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When you're ready to mail your wedding invitation, this is the proper way to assemble them into the envelopes:

  • Place your reception card face-up on the table
  • Tuck your response card under the printed envelope flap and place it face-up on top of the reception card
  • Place your map card face-up on top of the response card


  • If your invitation is a non-folding card or a folding card with the wording printed on the front, place all the enclosure cards face-up on top of the invitation.
  • If your invitation is folding with the wording printed inside, place all enclosure cards face-up inside the first folder over your wording.
  • Insert the invitation and enclosure cards into the inner envelope with the wording or design facing you. Place the inner envelope into the outer envelope with the front of the inner envelope facing you.

How do I assemble my invitation suite?