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We’re big fans of bridal shower games here at Invitations by Dawn. Games are meant to liven up the party and get everyone interacting with each other. However, some bridal shower games can get a little old so we’ve gathered some popular games with new twists we’ve been seeing (and loving!).

Oh, and we recommend putting hints or teasers about the games you’ve chosen on the bridal shower invitations. There’s nothing better than creating a little buzz before the party.

Find out some awesome bridal shower games from Invitations by Dawn

1. The Mr. and Mrs. Quiz

The Game: The groom is given a questionnaire to fill out. At the bridal shower, the bride has to guess what her groom might have given for answers. The funnier the questions, the better!

The Twist: Create a Google Hangout or Skype the groom while the bride is giving her answers. His reactions will be priceless!

2. He Says / She Says

The Game: The bride and groom are asked to give their thoughts on love, marriage, relationships, etc. Write down random quotations from each person’s answers and ask guests to guess who said what.

The Twist: Have guests hold up a mustache or lips to indicate their answer. Check out our free photo booth printables to make you lips and mustache props.

3. Who am I?

The Game: Each guest is given a person (celebrity, historical figure, politician). The person’s name is pinned to the back of the guest. Each person has 20 questions. As guests mingle, they ask each other questions and give each other clues.

The Twist: Bring props! As the game unfolds, guests can choose to give another guest a prop that might clue them into who they are. Think wigs, hats, jewelry, canes, etc.

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