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Wedding Seating Charts
Many married couples will tell you that wedding seating charts are both awesome and a huge pain. Awesome because a seating chart allows you to mix people with like interests and hobbies, which helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A pain because sometimes you just don’t know where certain people should go or you have an odd number in your circle of friends or you have divorced couples to think about…

We can tell you that wedding seating charts are worth the time and effort, and they don’t have to be a giant hassle. What you need is a plan of attack and maybe a few helpful tools to get you through the process.

Fun seating chart ideas from Invitations by Dawn

Step 1
Get a copy of the reception room floor plan. If the venue doesn’t have anything for you, draw something up yourself. You’ll need to know where the head table, cake table, buffet tables and dance floor will be.

Step 2
Decide what shape of tables works best for the space. You want to make sure guests have a decent amount of room to walk between tables and you’ll want to think about flow from reception tables to buffet tables to bathrooms, lobby, etc.

Step 3
As you receive RSVPs, start assigning seats to your guests. We really like WeddingWire’s seating chart tool if you’re looking for a free online tool. If you’d like to do this by hand, our favorite method is drawing the floor plan out on a piece of tag board and using small rectangular sticky notes to represent people. The sticky note method makes rearranging the seating chart super easy.

Step 4
Start with the head table and work your way out. Immediate family should be placed closest to the head table. (Tip: seat ring bearers and flower girls with their families for best behavior.)

Step 5
Arrange friends and family by relationships and like interests. (Tip: don’t create a table of “leftover” people. Disperse these wedding guests among other very social groups of people.)

We also came across a fun seating chart maker called Tablerrr. This free online tool offers a great tutorial to get you started. It’s definitely worth a look!