When April, a bride on our staff, got married, she and her new husband did what comes naturally — they hopped on their bikes after the ceremony and took a ride around town to celebrate! April and her husband are avid bikers and they knew it was the only way they wanted to make their wedding getaway.

Whether you’re into bicycles built for two or competitive mountain biking, take a cue from our invitations and April’s creative ideas to create a bicycle-themed wedding that’s fun and beautiful.


1. Give guests a peek at your wedding theme by sending our adorable Bicycle Built For Two Invitations. They’re available in three colors to coordinate perfectly with your day.

2. Hop on your bikes after the wedding for a perfect photo op! April changed into a shorter dress and high-tops after the ceremony to accommodate a pedal down the street.

3. Got a favorite biking destination or route? Pose with your bikes there for photos with extra-special memories. April and her hubby wheeled down to the bar where they had their first date.

4. The streamers April tied to her bike’s handlebars fluttered romantically during their post-ceremony cycle.

5. Hand-made “Just Married” signs and a pretty bouquet of roses decorated the bikes to let everyone know they were celebrating their love.

Photos by Heather Hagge Photography

Take a cue from April’s wedding when you’re deciding on your own wedding theme. Think about your hobbies, your profession, your favorite color, a vacation destination you love — anything that’s close to your heart can become the theme of YOUR special day!

~ Dawn