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About Qvites™


What Are Qvites™?

Qvites™ are the modern way for guests to rsvp and the easy way for you to track those responses. No need to send pre-stamped return envelopes and no more waiting at the mailbox! Make responding easy for you and your guests – and a whole lot more high tech fun!

Customize your own Qvites™ website!

View templates here View Qvites Here
Here's how Qvites™ work:
How Qvites Work 1
Guests receive
your invitation.
How Qvites Work 2
They scan the code
or enter the url on
your response card.
How Qvites Work 3
This will take them directly to your Qvites™
wedding website. There, they will be able to
respond to your invitation, choose their
menu options and even leave you a note!


with Qvites™ Response Cards
  • printed and personalized Qvites™
  • unique QR code generation
  • Qvites™ website template and         hosting
  • automatic guest list management
  • immediate alerts when guests rsvp


Take these 4 simple steps:
Qvites order step 1 PURCHASE YOUR QVITES™
Because Qvites™ are customized just for you, they are not available to purchase online. If you are interested in adding them to your order, simply call 1-800-257-9567 and a customer service representative will assist you with your purchase.
Qvites order step 2 A SPREADSHEET will be emailed to you to enter your guests' names.
and send it back to your customer service representative.
to your Qvites™ wedding website will be emailed to you – then you can begin personalizing it!
  Once you mail your invitations, guests can respond to your invitation on your very own Qvites™ wedding website.
 Helpful Tip:
Have your guest list completed when you make your purchase so you can fill out the spreadsheet easily and quickly. Once you email us your completed spreadsheet, your order will ship within 5 quick days!

What are Qvites™?
Qvites™ are the modern way for guests to rsvp and the easy way for you to track those responses!

How does the QR code work?
When guests receive our invitation, they simply scan the unique QR code on the response cards. This will take them directly to your Qvites™ wedding website, where they can respond to your invitation, choose their menu option and even leave you a note.

What information do I need to provide?
You'll need to provide a list of your guests' names prior to your Qvites™ being printed. A Customer Service representative will help you with this process.

How do I send you my guest list?
A Customer Service representative will contact you after your order is placed to answer any questions you may have and to obtain your email address to send you the guest list spreadsheet.

Do I need to give my guests stamped envelopes?
No, and this means there's a huge savings for you! Most brides will save an average of $60.00 on their invitation order when they choose Qvites™ response cards.

How can I make my Qvites™ response card match my invitations?
Qvites™ response cards are available in white, ecru and white shimmer paper to coordinate with the invitation you choose. If you aren't sure which Qvites™ response card paper will match your invitation the best best, simply chat with a Customer Service representative or call 800.257.9567.

Do I get to choose what my Qvites™ wedding website will look like?
Yes! There are several site templates in many color options to suit your style.

How do I get alerts when my guests rsvp?
Every time a guest responds on your Qvites™ wedding website, you'll receive an email alert that lets you know!

I already have a wedding website. Can I use it as my Qvites™ site, too?
No, not at this time. You can place a link to your Qvites™ site on your current wedding website and direct guests to respond with the Qvites™ site.

Can you print any response envelopes I may need for me, too?

What if my guest doesn't have a smart phone?
Your guest can access your Qvites™ wedding website via the url printed on their Qvites™ response card. If you know your guest isn't capable of accessing the site, we suggest including a stamped response envelope so your guest can easily mail the response card back to you with their reply. Additional envelopes can be purchased here.