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How do you let your guests know that your big day will be a little more on the casual side? By wording your wedding invitations just so.Casually worded invitations are a place to let your personality shine. Here are some ideas to help you when you’re getting ready to put it in print:

Have fun with your wording and tie it into your wedding theme

Western wedding idea: Rounding up all family and friends…

Destination wedding idea: Escape to paradise with us!

Carry through the fun wording style on your reception and response cards

Western reception card idea: Wanted – YOU at our shindig!

Destination response card idea: ___See you in paradise! ___Stuck in the doldrums

Incorporate your favorite quotation, song lyrics or poem into your wording

“Love is all you need” ~ Lennon and McCartney

“Keep love in your heart” ~ Oscar Wilde

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Feel free to omit the British spelling of honour and use an informal welcome

Please join in our celebration…

Omit formal titles and even Mr. or Mrs. from your wording

Ralph and Janet Smith


James and Susan Michael

invite you to join us to celebrate love, laughter and family

as our children begin their married adventure…

The only “rule” for informal wedding invitation wording? Be creative! The more fun you have with your invites, the more fun guests know will be in store for them.