest man that I have ever met! I have never had someone to care for me and love me the way he does. He treats me like the queen God created me to be.
    So we are getting married February 18, 2012!
    But to really see how sweet our story is… Visit our wedding wedsite
    ♥ Gloria Collier ♥

  7. Posted on twitter.
    On February 13, 2009 I thought we were going to dinner for Valentine’s Day at Applebee’s. On the way to Applebee’s Jamar says let’s go to Red Lobster instead.
    I said ok. When we got there. It was a normal routine as far as us going out to eat. All during dinner Jamar kept saying you know I really wanted to buy you a ring for Valentine ‘s Day. I said I know but if you can’t you can’t. Later towards the end of dinner the waiter asked us about dessert.
    I said I didn’t have to have any, but Jamar had other plans. He asked me what about cheesecake so I said ok. Jamar was also trying to figure out what he was going to get for himself. Then he said we would share the cheesecake and I was good with that. Little did I know Jamar had already ordered my dessert. I should have known then that something was up because Jamar dosen’t like cheesecake.
    When the waiter brought my cheesecake the ring was in it’s box on the plate with the cheesecake. After I calmed down a little from crying Jamar got on one knee and asked me to marry him.
    I said YES!!! There were people telling us congratulations and clapping for us.
    The second best part of the night was when some of the staff came out of the kitchen saying, “I just had to see who is this girl crying so bad, because our male waiter is in the back crying just as hard as she is.”
    Wedding Date March 13, 2012 in Vegas.

  8. it was december 25th of last year and everybody was opening gifts, i was down to my last gift and my boyfriend at the time was picking up the gift paper and walking around. i wasn’t paying any attention to him and he grabbed my hand and turned me around and gave me huge hug and said i love you.. his heart was racing hands was sweating i was scared because i didnt know what was wrong. he had tears coming down his eyes and held me sooooo tight and i was like baby talk to me. He looked at me and got down on one knee and pulled a box out of his pocket. He was shaking so much but he looked so cute though. He looked me in the eyes and said how beautiful i was and how i complete him and i was the only one he wants to be with forever. Then he asked me WILL U MARRY ME? I paused for a moment and then answered YES, YES, YES!!!! This was the best feeling ever, and the best christmas gift a girl could ever get.

  9. my highschool sweetheart propsed to me at disneyland chrismas eve..
    We were planning to spend christmas at disneyland i didnt know he was thinkink of asking me to marry him but thru out the whole day he acted kind of nervous. It was at midnight when the firework show happend and the snow was falling when he went in one knee and propsed!!

  10. when I was driving home from work on a Thursday night three weeks ago I had no idea that my then boyfriend was practicing His proposal in our living room. It was a long week and on top of that I was getting a nasty headache. I walked in and I said I needed a minute to lay down. He followed me to the bedroom. The look on his face.. I thought something terrible happened!! But he was just nervous. He told me that I was the love of his life and that he couldn’t imagine his life without me. Then he got down on one and pulled the ring out of his pocket. “Anna, will you marry me?” I couldn’t say a word bc I was already crying. Tears of happiness that is:) I threw my arms around him abd then he said:”is that a yes?”.. Of course it was a yes. He told me that he had talked to my parents a day before. They live in Poland, and he doesn’t speak Polish. He used skype and my cousin to translate. I think I love him even more, if that’s possible. We’re planning our wedding for April 2013:)

  11. Posted on twitter.
    On February 13, 2009 I thought we were going to dinner for Valentine’s Day at Applebee’s. On the way to Applebee’s Jamar says let’s go to Red Lobster instead.
    I said ok. When we got there. It was a normal routine as far as us going out to eat. All during dinner Jamar kept saying you know I really wanted to buy you a ring for Valentine ‘s Day. I said I know but if you can’t you can’t. Later towards the end of dinner the waiter asked us about dessert.
    I said I didn’t have to have any, but Jamar had other plans. He asked me what about cheesecake so I said ok. Jamar was also trying to figure out what he was going to get for himself. Then he said we would share the cheesecake and I was good with that. Little did I know Jamar had already ordered my dessert. I should have known then that something was up because Jamar dosen’t like cheesecake.
    When the waiter brought my cheesecake the ring was in it’s box on the plate with the cheesecake. After I calmed down a little from crying Jamar got on one knee and asked me to marry him.
    I said YES!!! There were people telling us congratulations and clapping for us.
    The second best part of the night was when some of the staff came out of the kitchen saying, “I just had to see who is this girl crying so bad, because our male waiter is in the back crying just as hard as she is.”
    Wedding Date March 13, 2012 in Vegas.

  12. My fiance and I had recently bought a home together. We had been spending quite a bit of time doing work at the new place. I had been out of town all week and he said that he wanted to make a nice dinner in our new house on Friday night. He is the chef in our relationship so I was excited he was going to cook a big dinner after I had been gone. We had a chinese-inspired dinner. He knows I have an obsession with fortune cookies so he pulled a couple out of the cabinet from when we had chinese the week before. I am notorious for opening more than one cookie if my fortune is bad. I opened mine while he was cleaning up and it said, “to love and win is the best. To love and lose is second best.” I was sitting there complaining about how bad my fortune was so he came up behind me and said, this is the last one, do you want it? Uh..yeah I want it. My fortune was horrible. So I open this cookie and inside is a message that says, “I am so ‘fortunate’ to have you in my life and I want to spend the rest of it with you. Will you marry me.” Needless to say, I said yes and the rest is history!!

  13. Brad accompanied Lauren to Philadelphia for the weekend for the Foley Family Reunion. Lauren had just finished a stressful week of work, submitting her first DoD SBIR proposal, and was looking forward to a fun weekend in Philly with her family.
    Brad took Lauren out to a fancy dinner at Vetri, a well-known restaurant in downtown Philadelphia. The two enjoyed several hours of a phenomenal tasting menu including (but not limited to!) sweet onion crepes, spinach gnocchi, guinea hen breast, a chocolate polenta souffle, and an apple tart tatin stuffed with caramelized fennel. Of course the meal was also accompanied by lots and lots of wine!
    At some point during dinner, Lauren scrunched up her nose at Brad – a common (though slightly weird) gesture in the relationship. They talked about the meaning of the “nose-scrunch” and Lauren decided that it meant “I love you” in their own secret language.
    After they were finishing up dessert, Brad scrunched his nose at Lauren across the table. Lauren started to laugh until Brad told her “That one didn’t mean I love you.” Of course, Lauren started to get mad until Brad said “That one meant will you marry me?” as he pulled out the ring!
    Lauren followed with the typical gasps, tears, “oh my gosh”s, and “are you serious?”s until Brad gently reminded her that she hadn’t yet actually answered. She quickly said YES and Brad slipped that ring right onto her finger

  14. Liked Invitations by Dawn on Facebook. And shared this blog on my Twitter page. Now for our story:
    We took a small trip to New York City for a few days around Easter this year. Our first full day there we visited Central Park. The Gapstow Bridge where Jeremy wanted to propose was too busy when we first arrived, so we walked around Central Park for 2 hours before returning to it! We took a moment to enjoy the view of the lake and The Plaza Hotel from the bridge and Jeremy quietly proposed.
    We asked a nearby foreign tourist to take our picture and told her we just got engaged. She was confused and thought we were married. When she finally understood she was shocked and thrilled! She explained what we said to her daughters and they all screamed with joy congratulating us and giving us hugs. It’s truly a wonderful proposal we will never forget.

  15. My fiance and I live together in a town over from our parents. When we first got together he was 16 and I was 14 so we were living with our parents and we had only been together a month or so. One night just hanging out with friends we had left my fiance’s truck at his house and needed to go get it so we all decided to walk. My fiance grabbed my arm so we could walk alone and talk. We got to his house before everyone else and decided to sit on his tailgate and wait under the stars. He decided to replicate this on the night he wanted to propose he told me he needed me to meet him at his moms after he got off work at 10 pm so I did. When I arrived he was sitting on the tailgate and said he just thought it was a beautiful night and wanted to look up at the stars. After sitting there awhile I guess he got nervous and said we should go home but then he grabbed both of my hands got down on one knee and proposed. I of course said yes and started bawling.

  16. His side of the story…
    Well if you must know the story, you’ll have to read about the beginning as well. After coming to the epiphany this beautiful princess was the one for me, I did what every man should do, I consulted my mother. It wasn’t like I was asking what she thought, but more of telling her I was going to pop the question sometime in the near future. The next step was finding a way to ask Lindsay’s parents without her knowing. Luckily God was watching over my decision, and Lindsay felt called to go to St. Lucia for a mission trip during Christmas break. Here I saw my chance to ask permission and I took it. Disguising my proposition to her parents in a “christmas present” gift card to Red Lobster, I asked if I could join them for dinner. There was no fooling them, as I well became aware of on their arrival at the restaurant. Once the “interrogation” was over, they gave me their blessing and I was on my way to buying the ring and coming up with my plan to sweep this girl off her feet.
    Now fast forward to May 1, 2011, we’ll skip the countless hours of planning and preparation to avoid you falling asleep, the “semi” -big day. I decided to take Lindsay on a trip down memory lane. She would visit places or people that have played a key role in our growing as a couple. To keep this still a surprise, I had to discover a way for her to take the trip, but without me there. Luckily, thanks to my boss, Vickie Tillery, I had lifeguard training scheduled for the whole day. Vickie let me off of work that day, but I was forced to give my reason why. I decided to have her roommates go on the trip with her and I would always just be a step ahead of her.
    A little unknown fact about Lindsay and I, is that we LOVE movies. I mean if you had to take a guess at what we were doing on a Sunday afternoon, it would probably be sitting on a couch, watching some random flick. I thought of incorporating some of our favorite “romantic” movies, okay her favorite, into the clues she would be getting on this scavenger hunt down memory lane. The clues I gave her all were given on pre-recorded cassette tapes (P.S. I Love You) and accompanied with a long-stem rose. She would listen to the tape, do whatever it said, and go wherever it told her to go. Again it was crucial for her to think I had someone do this for me, so she couldn’t see me, and it was crucial for her to believe I was at work.
    I made her a brownie pizza, another one of our favorites, and had Lindsay’s RA take it to her along with the first clue. She was to yell wake up and leave the room. Right when I handed the pizza off to the RA I took off running to my truck and the chaos had begun. The first destination for Lindsay and the ladies was IHOP for breakfast. This IHOP in Hutch was our late-night destination countless nights. Here I filled in a waitress on her role in the scavenger hunt and gave her the next cassette, another rose, and a five dollar bill with my name and number written on it (Sweet Serendipity). The third stopping place was at Lindsay’s grandparents house. They have been married around one million years, so I figured they would have some good advice for her. I handed them the clue which contained a quote by Adam Sandler in his movie Mr. Deeds. The quote had something to do with bosoms and, well I guess you’ll have to watch the movie. Next I had her travel to her house, in the basement, where I had asked to her prom. I had done a scavenger hunt for that as well, and it had ended with a purple balloon. I tied the clue to the balloon and headed to my house. There’s a tree in front of my house where I asked Lindsay if she wanted to date, and I thought it’d be a good place for the next clue. I had her lay in the street (The Notebook) when she listened to the clue. My original idea was to carve our initials into the tree, but after hours of defacing the tree, I decided cutting down the tree was not worth it. The White house was the next destination. Another fun fact about us is that we play a lot of board games at each other’s houses. I had the girls play Taboo with my mom for their next clue. Knowing what the other person is thinking and feeling is important in any relationship, and that is why I had them play Taboo. Okay I’m probably boring you with details, I’ll just list the next few stops: High Park Feeding Ducks BWW: Blazin’ Wing Challege, Derby Plaza Theatre, Donut Hole, and Sterling Pond. Finally when she got to Sterling Pond, the last clue said she had to run the route that was marked by pink balloons. I had all of our education professors be markers for her and she ran all the way to Sterling College soccer field. When she came running to the field I can’t tell you how nervous I was. My plan was to sing her a song I wrote, stand up, and my family, her family, and friends would be holding the letters WOULD YOU MARRY ME.

  17. Liked you on Facebook and leaving my story.
    My husband proposed to me at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.He saw a knotted Celtic ring and put it on my finger.He said do not take this off until I give you the real thing.The day I got my engagement ring he propsed in front of his parents.He got down on one knee and asked me to marry me.I still have the original knotted Celtic ring.It reminds me of how lucky I got twice in our lifetime together.Almost 15 years later and we are still together as husband and wife.

  18. The Charm Bracelet
    Each Charm represents a milestone in our relationship, but also identifies that we have a lot of room to create even more long lasting memories. I am not going to go through all the meanings as some are very personal to Sarita and me. See pictures.
    Orange Fizz – Sarita’s favorite color, it denotes energy, warmth, and the sun. Orange has the intensity and fire of red but is calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow…a perfect representation of Sarita.
    Orange Swirled – Actually looks red, would initially have the same meaning as Orange Fizz. Since it looks red, we will say it represents our passion and love for one another.
    Beach Chair – Double meaning:
    Sarita and I are definitely beach goers, we prefer to be on the beach vs. anywhere else in the in the world. We have made a pact that 95% of the vacations we go on will be at the beach, so our life goal is to visit as many beaches as we can. We are truly relaxed and free of all work and social stress that life brings daily. Here, we can just be who we are in our own skin. Basically, we re-fall in love at the beach.
    Once the above was identified, I knew that I was going to propose on the beach. But for more details on the actual proposal see the Proposal Section.
    Iced Drink – The first time (well really second time) Sarita and I met and conversed, Sarita was pre-tipsy coming to a gathering at a mutual friend’s house. That day, Sarita couldn’t stop flirting with me (but I knew she was feeling me since PervArtistry (see Artist Pallet). Kidding, it was the first day I fell “in-like” with Sarita.
    Artist Pallet – Double Meaning:
    First time I ever met Sarita was at a mutual friend’s house. My first Wisconsin “game-night”…PervArtistry was the game of choice and EVERYBODY wanted this shy Latin lady on their team…why? Cause she was an artist. She was GORGEOUS, I had to have her.
    Later on during our courtship, Sarita created a drawing that I hung up (and still have up) at my cubicle. One Saturday we came into the office to pick something up and she said that it was up; apparently she was surprised that I held on to it and had it hanging up as a reminder of her. She realized I was really into her (THEN she started liking me).
    Soccer Shirt – We both love playing soccer.
    Alphabet S – Her name is Sarita
    Alphabet J – My name is Jon
    Bundle Of Hearts Lock – Key Word: Lock – Sits in between the J and the S. Represents that no matter where, where we go, what happens, our love will always keep us together.
    Love my Dog Dangle – Pico, our first child (as we have been told). If you know us, you know about Pico.
    The Location
    Sarita’s best friend (Stela) and my now close friend (Jaime) had a destination wedding in Playa del
    Carmen, Mexico. At a beautiful resort called Grand Princess Riviera. I scoped out a place called the Thai Beach Club which was at the resort, but due to my consistent luck, the resort was renovating the Beach Club.
    The Thai Beach Club (now called Chill Out) provides option-private cabanas that face the ocean.
    Comfortable wooden beach chairs with a table. See picture, imagine the beds as wooden beach chairs.
    I had the concierge set it up (after some begging) where we had the entire beach club to ourselves in the morning (8am – 9/930am). So the Beach Club was all ours and we had our pick of prime location cabanas.
    The Proposal
    So now I have the ring, the charm bracelet, and the location set…now I just need to get her there and propose.
    I wake up at 615am, way too anxious to sleep.
    We order room service and take it down to the Beach Club…private location, private cabana, private breakfast…it’s all about Sarita and I. I have Alicia Keys’ The Element of Freedom lightly playing as background music to the crashing of the waves and the light conversation between Sarita and me. I am too anxious (not nervous) to eat or hold any valid conversation. During this, Sarita is GRUBBING (she is going to be punch me for that)…oblivious to what is about to happen.
    Once she is done eating…we have small talk and then I proceed to give her her first gift (the charm bracelet). I go through all the meanings and representation of each charm…she cries in remembrance, laughter and reflection.
    Now the ring, I “act” as if there was a charm missing and proceed to “look” for the charm. As Sarita looks at her new gift, I get on one knee and let her know that I want and need her in my life forever.
    Well, she hesitates (she is going to punch me again for this)…lol…in actuality she had started to cry a bit harder in surprise and joy (I hope).
    Once she chokes back enough tears she nods, says YES! and jumps in my arms (comes close to tackling me) on the beach .

  19. Walter flew out to Tucson to visit me before they traveled to Debbie & Jamie’s wedding in Houston. Since we lived on separate coasts, we decided to go out for a delayed Valentine’s Day celebration. We went to Firebird’s Restaurant at La Encantada, which has a lodge atmosphere. After a delicious steak meal, we had dessert at Frost, a gelateria at La Encantada. Walter then drove to the University of Arizona campus, where we parked in the 2nd St garage. We walked all dressed up around the main quad before stopping at the wildcat statue. We had taken our first AZ photograph at this same statue in March 2009 prior to me accepting my offer to the Ph.D. program. Walter got down on one knee and proposed before everyone on the quad. I excitingly said yes! 🙂

  20. The Story of Our Engagement
    First you need a little back story…
    Albert and Kendall first met on July 28, 2007 beside her driver’s door. After casually seeing each other for a month, Albert decided to make it official and asked Kendall to be his girlfriend on August 28, 2007 beside the driver’s side door of her car. Also, any special event in either of their lives, whether it be anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, Valentine’s Day, etc, Kendall and Albert love going to iFratelli’s in Las Colinas. (And yes, they order the same thing every time!)
    So, now that you have the back story…
    On Friday, January 28th, Kendall was at home when she got a message from Albert telling her to get all fancied up for a night out on the town. Oblivious to everything, Kendall thought it was Albert’s way of giving her an excuse to wear an outfit she had bought recently. Kendall got ready in a brand new dress, bright red heels, and bold jewelry – a definite departure from the norm. After a delicious dinner at iFratelli’s followed by some scrumptious cheesecake, Kendall laughed about how many people – literally more than 3 – commented on how cute bits and pieces of her outfit were. To Kendall, the night was already awesome! 🙂 After dinner, Albert asked Kendall if she wanted to go shopping – as if he needed to ask! They strolled through one of her favorite stores, and Albert offered to buy a new outfit for Kendall – again, as if he needed to ask! Content with the awesome night, Kendall was on cloud nine on the way home until Albert asked her to close her eyes about a mile from home. Albert quickly drove home and backed up to the garage where Kendall’s car was waiting. With her eyes still closed, Kendall listened as the garage door opened behind her, and Albert got out of the car. After a couple of seconds, Albert began playing their song “Better Together” by Jack Johnson and asked Kendall to get out of the car. As she opened her eyes and turned around, her car was covered in tiny white Christmas lights and roses on the roof. Still oblivious to what was happening, Kendall followed Albert over to her drivers side door. Albert spoke a few moments about their life together and the future then got down on one knee… and I said yes!

  21. Liked the Invitations by Dawn FACEBOOK page and shared the blog on FACEBOOK! Stay tuned for my proposal story – it’s just over 2 weeks old!

  22. I am so excited to be sharing this story with you! I should start by taking you back to just over 1 month ago…
    My fiance, Randy returned from Suriname after a 2 week deployment in the Air Force Reserves with a new perspective about our relationship – it’s amazing what a few thousand miles, an ocean and a continent will do for perspective – and drove up to my parents. During dinner out with my parents and while I was in the restroom, he asked my parent’s permission to marry me. I accidentally walked in on it so I knew an engagement was pending, so I was officially on RING WATCH Summer 2011.
    Fast forward to the next weekend:
    Randy prepares this awesomely romantic date to Ruth Chris’. I get a new dress and shoes and think THIS IS IT! We have dinner, champagne, dessert and a waitress who keeps asking if it is a special occasion – but NOTHING happens. We head up the incline in Pittsburgh and he takes me aside and tells me the most wonderful things -there’s even a sign that says “The most romantic view in all of Pittsburgh” then NOTHING! The next day, romantic walk and NOTHING. By the end of the weekend, I’m a little crazy and depressed and refusing to return to PA without a visit from him to Cleveland.
    Fast forward to September 2, 2011:
    Randy has been begging me to come out for his niece’s birthday and I politely decline. He pulls the ‘mom and sister want you to come’ card and so, of course, I pack up and head out. The entire week, he sends me clues for my Friday arrival – culminating in a dozen roses, a romantic card and wine glasses. We head to dinner in downtown Pittsburgh and have a beautiful view of the lights and river, champagne and many compliments. We take a walk along the river after dinner and even head up Mt. Washington to see the city lights twinkle. After arriving back at his house after a very sweet date, he lights a bunch of candles and walks with me down to a cute little bridge he built in the woods on his property. Randy lines the railing with candles and stands me in the center where he gives the most beautiful, passionate, loving speech about our relationship, my character, our future, etc. I think he’s apologizing for the my disappointment after our last date so I’m trying to comfort him saying that I misunderstood the intentions of the last date and that it was ok but he would just back up and make me stand still. It wasn’t until the tone changed and he got down on one knee that I started screaming at the top of my lungs (glad the neighbors weren’t out – I’m sure it sounded like murder) and line backer tackled him. In the mist of the yes-ing and the you want to keep me-ing, Randy asked if I wanted to see the ring… I shout that I don’t care, just put it on!
    Poor guy went upstair to his office to hide while I continued giggling and shouting on the phone with every family member I could find… but don’t let that fool you, he’s just as excited – we will be getting married in January 2012!

  23. He took me out to one of the local bars, we had a couple drinks, danced was alot of fun. We then went back home, and in the middle of [being intimate] he proposed to me! Not my first choice but I can laugh about it.

  24. my future husband brian and i went down to the wildwood car show for our last time together before becoming partents to our daughter. i was almost 9 months pregant. we go down to the shore got settled in to our hotel room n then went to the boradwalk to get some dinner. just as we were about to pay for dinner he asked me if i felt up for a walk on the beach. me beeing a beach lover said yes of course. we got on to the beach walked bout half way to the water n i said i had enough can we go back. as i turned back around to head back. he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him i started to cry and say yes. he was so nervous he went to put the ring on the wrong hand i had to tell him which hand. then told me that he was so worried bout loosing the ring n was trying to keep my hands on me because he didn’t want me to feel the ring in his pocket. he had it in his pocket the whole time and not in the box because he did not want me to know. we are now getting married 8/11/2012. can’t waite to spend the rest of my life with him as my husband.

  25. Steve & I met when we were only in 7th grade, almost 12 years ago. We hated each other at first cause he always picked on me and I just made fun of him. LOL We went out for a bit in 7th & 8th grade before graduating to high school. We lost touch until sophomore year of high school when we started hanging out again. Both Steve & I dated on & off again and again in high school until our senior year of high school when we reunited again. He asked me over to his friend Mike’s house on the first day of senior year of high school to catch up. We started getting more serious until he asked me to be his girlfriend on September 25, 2003. We have been together ever since with some up’s and down’s, but we always found each other and loved each other very much! He gave me a promise ring on October 28, 2004 as a promise that he will one day marry me! He has always been by my side through tough and great times! I couldn’t be happier! We are so ready to move out and start our lives as one!
    We just finished eating some Italian food for dinner at Steve’s place. We were getting ready to leave for the Eclipse premiere. Steve then told me to check if my Nintendo DS is still on cause he was using it earlier. I opened it and noticed it was off, so I turned it on to see what he was talking about. Then once I open it, I find a pic of Steve holding up a piece of paper asking me to marry him. I looked at him and saw the ring in his hand, and of course, I started crying! LOL He laughed at me crying! I said YES!!!!
    We are getting married on July 20, 2012 in New York City at the Church (which is part of the elementary school we went to) where we met 13 years ago.

  26. I liked your page on facebook and leaving this comment about my proposal on your blog to enter to win 100 dollars toward my invitations!
    My name is Becca and my fiance Charles and I have been together for 7 years! On New Year’s Eve 2009 I went out shopping then returned home with Charles asking to go to his work to get something which is typical being he is so forgetful! Just like any other day we got in my recently purchased Jeep and drove to Ocean City where we went to high school together and spent many days and nights together. While discussing our plans for that evening, Charles quickly pulled over and said something didn’t “feel right” in my new car! I was so mad, but believed him because he is a mechanic. While he looked under the hood (where he actually as I later found out pulled the fuel relay to make it not start)he came back to start it and it wouldn’t! He suggested that after he called AAA we take a quick walk on the beach by the gazebo we went to all the time to smell the ocean air and relax! I was complaining that it was cold and finally agreed. As we walked there I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Then, as I walked further down with some convincing I saw a heart made of rose petals and candles. The inside read, “Becca, will you marry me?”! He got down on his knee and asked me. I said YES and we stood there together in the silence and I suddenly no longer felt the cold! We left the beach and my car was magically fixed! We went and celebrated the new year with our great news! We are getting married April 22, 2012 on the beach! I love the It Takes Two blue and green invitation! They are perfect and money towards them would help tremendously! 🙂

  27. I can guarantee you have never heard a proposal story like mine before.
    I knew my fiance had something up his sleeve the night before he proposed. He said he had made plans for the day but would not tell me what they were. I nagged him about the plans for a little bit, but he didn’t cave, so I painted my nails and went to bed. The next day, July 17th 2010 him and I were hanging out. When he asked me to sign on to facebook and check his farmville because his crops had to be harvested. As I was waiting for his farmville to load I looked over and saw him down on one knee, I asked him what he was doing and he said “oh, nothing”. I looked at the farmville page and saw: (Cindy Will you Marry me?). I told him it didn’t count as a proposal because he didn’t say the words, so he looked at me and said “Will you?” I of course said yes. Then he put the box in front of me backwards. hehe. I took the ring out and placed it on my finger.
    I can not wait to marry my high school sweet heart, best friend and soul mate on June, 30 2012! 🙂

  28. I knew months ahead that he was going to take me on a birthday getaway. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going. He being the funny jokester that he is kept telling me I wouldnt like it. We were going camping or to an indian reservation. If you know me I HATE CAMPING!!. So after an all night shift and then picked up a few hours at the rec center. I came home in jeans and a t shirt just exhausted. I walked in the door and he had dinner made with a bottle of wine on the table. I thought this was extremely cute because I had a long day. It wasn’t out of the usual though because Chris and I do a good job of taking turns making dinner. He made me mini corn dogs which everyone knows I LOVE!!. So after dinner he told me he would tell me where we were going but wanted to give me my gift first. So he brings in this big box . I go to open it and inside is a coat I was so excited because he had been telling me he wanted to get me a coat. So i see this pink thing hanging out of the pocket so I pull it out and there was a ring!! His face was completely shocked because apparently it wasnt as planned. He wanted me to put it on first. So he got down on one knee and said the sweetest things and I SAID YES!!!!!.
    That isn’t the best part. The best part is he planned the trip to Chicago. We went and spent a few nights at the Omni hotel right on Michigan AVE. My best Friend Alissa and Brandon came and met up with us. He planned Chicago because he had it planned to show my family who lives an hour away. He also called my dad, step dad, mom and 2 sisters for permission. He did a great job. I couldn’t have been more suprised and more excited.

  29. Our engagement story…Me & my fiance James have been together for about 4 years and recently got engaged on July 30, 2011. My fiance came to my home with a gift and he presented me with a scrapbook. Inside were years worth of photos of us from the time we met until now. It also had a lot of ticket stubs and mementos from various events. It was truly a beautiful scrapbook with stickers and embellishements and the whole nine yards. It also had pages dedicated to me and my family members and me and my friends. I am a huge fan of scrapbooking so this was very near and dear to me. The next to last page had a picture of my engagement ring in the box and it said “Will you do me the Honor?’ Then the next page was a blank scrapbook page with no pictures just with bride and groom stickers and embellishments…It was amazing. It obviously took him hours and weeks to me. It was so special and its awesome because I will be able to keep it forever and show our children.. It was truly amazing!!!

  30. The setting was a dark, musty smelling restaurant. The dim lighting came from flickering overhead lanterns. They sat and waited at Table 123 as a melodic banjo played in the background, punctuated by the persistent chirp of nighttime crickets and the yellow, shimmering glow of fireflies. The Disneyland’s Blue Bayou Restaurant at Pirates of the Caribbean is known for its surreal atmosphere and that evening was certainly no exception.
    Kara and Danny had always wanted to dine at the Blue Bayou Restaurant at Disneyland. They were unexpectedly rewarded for their persistent efforts with reservations made on a whim. They never thought they’d actually get in. Kara never thought fate would come knocking. But it did. And by knocking, I mean walking. Their server presented himself tableside and introduced himself as Al. Danny, being a Disney fanatic, started to inquire about employment at the Blue Bayou. After a long-winded conversation, Al asked Danny to leave his phone number so that Al could help him get a foot in the door. While Kara was powdering her nose, Danny decided to tell Al that Kara was single and gave both of their numbers to Al. It wouldn’t be until sometime later that Kara would learn that Al kept that piece of paper. Later that night, Kara received a text message from that server named Al and they’ve been inseparable ever since.
    Kara and Al dated for a little over a year and to celebrate Al’s 30th birthday, Kara planned a trip to Pennsylvania so Al could meet her family and friends. This was the first time that Al would be introduced to her family consisting of over 100 people and her childhood friends. At a huge family gathering and to everyone’s surprise, especially Kara’s, Al made a speech to her entire family asking to be a part of her family and then all of the sudden he got down on one knee and proposed to her. Kara was in such shock, all that she could say was “How did you get the engagement ring through the security line at the airport?”. After hoots and hollers from the crowd, a tearful Kara realized what was happening and said YES!!!
    Kara and Al are continuing their adventure as a couple and have planned a destination wedding to JAMAICA!!

  31. Brandon and I had looked at rings just for fun at the beginning of December. I found many that I liked (duh diamonds who wouldn’t) but didn’t take the shopping trip too seriously as this was a serious investment Brandon would have to save up for. Well, evidently he already had. He returned to the store a few days later to purchase a ring that I had really loved. He called my mom that afternoon to tell her his plans and over the next few months the rouge came together.
    I received a message through Facebook from my cousin Matt who works for the Space Needle. He told me that they had a new menu coming out for their upcoming Spring/Summer tourist season as an an employee he got to invite 2 people to come to a “soft tasting” and give feedback on their new menu. The entire dinner would be on the house and we could have a night on the town. I of course said yes that Brandon and I would LOVE to come. Little did I know, Brandon had contacted my cousin to create this story many weeks prior.
    The day of dinner was jam packed. We had errands to run and a birthday party for Brandon’s god daughter to go to so I didn’t have much time to think about dinner. After the birthday party we went to my mom’s house to visit with my Aunt Elaine and see her new puppy. We were there for about an hour and a half when my mom and Elaine started talking about the errands they had to run and basically shoved us out of the door. I thought this was odd since my mom has never done such a thing but I brushed it off since they had a good excuse: they had to go to Costco before it closed.
    On the car ride home I began to think about this free dinner we were going to. I said to Brandon “Isn’t it weird that they would do this on a Saturday night? It’s a free meal; why would they give a table away to someone that wasn’t going to pay on the busiest night of the week?” Brandon said it was weird and maybe we should call Matt to confirm. I also thought it was strange we never got a card or anything to take with to present to the server to explain the free meal. Again I brushed my weird feelings off because why would my cousin lie to me? We got home with about and hour to get ready before we had to leave so I sat on the couch to relax for a bit before getting ready. When I got up to get dressed I had already planned out what I wanted to wear. I went in the bedroom and could not find the jeans I wanted to wear. They were nice dark tight jeans that look good for a “date night”. HOW ON EARTH DO I LOSE JEANS?! Time was ticking so Brandon finally convinced me to stop looking and just wear something else.
    Before we left I asked Brandon if he wanted me to drive since I have an automatic that way either of us could drive home if one of us were tired or had one too many cocktails. He said it was fine he would drive since it had snowed that day and he didn’t want to drive an unfamiliar car in the snow.We hit a lot of traffic going in to Seattle so I checked my phone and found out there was an Eric Clapton concert that night. Brandon didn’t know who that was so I asked to use his phone to pull up a video of one of his songs. Brandon hesitated and that kind of snapped and said “Can we just do this later?”. Being the girl that I am I thought that was weird and thought he was hiding something so I kind of gave him the silent treatment until we got to the Space Needle.
    We parked and walked the few blocks to the Needle. We walked in the front doors and I gave the check in desk my name. He didn’t have our reservation so I gave him my cousins Matt name since he was the one that made the reservation. Still nothing. I then said “Brandon Smith?” and he printed our boarding pass to ride up to the SkyView restaurant. “That’s weird he put it under your name. How did he know your last name? Oh maybe he saw it on facebook!” This was my rationalization. We were seated at the window and began our trip rotating around the Space Needle. Our server came by and said “So my manager has told me you are here for our tasting and she would like you to order and appetizer, two entrees and a dessert on us.” This washed away all my skepticism of the night and I got excited to try the yummy food. We ordered our food, which was amazing. All those rumors of the space needle food being sub par and all about the view are lies. It was some of the best food I have ever had. The manager stopped by throughout our meal and asked for feedback on the dishes and pre-order us the classic Space Needle dessert which was ice cream on top of a dish of dry ice so our table was flooded with “smoke”. It was a great night and we were stuffed. The manager then brought us over a glass of champagne on the house and thanked us for coming in. I don’t like a whole lot of champagne so I took a sip and was surprised to like it. I took another drink and pushed it towards Brandon “I actually like it! try it!”. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the manager watching us and Brandon gave me a weird look as he picked up the glass and took a sip. It was then that I saw a glimmer of diamonds on a hanging on a ring around the stem of the glass. “SHUT UP!” I said. Brandon got up and walked around the table and got down on one knee. “I love playing tricks on you and want to play tricks on you for the rest of my life. I love you so much and I want nothing more in this world than for you to be my wife, Chelsea will you marry me?” YES!
    We then went to the observation deck and called our parents and shared the news. When we got to the car he asked me “Do you love me?” I said “Yes of course, why do you need to know how to get to the freeway?” (Brandon is horrible with directions). He said “No I need to know how to get to lake union because I’ve booked the honeymoon suite.”. He had a suitcase packed for me, in which were the jeans that I had “lost”. So we drove to the hotel and got out of the car. I suddenly thought what about Brooklyn (our puppy)? He kind of fumbled over an explanation that my mom was going to get pick her up. I asked to use his phone (my phone was dead) to call her and make sure she had gotten her. At the moment I went to call her a text popped up on his phone from my mom “Don’t turn on the lights?”. “Brandon why did my mom tell you not to turn on the lights?” He again fumbled over maybe we left a light on at home or something. We got checked in and got in the elevator and he hit our floor then hit floor 3 “to check out where breakfast will be”. As the doors opened I screamed “Oh my god they’re here!” We walked in and my mom, Aunt Elaine, and my mom’s friend Bonnie were standing in the dining room with champagne. They had decorated our room with flower petals, champagne, a gift basket, flowers, bridal magazines and so much more.
    It was an amazing night that I will never forget. I am so lucky to have a man that planned such a thought out way to propose and surprise me since I am not easily surprised! I loved being able to share my night with my mom and aunt and celebrate all night long.

  32. My fiance proposed to me on my birthday. Totally unexpected!!! He came over to my moms and had breakfast with me and spent all morning with there. Around three he told me he had to go. I was a bit confused cause we already had plans to go to dinner with my parents and two sisters. I asked him what about dinner? Are u picking me up, do i drive there, or do i leave with my parents, he told me we will figure it out.:) Well he left and i kept wondering what is he was up too but had no idea. Started getting ready. about an hour later after he left he sent me a text telling me to go out to my car and get the envelope the was on my windshield. As i read the text i smiled and walked outside and went to my car and opened the envelope. the envelope read; here we are another scavenger hunt, on our one month anniversary he had me do a scavenger hunt, your first stop is the to go to the church u know where to find,on the first scavenger hunt he had placed it underneath a bench that’s outside the church. So i got my purse and took off to the church. Once i got there i went over to the same bench as before and underneath it there it was the second envelope with the next clue. It read as fallows I need you to go to the Starbucks on Howard st. and ask for your favorite drink. My favorite drink at Starbucks is a passion tea lemonade with two pumps of raspberry. oh and well so u can understand this part lil more my fiance name is chris and his friends call him luda for luda chris. So instead of asking for my favorite drink with two pumps of raspberry i had to ask for a passion tea lemonade with two pumps of luda. So now on my car to Starbuck with a smile on my face. I go in the Starbuck and i tell the guy at the register can i have a passion tea lemonade with two pumps of raspberry. He looks at me funny and for a moment there i though i had probably gone to the wrong Starbucks but then he laughed and gave me my drink with the third envelope. The third clue read as fallows; im gonna send you on a trip you will never forget but dont worry i will give you time to pack and say goodbye to your best friend jenny. I need you to go to jenny house and have a drink with her. So I take of to my friends house. Once i get there she opens the door with a huge smile on her face and on her kitchen counter sits a glass of Nuvo sparkling vodka, which she makes me drink then i had to sing a Spanish so i very much dislike while she records me to send to him. After i did that she gives me my fourth envelope. My last clue. It read as fallows; for the next place you dont need directions i need you to drive to your place. As i was driving to my place i thought to myself he probably throwing a surprise party for me cause he had me text him when i left my friends house, but when i got to my house there where no cars so i thought it was a bit weird. Not knowing what was awaiting for me on the other side of the door i opened it a romantic song starts palying all the lights are off and as i walk to the kitchen i could see a candle on my counter with a huge red heart the size of my counter top made out of tissue paper and a white lil box in the middle. i walk in the kitchen and he hugs me and gives me a kiss and says happy birthday and tells me to open the box inside the box is a See’s chocolate. And i said aww but he said i have something else and he got on his knee and looked at me with his big brown eyes and said will you marry me. I was a bit of in shock,, my eyes felt watery and i felt if i talked i was gonna cry. but i finally said yes and and he got up and hugged me. While he was hugging me I asked do my parents know and he said yes i have already talked to them. So we took off and to have dinner with my parent and officially announce our engagement my lil sister was so excited she stood up and started clapping and yelling bravo bravo bravo. Now we have seven months left till our big Day April 21 2012

  33. This is the story of me and my fiance (Renee & Bryan). I wrote this for our wedding website.
    It was a Saturday in June, the sun was shining. Renee and Bryan were enjoying the day at Six Flags. Riding rollar coasters and eating funnel cake. Well, Bryan riding rollar coasters and Renee eating funnel cake. The had just gotten off the skyline – a pointless ride to say the least, but if they only knew this pointless ride would be the one they will remember forever. Nervous and scared – the words of love and forever were spoken. “I don’t want to wait anymore, I know what I want, and it’s you”. A ring was presented and the question asked: “Will you marry me”. Shocked, surprised, a bit confused….”Wow, can I think about” was the response.
    Pretty typical scene, right? Now, what if I told you, she asked him? That’s right. Rewind 24 hours:
    Renee decided to throw tradition out the window and plan a proposal Bryan would never see coming. She secretly visited the jewelry store and purchased an engagement ring (for him). She researched ways that other women have popped the question and decided on an amusement park proposal. She convinced Bryan to go with her to Six Flags, a place neither had been together (why he didn’t suspect then, we’ll never know. I mean really, Renee’s afraid of heights, hates long lines and detests walking long distances).
    This story doesn’t end yet. Remember, Bryan asked for time to think about it. And time he got: 97 days to be exact. After 97 days, which for Renee felt like a lifetime, Bryan was finally able to say with confidence “yes, Renee I will marry you”.

  34. This is our “story” of how Jared proposed just earlier this year. Enjoy!
    Just so you appreciate the story a little more, you have to realize who the McFarlins are. With this family, it is not Murphy’s Law; it is McFarlin’s Law which states “What can go wrong, will go wrong, but we just keep on keepin’ on”. (Okay, so I added that last part. Thought it was catchy…anyway). All I knew was that Jared and I are going over to Auburn, WA (we live in Spokane) to spend time with his aunt and uncle and just have a weekend of relaxation and fun. No plans, nowhere to be – just me and him and part of the family. Note: It’s Friday the 13th of May.
    We arrive at the workplace of Jared’s aunt and uncle to drop off the dog so that we can have the rest of Friday to ourselves. All the while, I’m being told, “This weekend is for us. Actually, it’s for you. I want you to really enjoy yourself this weekend.” (Hello! Who does not see a potential proposal plan in that?!?! That’s what I thought!) So, we go to the Woodland Park Zoo and had a blast making fun of the animals, taking pictures, and just enjoying the company of one another. Did it come then? No.
    After the zoo, he showed me the Rose Garden, which he really talked up about how beautiful it was. All of the flowers weren’t in bloom, but it was still very pretty and made for a great photo op. Did it come? No.
    Okay, so now it’s time to get back to downtown Seattle because we have dinner reservations at 8:30PM at Sky City Restaurant, and we have to find a place to change and park to be there early to check in. We’re driving along, miss an exit off of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, and get trapped in construction. We get stuck waiting for a train to pass, but did it just keep going? Oh no, it couldn’t figure out which way it was going. It started off going to the right, got all the way to the end, and started going back the other direction. Needless to say, I’m stressing because this crazy train is making us late. 20 minutes later, we’re out of that hot spot and scouting around for places to change. We go into a drug store and change there, come back out to the car and as we’re leaving, we’re met with a wonderful gal. Yeah, we got close and personal. She backed into my car. Was she sorry? Oh, no. “Did I touch you? Oh…do we need to do the insurance exchange?” Lady, just go. We’re late. Just leave.
    So…we arrive at the Space Needle after parking, check in, and are seated right by the window. A bottle of chilled Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider is waiting for us. It is at sunset, and the view was spectacular. Absolutely gorgeous! We do our toasts (a couple, actually), enjoy a scrumptious dinner and dessert, and just enjoy the time and scenery. Did it come here? No.
    After dinner, the observation deck was open, so we went outside and was awed by the city lights. I cannot express how much I love the view from the Space Needle. Did it come? No. (Really getting depressed).
    It’s almost 10:30PM, and I request to go to Alki Beach (our spot) across the water, facing the lights of downtown Seattle. It’s become my favorite place and every time we are there, I request to go. I could sit out there all night. We arrive there and walk out on the dock, saying nothing and just looking. I’m thinking, “Okay, dude, this is the last of this evening. If it’s coming, it’s gotta come here.” Did it come? You answer. Instead, after talking up how special this spot was and reminiscing about other times spent out here, I hear, “Okay. Ready to go?” *sigh* (Totally ticked at this point).
    The ride from Alki Beach back to his aunt and uncle’s house (40 minutes) was a very quiet ride. I’m frustrated because I expected it to come, and it never did. I’m tired from traveling and the hectic schedule of the day. I just wanted to go to bed, have my cry fest, and be done with it.
    We arrive at his aunt and uncle’s house. Pull up to the gate, and I see red heart balloons and my name spelled out across the gate. It took a few seconds to process. All I could get out was, “What is this?” Then, when Jared said, “Brianna…” and brought out a silver box, I got it. The next thing out of my mouth was, “OH MY GOSH!” and the tears started coming. He finished the question, but then had to provoke an answer from me because I wasn’t saying anything, just crying. Finally, all I heard was, “Please?” and I quit sobbing just enough to mutter out a “YES!”
    Come to find out this whole evening was planned from start to finish, even getting me frustrated and me giving up hope that it was even coming. However, it was beyond perfect. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing about that night. I will never again look at Friday the 13th the same.
    And to think…I’ll be a McFarlin someday. 🙂

  35. My story starts by a week of torture. My future husband bought the ring on May of this year and he proposed on July just before he left to live in Iowa. For some reason he thought that I knew that he was going to propose, so for an entire week before the proposal day he took me to very romantic places and he would always talk to me about marriage and told me how much he loved me and all those things. One time he even got on one knee and then pretended he was just scratching his leg. Then finally the proposal day came, it was a Friday.
    I am a big animal lover and so that Friday I was hand feeding every two hours a little bird that my pets had and because they were not taking care of him, I took the role of the parent. So that Friday I was very busy feeding the bird every two hours and so I did not called my fiancé throughout the day. He arrived at around 6:30 and saw me in comfy clothes and full of bird food, at around 6:45pm he told me he was hungry and craving for a pasta at a special restaurant, so I got ready and by 7 pm I was ready to go, except that at exactly 7pm I had to feed the baby bird (which took me about 15 min)I could notice that he was getting frustrated and this was because he had made reservations for 7:30 at the restaurant. So then finally at around 7:45 we were on our way to the restaurant and I had my baby bird with me because I knew we were not going to be back before it was time to feed him again. All this time I thought we were going for a regular night out and I was not aware of anything.
    When we finally arrived at the restaurant the waiter that received us did not know that he had made a reservation and that I was not supposed to know. So he we asked for a table my fiancé asked for the one that he reserved and the waiter said that we could not take that table because it was reserved, and in my fiancé’s mind he wanted to shout to him that it was for him. Thankfully the owner knew what was going on and he said that we could sit at the reserved table because “the people did not show up”. Dinner was served and we had some glasses of wine, and then he said that he needed to go to the restroom (the longest time he ever spend in the restroom) then as soon as he left the owner changed the music of the restaurant to songs by Frank Sinatra. My fiancé prepared a playlist that would give him time to change into a suit and come out exactly when the song “Fly me to the moon” was playing and get out of the restroom in a suit with some roses and the ring hidden in the roses. However, he had some trouble in the restroom putting on the suit so the restaurant owner played the playlist 3 times until he finally came out. I did not notice that the same songs had been played several times because I was enjoying the music. When he finally got out of the restroom he realized that the waiter where having trouble with the camera that he had provided them with to record the entire thing. His reaction so that I would not see him was to lay flat in the floor and fix the camera. Then finally, he walked towards me singing the “Fly me to the Moon” song, in a completely different outfit, and with roses in his hand. I was confused; I thought he had prepared a pre-anniversary celebration because we were going to be apart when the day came. We danced to the song and he was singing, and when the song ended he gave me the roses, I saw something in there, pulled the ring out of the roses and when I looked back at him he was already on one knee asking me to marry him. I said yes and everyone started clapping.
    I am originally from Mexico so all my family still lives there, and I could not wait to tell them but I did not had to wait for a long time because he had arranged for them to come from Mexico and when I turned around my family was standing behind me watching everything. Of course I started crying as soon as I saw them and we had a great night.
    This is our story I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
    Thank you.

  36. My fiance suggested we go to Las Vegas for our 3rd anniversary of our first date. Almost as soon as we got there he said he had made reservations for us to jump off the Stratosphere (855 feet free fall) and apparently had arranged his plans to propose with the staff. He jumped first and waited for me to come down. As soon as I landed he was allowed to come out onto the platform (in front of everyone and on camera), got down on one knee (I was so disoriented and confused as to why he was on the ground!) and he proposed. Everyone around us was cheering! It was a great moment! And we have it on DVD! Later I asked him what he would have done if I chickened out and didn’t jump and he said he just knew I wouldn’t!

  37. I can’t tell this story without going back to the beginning, so I apologize for the length of my tale…
    Patrick & I met while waiting to have our student ID badges made at Freshman Orientation in college. We were both really early for orientation and ended up both heading down to have our pictures taken before we were scheduled to, so we were the only ones down in the office. The cameras weren’t even loaded yet, so while we waited in the hallway he asked me if I was going to be in band. I was shocked (and must have looked it) that he could tell that, but then he pointed at my shirt and I realized I was wearing a marching band shirt from one of the competitions that year. I laughed and said that, yes, I would be in band and he smiled and said he would be too. I asked him what he played and, to my great delight, he said French Horn. (When I started playing in band when I was 9 years old, I told my best friend that if I ever got married my husband would have to play French Horn, as it is my favorite sound in the whole world!) So, needless to say, I liked Patrick from the beginning! Even better was the fact that Patrick grew up in the city where we were going to college and when I told him that this was my first trip to this city, he offered to let me hang out with him and his mom that day. He showed me where my dorm was and took me around to all the buildings I would have classes in. Then, Patrick, his mom, and I all had lunch together. In retrospect, “meeting the parents” was never an issue! Patrick and I became friends and he dated other girls (I was still with my boyfriend from high school at the time), but we would always manage to spend a good bit of time chatting on AOL Instant Messenger (yes, this was about 11 years ago…who does that anymore?). After about a year of our chatting back and forth online my roommates started teasing me for the way I flirted with Patrick online even though I had a boyfriend back home. I had never realized I was doing that, but once they mentioned it (and the fact that he was flirting with me) I saw it as plain as day. My boyfriend and I split up relatively soon thereafter. Unfortunately, my grandmother got really sick my senior year and I had to move back home and finish my degree there. Patrick and I had really only been friends through those chatting sessions and, with my move, those ended rather abruptly. Fast forward about 2 1/2 years…
    Right before Christmas in 2005 I got an email from AOL saying that there was a new and improved Instant Messenger available. I hadn’t used it in the last 3 years and I really don’t know what compelled me to do so, but I went ahead and downloaded the update. As soon as it was finished, AOL Instant Messenger popped up with my old screen name, signed me in, and showed me my old “Buddy List”. I probably couldn’t tell you who most of the people were anymore, but I saw one familiar name and, wouldn’t you know it, he was online! I clicked on Patrick’s name to send him a message and immediately wondered if he would even remember who I was. Before I had a chance to type anything another box popped up that said, “Hey, Stranger!” and it was him!! We chatted for a few hours before deciding to meet up for New Year’s a week later. The rest is history, as they say.
    So, we’re going along swimmingly for almost 5 years (I moved to his hometown so we didn’t have to do the long-distance thing after about 4 years of dating) and I’m starting to think quite seriously that this is the man I’m meant to be with for the rest of my life. So, I start watching all the wedding shows on TLC when we’re hanging out (you know, Say Yes to the Dress, Four Weddings, etc.) just to subtly drop the hint that I’m interested. He didn’t make a move. Then, we decided to make the rounds to all of our parents’ houses for Christmas this past year. His mom and step-dad always spend the winter in Florida (they’re big Disney fans) and we’ve not gotten to see them for the past several Christmases because of that. So, this time we decided to drive to Orlando a couple of days after Christmas to see them for the holiday and get a little fun time in at Disney World. I should mention at this point that Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year and that I had a feeling Patrick might propose on Christmas Eve or Day. When that didn’t happen, I assumed I would have to wait at least another year for him to pop the question.
    We get to Walt Disney World on December 27th. We had a lot of fun riding the rides and seeing all of the spectacular Christmas decorations and trees. On the 28th we went to Animal Kingdom and had a lot of fun, but then went back to the hotel to rest in preparation for heading to Hollywood Studios and eventually the Magic Kingdom.
    We went to Hollywood Studios that night and got to see the “Osborne Family Dancing Lights” (a spectacle to behold if you ever get to see it)! It was so beautiful and they had fake snow falling from the sky and thanks to Florida’s coldest temps on record that day it actually felt like Christmas! After seeing all of that, we went to the Magic Kingdom to watch the parade and holiday fireworks show. We tried to catch the monorail over to the park, but within 100 yards of our stop, the monorail stopped. The driver came on and said that one of the trains in front of us was having trouble and we might have to head back. We did end up going back to the parking lot, but we got on the ferry boat to go across the lake to get to the park (I’d never done that before and it was so beautiful). We got to Magic Kingdom in time to watch the last half of the Electric Light Parade go by and then we followed it up Main Street toward Cinderella’s castle for the fireworks to begin. We had our pictures taken in front of the castle, which was absolutely gorgeous with all of the lights they put on it! Then, Patrick’s mom went and found us a good place to stand to see the show (she’d seen it many times and was the “expert” for all things Disney on this trip). Once we met up with her I kept snapping photos of the castle and saying how lovely I thought it was. Suddenly, Patrick said that someone should get a picture of me in front of the castle and, as I turned to say “why would I want a picture of just me?”, I looked and he was on one knee with the ring box in hand. At first I was just stunned and all that came out of my mouth was “really?!”, but then I started to cry as he opened the box and asked me to marry him in a very special way…when I was in middle school, a friend and I started speaking a “new” language of our own that we eventually started to call “A Bong language”, for my first and last initial: A.B. Basically, you spell out all the words you speak, and say the consonants with the sound “ong” added to the end. All of the vowels are pronounced long, so what Patrick ended up asking me was “Wong-i-long-long Yong-o-u Mong-a-rong-rong-yong Mong-e?” He’s always been a fan of my “language”, but not been very good at it, so it took him awhile to get out the question and I think I said yes about 3 times before he was actually finished! He put the ring on my hand, I kissed him, and then the fireworks began. The best part was that his mom and step-dad were right there to capture the whole event with their camera. I will never forget that night and the absolute best Christmas I’ve ever had!! We’ll be married exactly one week before Christmas Eve at the end of this year and I can’t wait!!

  38. Here’s our proposal story… on my birthday in January only about a month after we started dating Steve gave me a locked “safe” box and told me that I couldn’t open it until he said, he didn’t give me any idea of when that would be. Since I’m a woman I was GOING crazy, you can’t give me a present that I can’t have I would always say. Eventually we moved in together and ever since I bug him every once in a while about the box. Finally about a week ago Steve snuck out of the house really early and set the alarm clock for me to get up at 8:00.. he led me on a scavenger hunt all over town via text message when I eventually ended up at the Starbucks where we had our first date. He text me and told me to order the Crissy Special so I walked up to the girl behind the counter and asked for it and low and behold she had my BOX!! it was unlocked, so I peaked inside and found a note that he had written 8 months ago that said Crystal Hodges will you marry me?! then I turned around and saw him and he proposed right there in the Starbucks! I said yes of course and since he’s smart he video taped the whole thing start to finish so now we have a great video to remember every step with! ♥

  39. Here is my story … Will was turning 30 that August in 2010 so I decided to throw him a huge back yard party. It was over a month of planning and preparing. Finally the day came … It was a hot Saturday on August 14th. We had about 60 people in his yard. The night was going great! Hustle & bustle as with any other party. I was cleaning up some dishes when his mom said to me “Can we sing grandmom has to get ready to go soon.” So I dry my hands, grab the cake, light the candles and then carry the cake out to the yard. When the singing was done I was thinking “Ok Yay happy birthday let me cut this cake & get back to cleaning up.” At that moment my tipsy boyfriend decided he was going to give a speech to thank everyone for coming. He turns to me & thanks me for everything & then says “You know I love you Baby, I love you like fat kid loves cake – & I do love cake (lol).” He gets down on his knee and asks me to be his wife. My reply was “SHUT UP …. HERE!!!” Everyone starts cracking up. Of course I said YES!! Then I stood there in such shock for about 30 minutes. It was the last thing I ever expected at that moment. He was walking around with the ring in his pocket all day avoiding me being on the side where the ring was. There was also several people who knew & apparently were talking about it all night anicipating it to happen. I never picked up on any of it. Best of all my best friend knew who is horrible at keeping secrets but she didn’t spill the beans!(Go Micro)
    Our wedding is set for May 27, 2012 & is just 8 months away. Minus the wedding planning stress I am happier then I have ever been in my entire life!

  40. We were getting ready for a snowboarding trip to Alaska in January and we had been eating all the stuff in the fridge and freezer to save the cash and just get rid of it. On that night it was a frozen pizza. I got home from work and My now Fiance was making all these jokes about saving all our money for our trip and then he kept bringing up how if he were to propose all he would be able to afford would be a twist tie with a rock superglued to it. He kept bringing it up and I got flustered and left the room to start cleaning up dinner and the next thing I knew he was on one knee with a little jewelry box in his hand. He gave me a little speech and of course I was itching to say yes when he opened up the box it was a twist tie tied into a perfect little ring with a bow. I about lost it, I said “That’s not funny, you can’t joke about stuff like that.” amongst some other things that I will not repeat. After I threw my little fit he pulled the real ring out of his pocket and asked “is this better then?” Well It was. Eventhough I had already said yes to the twist tie (I would have anyway).
    I was totally blindsided, I didn’t see it comming at all. I have friends that were shocked too, most of them said they always saw us a perpetually dating, and we kind of were.
    He later told me that he had planned a great proposal for Alaska but he was afraid something was going to go horribly wrong like he would get searched at the airport, or his boss or few friends he had told would spill the beans. I like the twist tie better, I’m going to wear it on our wedding day.

  41. We were getting ready for a snowboarding trip to Alaska in January and we had been eating all the stuff in the fridge and freezer to save the cash and just get rid of it. On that night it was a frozen pizza. I got home from work and My now Fiance was making all these jokes about saving all our money for our trip and then he kept bringing up how if he were to propose all he would be able to afford would be a twist tie with a rock superglued to it. He kept bringing it up and I got flustered and left the room to start cleaning up dinner and the next thing I knew he was on one knee with a little jewelry box in his hand. He gave me a little speech and of course I was itching to say yes when he opened up the box it was a twist tie tied into a perfect little ring with a bow. I about lost it, I said “That’s not funny, you can’t joke about stuff like that.” amongst some other things that I will not repeat. After I threw my little fit he pulled the real ring out of his pocket and asked “is this better then?” Well It was. Eventhough I had already said yes to the twist tie (I would have anyway).
    I was totally blindsided, I didn’t see it comming at all. I have friends that were shocked too, most of them said they always saw us a perpetually dating, and we kind of were.
    He later told me that he had planned a great proposal for Alaska but he was afraid something was going to go horribly wrong like he would get searched at the airport, or his boss or few friends he had told would spill the beans. I like the twist tie better, I’m going to wear it on our wedding day.

  42. She says yes after a Scavenger Success
    I know the title is completely cheesy but I think my story is the best… at least it is to me! I know what you’re probably thinking, “a scavenger hunt… how corny and cliché can you get?” Well, let me give you a little bit of history. I have to take you back to the beginning for it to all make sense. Kyle and I both went to the University of South Carolina; however we never met while we were in college. We randomly met two-years ago after a football game and we did the typical 20 questions… You know what I’m talking about… 1.) What do you do? 2.) Where do you live? 3.) Where are you from… Oh, do you know ___!? Etc. I’m sure you get the point! After the 20th question, we exchanged phone numbers and started texting and talking on the phone. About a month later, he decided to come up and visit me for the weekend (that visit is a story for another day… let’s just say I’m surprised we talked after that weekend!) I’m so thankful we did continue to talk and see each other! About 3 weeks after that first visit, I invited some of my friends and Kyle to go down to Edisto beach for one last hoorah before my parents sold their beach house. That weekend Kyle asked me to be his girlfriend! It was official… Facebook status and all!
    Over the next year, either he would make the nearly two-hour drive up to Columbia to visit me or I would make the same distance drive down to Charleston and visit him on the weekends. After a year of traveling back and forth every weekend… we decided whoever gets the better job first we would go there. He got a wonderful opportunity about an hour away from where I lived… so I followed him! Right around the time when I moved… we got in a conversation about the cheesy things people do… and he sarcastically said, “like scavenger hunts.” I gasped and responded to that by saying, “oh my gosh, I would love a scavenger hunt.” So the next week for my birthday… he took me on a scavenger hunt to different places. Sounds like an easy, fun thing right? Well, not for me… apparently I’m scavenger hunt challenged! I’ll explain… he made each clue a rhyme. For example, one of the clues was:
    “We go here to get our groceries and stuff
    Your next clue is hidden behind the cocoa ____’s.”
    From that clue, I started thinking out loud saying, “cocoa powder… hot coco…” Kyle tried to give me a hint before I could say anything else and said… it rhymes with stuff. I then guessed cuff, tough, rough… so he finally just told me Cocoa Puff’s! Wow… talk about a blonde moment! Anyway, that scavenger hunt ended up at his new office where he had a picnic all laid out for us… it was super sweet and romantic… but that’s not when he popped the question!
    Fast forward 9 months to June 2011. A few months before that, a couple of Kyle’s friends bought a beach house in Edisto (which, if I haven’t mentioned, Edisto is probably one of my most favorite places). Anyway, they had invited us down several times. We planned a trip for the first weekend in June. Leading up to the trip I was super excited. However when the week came to actually leave, I did not want to go because I was busy with work, our dogs got really sick and on top of all that I fell down some steps and broke my toe. Thankfully, we ended up going.
    On the car ride down to Edisto, Kyle suggested that one of the nights we should go on a date… since we hadn’t been on one in a while. After his friends said they were grilling out the first night, we decided to have our “date night.”
    When we got to the beach… Kyle went with the guys and I stayed at the house with the girls. I had a couple hours to hang out and get ready. All I knew was to be ready around 7:30ish (which, to me, that “ish” means 8:00!) He calls me about ten minutes till 8:00 and asks me to pick him up. I really didn’t think anything about it because he hadn’t seen his friends in a while… and I thought they were just showing him around (boy, was I wrong!) So, when I went to get in my car to go and pick him up… there was a CD in my driver seat with a note stuck to it that said PLAY ME. At this point, I’m thinking that maybe this was it but I still wasn’t positive. (By the way… if I would’ve known, I would’ve worn the dress that I paid a small child’s life for specifically to get engaged in. I also would’ve had my nails done… or at least put on the fake ones that I got just in case he popped the question spur of the moment!) So, of course, I put in the CD and peeled out of the drive way. Track 1 came up on the dash display and after a few seconds I heard Kyle’s voice say, “Hey baby, I love you so much. You mean the world to me. I know you’ve been waiting for this day for what seems like forever… and I’ve been thinking and praying about how I could make this the most special and memorable night for you. So, I’ve decided to do a good ole’ fashion scavenger hunt. So, if you’ll look in your trunk you’ll find your first clue.” At this point, I knew what was going on and I’m feeling every emotion… I’m shaking with nervousness, giggling with excitement and tearing up trying not to ruin my make-up. When I heard that my first clue was in the trunk… I literally stopped my car in the middle of the road, popped my trunk and got my clue – which was typed on a wedding invitation and it was in an envelope with my initials monogramed on the front. I got back in my car and had to replay the CD to listen to everything… and of course I opened the envelope and I took out the clue that said, “You can go here to sing karaoke and watch the changing of the tide… ask the bartender for your next clue at ____.” (I immediately knew that the clue was taking me to Dockside, a restaurant / bar that we always go to when we are in Edisto. However, just in case I had a relapse of my challenges with scavenger hunts… Kyle explained on the CD that the answer to each clue was typed on the back! He covered all his bases!) Also, at the bottom of the clue, he put this Bible verse: “But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.” For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.” – Mark 10: 6-9.
    I walked into Dockside and the bartender asks if I’m Ashley… I say yes. He then reaches underneath the bar and hands me an envelope with my initials monogramed on the front. I open the envelope and there’s another CD and of course another clue that says something familiar: “You can go here to get your groceries and stuff… Your next clue is hidden behind the cocoa ____’s.” (He wrote the answer on the back just in case!) There’s also another Bible verse on the bottom of the clue. I pop in the CD and its Kyle again saying how excited he is to see me and how much he loves me… and he put a couple songs on this CD so I could listen to them while I was driving. The first song was “Hit me with your best shot” which is my ultimate favorite karaoke song. He also put “Dancing Queen” on there because the first night we hung out “Dancing Queen” randomly came on. I pulled him onto the dance floor and we danced to it! So, once again, I’m laughing and crying with excitement… trying to keep my hair and make-up looking good and drive the speed limit!
    I finally get to the grocery store and I’m walking like a woman on a mission… something I hadn’t done in over a week because I was limping around from my broken toe. I had so much adrenaline pumping… I remember thinking, “I’m not limping at all… my toe isn’t hurting. I’ve been healed by engagement!” I make it to the cereal aisle, find the cocoa puffs and start looking on the back of each box. About the 6th box back I find an envelope, with my initials monogrammed on the front, taped to the back of the box. I wanted to open it right there… but I waited until I got into my car to open it up. Inside the envelope there was another CD and another clue that had a clever rhyme that led me to my parent’s old beach house where we first started dating. The clue also had another Bible verse on the bottom and the answer to the rhyme on the back. On this CD, Kyle started off by saying how much he loved me and how thankful he was to have me in his life. Then he made a little joke saying he was also thankful it only took me two times to realize that cocoa puff rhymed with stuff… not some other cocoa derivative like cocoa krispies or cocoa powder! He went on to say how much he appreciated me and how this had been the best year and a half of his life. Then he put a couple more songs for me to listen to. The first song he put on this CD was “Love shack”… because he’ll sometimes sing that with me when we’re in the car – which I think we make an awesome 2 man version of the B-52’s! The second song he put on there was “God bless the broken road” – which I thought I was going to lose it when that started playing… but I managed to keep it together because I was so excited. I was so anxious to get to the location… I’m not going to lie; I had a little bit of road rage. When I pulled on to the street where my parent’s old beach house was located… there was a truck just stopped in the middle of the road, blocking anyone from passing. I think I probably dramatically threw my arms up and asked out loud from inside my car, “What is this person doing?” I was so much in the zone… I didn’t even notice that the vehicle blocking my way was Kyle’s friend’s truck. Well, Kyle underestimated what a woman on a mission, who had been healed by engagement, could accomplish! Since I usually make a grand entrance (which, in my mind, means a fashionable 15 minutes late… however Kyle doesn’t usually see it that way) either way… Kyle was anticipating my arrival to be much later. He was actually crouching down in his friend’s truck, trying to not let me see him. So, after what seemed like several minutes, his friend got out of his truck, walked over to my car, handed me another clue with a wrapped present and instructed me to wait three minutes until opening the next clue or the present. I was completely fine with that because I hadn’t completely listened to “God bless the broken road.” After three minutes, I opened the envelope. However on the outside of this envelope, the monogram changed. He put what my future initials will be. I pulled out the clue… which had another Bible verse at the bottom and a clever rhyme about meeting him where the shore meets the sand. I really didn’t understand this clue… so I flipped it over for the answer which was a specific beach access off Yacht Club Road. I started to freak out a little bit because I had no idea where that was. I thought I was going to ruin everything and have to call Kyle and find out where to go. I tried to remain calm and open the present before I decided to do anything else. I unwrapped the present to find a L’Oreal box for dark brown hair color… which I later found out that he forgot a box so he had to buy the smallest one he could find at the grocery store! Inside the box was a GPS already set to the location. If I would’ve played the CD that went with the clue to begin with, I wouldn’t have had a minor, brief melt down because Kyle explained that I need to open the present to find out where I was going. He also told me again how much loved me and that he couldn’t wait for me to get to him because he was so excited to see me. He put two more songs on this CD. The first one was Michael Buble’s version of “Crazy Love.” The last song was Train’s song “Marry me.” At this point, I really couldn’t believe this was actually happening and how perfect it all was. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, it did… the GPS told me I had arrived at my destination. Just in case I missed it, Kyle had tied a big white ribbon around the beach access sign to let me know which one it was.
    I got out of my car and walked down to the beach to find Kyle standing on a blanket. When I made it to him… he gave me a big hug and kiss. Without skipping a beat, he then knelt down on one knee, took my hand and said, “You are the love of my life and the best thing that has ever happened to me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you…. Ashley Elaine Norris will you marry me?” (He actually said a lot more than that… but that’s all I remember because I was so excited). I said yes, of course. He pulled out a ring from his pocket and put it on my finger. Then he stood up and we were kissing and laughing… then we heard some shouting and people clapping. He told me that he had another surprise for me. Right after he said that, a man walked up with a bottle of champagne and 2 glasses and said that he could tell this was a special occasion and he wanted to bring us the champagne to celebrate. I thought that was the other surprise. So, I turned to Kyle and told him how sweet he was… and he acted surprised and said he didn’t plan for the champagne. The man was listening to us talk while he opened the bottle and told us that he and his family were just watching from their balcony and saw everything unfold… so they wanted to celebrate with us! He poured us a glass of champagne, congratulated us and then just walked off. We sat on the blanket for a few minutes, drank our champagne and watched the sunset (which, that’s why Kyle chose that spot because apparently he looked up where the best place was on Edisto to watch the sunset). After sitting there for a few minutes… Kyle told me he really did have another surprise. So we got in my car and he drove us back to Dockside… where our friends were standing outside clapping and cheering. I was so happy to see them… I was sure that was the surprise. As we were walking up to them, Kyle said, “Let’s go up to the restaurant first and get something to eat because I’m starving.” When we walked into the restaurant, my entire family and his entire family were all there waiting for us. They truly helped make that night one I will always remember. I’m so glad that he ended the night by including our families. Now, I’m even more thankful that Kyle did that because my brother is a Navy Seal and he doesn’t know yet if he’ll be able to come to the wedding… so having him there to share that night with us meant even more than I’m probably letting on.
    The whole night was more than I could have ever dreamed of. It meant and will always mean so much to me how much time and effort he put into asking me to marry him. It is by far the most perfect engagement story… at least it will always be to me!

  43. I also posted a link to the blog on my twitter and facebook page… and “liked” your Facebook page! Thanks so much!
    (I’m sorry if this post shows up twice… my computer is doing something weird!)

  44. Here is the enchanting story on how Mike Doody, my college crush, won my hand. Mike and I left our Colorado home a week before Christmas to travel back to vist my dad in Illinois and my mom in my hometown Valparaiso, IN. I have been giving Mike a lot of sass the past few months about proposing (thanks to the Bridezilla marathon). Anyway, on December 18, 2010, Mike and I left my dad’s to go vist my mom and to go to our college campus to walk our “fur-babies” (two Newfoundlands). I received a text from one of my great friends that she just got engaged! I was definitely jealous! Even though I was so happy for her, I was put in a cranky funk because I was not sure if Mike was in the mindset as myself about marriage. We arrived at our college and we decided to stop in front of the dorm where he and I first (i was his Resident Assisstant and grew a huge school crush on him) met to take pictures with our pups. It was about 20 degrees and we missed a huge blizzard a few days ago so walking was difficult but the pups loved it. We get to the dorm with each of us walking a pup when Mike goes “here, hold Chewie, I need to put on my gloves…it is crazy cold out”! I was irritated because I wore less layers then him and I was freezing with 90 pound puppies at each side wanting desperately to play in the snow hill across from the dorm. I saw him drop his glove and my anger grew more on the dark side especially when at that time, I all most lost Chewie’s leash because he was tugging so hard. When I regained composure and turned back around to yell at Mike for taking a year and a half to put on gloves, I saw him. Bended knee with a gorgeous ring and he looked scared as scared can be! I squealed. All Mike could get out before he started to cry (to this day he blames there was a snowflake in his eye) was “will…….marry… I was so excited, I threw up my hands to give him a big hug and go in for the tackle while screaming “yes”, however, I did not realize I let go of our pups. We quickly realized when we heard the pups tackling the snow and finding out the hard way that it was actually a hill with a few feet of snow in it (there was a mix of puppy screams/barks and puppy laughter I believe). We played “catch the snow pups” for a while until we were all tired and finally he was able to put the ring on my finger. I cannot wait to marry my best friend 5/27/12!

  45. And here’s the story…
    My fiance, Jason, and I have grown up going to the same church camp, Camp Deer Run. It is in a little bitty town in east Texas. He is a couple years older than me, so we were never in the same group, but kind of knew who each other were. We got to know each other pretty well through some friends, but fell in love when we started working together at Camp Deer Run. We worked together in 2009, 2010, and 2011. This past summer was both of our last years to work, so the last Friday the last group of campers left and the staff had our good-bye devo and party. It was really emotional to say goodbye to a place that was such a huge part of our lives. Because the staff has long drives back we stay the night and leave early on Saturday. Jason and I had a wedding to go to at 5:00 on Saturday (about 2.5 hours away from Camp). We didn’t really have a good place to go before the wedding, so we just decided to stay at Camp later than most people and get ready and stuff there. So, Saturday came and we said goodbye to all the other summer staff and only us and our boss were still at Camp. Jason and I went to finish our painting our spot in the Rec Hall (a place where all the campers and staff get to sign). While we were there our boss came and asked us if we had enough time to help him with some cleaning. He asked me to come sweep the Mess Hall with him and sent Jason to clean up another building (really Jason went to set up a few things….I was clueless). When Jason came back I asked him if he was finished cleaning and he said, “not quite”, but he asked me to come outside with him. When we went outside, he told me, “I have a gift for you, but you have to find it.” Then he handed me a sticky note (I have a very special love for sticky notes..I guess it is the future elementary teacher in me. He has always found this to be a funny obsession and would send me them a lot. When we went to different schools he would send me packages. On each item in the package he would include a sticky note with a silly poem on it telling me why he sent this gift). On the sticky note was a poem that directed me to the PeeWee Playground. I started to walk there and he walked in the opposite direction. At this point, I am thinking maybe this is it, but I didn’t want to set myself for disappointment. So, I spent most of my time walking around that this was just a nice thing to do and not a proposal. At the playground I found another sticky note with a poem telling me to go to the All Night Prayer Pit….then I was sent to the Rec Hall…the Wall…Canteen…the Staff Lounge…then the last one read “Now there is one thing I must ask you to do, Go to the spot where we said “I love you!”‘. So I began walking to the special place where he had first told me he loved me. As I was walking up, he was coming from the other direction. We met in the spot where he said some really sweet things, got down on one knee, pulled out the most perfect ring, and asked me to marry him! Of course, I said, “YES!”
    Jason and I are getting married June 23, 2012 and I cannot wait to marry my best friend. I have already picked out my invitations from Invitations by Dawn and will order them as soon as we finalize the guest book! I cannot wait!

  46. So, where should I begin…
    My fiancée, Bria Smith, and I have been courting for the past 3 1/2 years. In recent months, we began having serious talks about getting married and preparing ourselves for that next step. With our direction clear, I knew that it was about the right time to propose to her.
    A couple of years ago, Bria and I were having a conversation and Disney World came up. I asked her if she had ever been, and she told me that she had not. A few months later, she found out from her parents that she had in fact gone Disney World but was only 2-years-old at the time and didn’t remember the trip. So, I always thought it would be nice to bring Breezy (my nickname for her) back to Orlando and have her experience a Disney World trip. Originally, I planned to surprise her and take her down to Disney World right after we graduated from college—but then, I realized that I wanted to save a surprise like that for something REALLY special, like a proposal. Flash forward a year and a half later to Labor Day Weekend 2011. I told Bria about two months prior, to keep September 3 open on her calendar because I wanted to have a fun “end-of-summer” hangout day with her. She obliged and kept the day free. I told her in the days leading up to that weekend that we were probably going to Chesapeake Beach in Maryland to have breakfast and then later, going to a concert in Washington, D.C. (all lies by the way), and she was cool with that.
    That Saturday morning, on September 3rd, I picked her up from her apartment and we drove in the direction of Dulles Airport. Mind you, she had no idea at all that we were going to the airport and getting on a plane to Orlando. When she recognized that we weren’t driving in the direction of Chesapeake Beach, she didn’t say anything. Bria knows that I like to surprise her every now and then and that I don’t typically give out details until the surprise has been fulfilled. Anyways, we park at a lot by the airport and make our way to the terminal. We print out our boarding passes and she sees that the destination is Orlando, FL. She looked at me and asked, “are we really going to Orlando?” I smiled and said, “yes.” And she smiled as well.
    Eventually, we got on the plane and made our way to Florida. She continued to remain composed and didn’t ask any further questions except for how long I had planned for us to be there. She saw on the boarding pass that we were flying back to Maryland that night so that only left a few hours to be in Orlando. Although it was just a few hours, I knew that this trip had a special purpose that made it okay to be there for a short period of time.
    Once we got to Orlando, we hopped on a bus and traveled to the Magic Kingdom. Bria was all smiles by this time. After we arrived, we only had about an hour and a half before we had to make our way back to the airport (I know, crazy right?)
    I was hoping we could go on at least one ride before I attempted my proposal but the wait time for each line we got in was a little too long. Before we started walking around the park, I located the Magic Kingdom Castle. That’s where I aimed to propose to her. After checking out the wait time for a go-cart ride, I asked her if we could go back to the Castle. She said that was cool. We got in front of the Castle, and I told her that I wanted someone to take our picture, but that I needed to go to the bathroom first.
    So, I walked away to a spot in the park where she couldn’t see me. I got the ring out of my backpack and put it in my right front pocket. When I returned to the castle, I saw her waiting and told her that I was going to get someone to take our picture. I see a lady standing near by and told her that I was going to propose to my girlfriend and that I wanted her to film it. I already had the camera on record mode, and all she had to do was point it in our direction. She agreed.
    I walked over to Bria. We’re both standing in front of the Magic Kingdom Castle. I say to her, “before that lady over there takes our picture, I have something to say. You know how we’ve been having a lot of conversations and asking each other a lot of questions in preparation for marriage? Well, I feel like there’s only one more question left to be asked.” At this moment, I got down on one knee and took the ring out of my pocket. Even behind her sunglasses, I could see that she had started to cry. “Bria Danielle Smith, the love of my life, my best friend, and the greatest gift that God has given me…will you marry me?” She smiled as the tears were flowing and said, “yes.” I turn to the crowd that had assembled around us and shouted, “SHE SAID YES!” Everyone begins to clap and we hug. I could tell that she felt slightly embarrassed—I think back to it now, and realize that being in front of a crowd made it feel a little awkward but it was all great. We go off to the side, she calmed down a bit and we just sat their smiling. Mission accomplished.
    In a couple of hours, we were on a plane headed back to Maryland. A great day, indeed

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