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Tux Favor Box Assembly

Tux Favor Boxes Step 1
Step 1:
open the flattened box to form the beginning of the tuxedo shape, then fold the side flaps inward on the bottom.
Tux Favor Boxes Step 2
Step 2:
fold the large bottom flap over and tuck it into the side of the favor box.
Tux Favor Boxes Step 3
Step 3:
place the favor box upright so the bow tie is facing away from you and push the diagonal score lines on each side of the box inward.
Tux Favor Boxes Step 4
Step 4:
fold the lid over and tuck the tab into the slot on the back of the box.
Tux Favor Boxes Step 5
Step 5:
fold out the tuxedo lapels.

You can expect some major compliments from your wedding guests when they receive these very unique wedding favors. The personalized tuxedo favor boxes even come with little lapels! Rest assured that these wedding favors will be a big hit, no matter what you decide to put inside.

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