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Heart-Shaped Favor Box Assembly Instructions Banner
Heart-Shaped Favor Boxes Step 1
Step 1:
lay the box on a flat surface.
Heart-Shaped Favor Boxes Step 2
Step 2:
press the middle section toward you to form a "V" and fold the bottom flaps up and in.
Heart-Shaped Favor Boxes Step 3
Step 3:
fold one side over parallel to the other. tuck the top side edge into the pre-cut slit on the bottom edge. edge.
Heart-Shaped Favor Boxes Step 4
Step 4:
thread ribbon through pre-punched holes at the top of each heart.
Heart-Shaped Favor Boxes Step 5
Step 5:
tie the ribbon into a bow.
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Cute and romantic, heart wedding favors hold more than just a treat for your wedding guests. They hold the very essence of your wedding style. Use organza to wrap your candies and place them inside the heart. Other materials like satin or patterned plastic treat bags would look cute as well. You can have lots of fun with these heart favor boxes.