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One thing you want to avoid at your wedding? Making your groomsmen give you the “oh-great-another-pocket-watch” kind of look. Yes, your wedding is all about friendship and love and celebration, and that’s why the guys are in it with you. But if you’re going to give them something in appreciation, make it something they’ll love. Something they’ll use. Something unique. Groomsmen gift ideas are right here.

Personalized Vintage Man Cave Sign

Every guy’s got one – the place he goes to hide out from the world. Where he sits back and cracks open a cold one after work. It’s domain, his man cave. Now they can mark their territory clearly with a personalized vintage-style “Man Cave” sign. Give one to each groomsman. Have them invite the groom over to help him hang it up. They can hide out together for a while.

Rawlings Mini Baseball Bat

Want to give your groomsman a gift that’s the equivalent of a bases-loaded-home-run? Here it is – a mini baseball bat (18” long) personalized just for him. It’ll fill a unique spot in his baseball memorabilia collection. And probably inspire some games of mini baseball in the man cave (see above).

Personalized Bar Sign

When his place is the place to be for happy hours and weekend game watching, this is the sign he needs to display. You know, to make it official. Groomsmen who have the fully stocked bar and great coolers and all the fun bartending toys will love it

There you go – three unique groomsmen gift ideas that’ll make your wedding the one they remember for a long time.