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Home Customer ServiceFavor Box Assembly Instructions Heart-Handled Favor Box Assembly
Heart-Handled Favor Box Assembly Instructions Banner
Heart-Handled Favor Boxes Step 1
Step 1:
lay the box on a flat surface, fold all flaps and tabs inward and press along score lines.
Heart-Handled Favor Boxes Step 2
Step 2:
bring one side around to meet the other and tuck the tab into the slot on the side of the box.
Heart-Handled Favor Boxes Step 3
Step 3:
fold the large bottom flap with the rectangular notch inward.
Heart-Handled Favor Boxes Step 4
Step 4:
fold the two bottom side flaps with the diagonal notches inward.
Heart-Handled Favor Boxes Step 5
Step 5:
fold the large bottom flap over and tuck the tab into the slot created by the other flaps.
Heart-Handled Favor Boxes Step 6
Step 6:
your favor box is ready to fill with treats!
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Heart wedding favors are a beautiful way to add romance and charm to your special day. These heart-handled favor boxes are easily filled with your choice of treat and become elegant wedding favors you and your fiancé will be happy to hand out to friends and family.