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There are so many wedding color themes, and they’re all so gorgeous, and you’re sooooo overwhelmed. How are you going to narrow down your choices and find the wedding colors that are perfect for your day?

Wedding Color Themes

CHILL – because there are some easy steps you can take to help you figure out which color, colors or color themes. Here they are:

What’s your favorite color?
Making it your wedding color is a no-brainer. Also think about how that color pairs with others (neutrals, different shades, metallic) so your wedding is about your favorite color but with a punch.

What’s the location?
Outdoors and natural? Upscale hotel with great décor? Figure out a wedding color theme that’s right for the setting and that doesn’t clash with existing décor.

What’s your favorite flower?
Pink roses? Green bells of Ireland? You’ll definitely be including those blooms in your bouquet and arrangements, so choose a color that really sets them off.

What’s your season?
There are colors that are standard for every time of year – red at Christmas, gold and orange in the fall, pastel purple and blue for spring, and the brightest shades of all colors for summer. You can go with tradition, or mix it up a little bit so you’re season-appropriate and unique (think blue and silver for Christmas or black and white with a pop of bright green for summer).

What looks good on you and your bridesmaids?
Does that great shade of champagne or green make you look all washed out when you wear it? Move on. Choose a color that will highlight your and your bridesmaids’ skin tone and hair and make you all look stunning.

What colors are traditional in your heritage?
Green = lucky in Ireland. Red = lucky in China. Yellow, blue and red = food, money and passion in Mexico. Incorporate these colors into your attire and décor in a nod to your background.

What’s the color of the year?
There’s always that one shade that stands out from the rest in each year’s fashion. If you love it, go for it! Your wedding will be on trend and stylish.