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Canceling a wedding can happen for so many reasons, and none of them are ever easy. If it happens, you’ll probably want to think about ANYTHING but the wedding. But keep this in mind: the faster you take care of the details, the faster you can move on into your future.

Letting guests know that your wedding has been canceled is top priority. The news will probably get shared through the grapevine of your immediate family and close friends. But to let everyone know officially, you’ll need to send out cancellation notifications.

Choose a simple card – a reception card or small wedding invitation style will work – and print it with to-the-point wording, like this:

If issued from you

We regret to inform you

that the wedding of

Name and Name

will not take place

as scheduled.

If issued from your parents:

Mr. and Mrs. John Wilkinson


Mr. and Mrs. David Baker

regret to inform you

that the wedding of their children




will not take place as planned.

Mail the cancellation announcements as soon as possible so guests can cancel their own travel plans.

Speaking of that grapevine, don’t feel like you have to provide details on the “why” the wedding is canceled. Close family and friends will know, but distant relatives and acquaintances may be curious. Have an answer prepared to tell people if they do ask you. Something like this would work and stop further questions:

Thanks for your concern. I’m (we’re) ok. It was a mutual decision to not get married. Best wishes to you.