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The one knee, the “will you?”, the ring, the “YES!” And now you can’t wait to tell everyone and show off the bling, right?

WAIT! Before you post a blurry selfie to Facebook or change your status to “engaged” or text everyone in your contacts list, think about how you want to share the news. This is big news, and you’ll want to announce it with the creativity and fanfare it deserves.

Need ideas? Oh, do we have ideas!

Engagement Announcement Ideas

Get it on film

Re-enact the engagement so everyone knows how it all happened. Or, tell the story of your love, ending with a flash of the ring. Have fun with the acting, the photos you show, the timing and the editing of the video (hire a video-savvy friend if you lack the skills). THEN share the video on Facebook, YouTube and email.

Share in small groups

But do it in a fun way. Come up with a scenario that hides your ring hand, and that shows it off at just the right moment. For example, serve a dessert you’ve made and as you’re cutting and dishing it up, see how long it takes for everyone to notice the diamond flash. Volunteer to be the dealer when you play cards. Serve champagne, and don’t tell people why. Then repeat the scenario at the next family gathering, the next brunch you host for your friends and at the next work happy hour. The reactions will be priceless (just be ready for lots and lots of hugs).

Sign language

Get creative with photos and signage – it’s a hot trend! Make your announcement by writing it on hand-lettered signs, in vintage typography or on a chalkboard. Then pose for the camera in fun ways. Share those photos on printed engagement announcements you send to everyone who will be on your guest list.

Up in lights

Get everyone together for the game, for drinks at your favorite pub or on a road trip out for a great dinner – just make sure there’s an LED billboard that stands out! Rent the light board for an hour, or purchase an ad space on the billboard at the game. Include a photo of the ring, and say something simple like:

Eric asked..…Mindy said yes..…and here’s the bling!

No one will miss it – and they’ll always remember it!