Thermo vs Digital

Some wedding invitations are printed with thermography and some feature flat or digital printing. How’s a bride to know the difference? We’re here to solve the mystery for you!

What is thermography?

This is a method of printing wedding invitations that’s classic and affordable. A wedding invitation is printed and while the ink is still wet, resin is sprinkled and exposed to heat. The resin and ink fuse together, raising the lettering in an effect that’s similar to engraving for a fraction of the cost. You can choose from a multitude of ink colors when you choose wedding invitations printed with thermography.

Thermo vs Digital 

What is flat printing / digital printing?

Flat printing is a method in which an image is transferred to a plate, which is treated so that ink adheres to the image. The image is then applied to your wedding invitation through a press, resulting in a smooth, flat design and wording.

Digital printing uses high-resolution, digital color to print complex, flat images with excellent quality. The result is vivid color and incredible detail. Flat printing and digital printing are slightly less formal than thermography but are both very affordable and look beautiful.

Thermo vs Digital


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