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10 reasons why ordering wedding invitations online might just be the best wedding decision you make yet!

Order your wedding invitations online

  1. Browse Comfortably
  2. Browse for as long as you want, check every price tag carefully and don’t you worry about that sales lady staring over your shoulder or the salesman waiting to pounce because you’re shopping from the comfort of your own home! That’s the beauty of shopping for wedding invitations online.

  3. Save Your Favorites
  4. Save your favorite designs so you can easily compare prices and features. You can do this here at Invitations by Dawn by checking the little heart next to your favorites and they will be stored in “My Saved Items.”

  5. Read Descriptions and Check for…
    • Price – is this invitation in your wedding budget?
    • Available colors – is it available in the colors you want?
    • Paper quality – what kind of paper is used? (Visit our Paper Options page for descriptions of our papers.)
    • Printing method – what method of printing is being used? (Visit our Printing Options page for descriptions of common printing methods.)
    • What’s included? – Invitation envelopes and response card envelopes are always included, but are response cards and reception cards included? Is the decorative ribbon or fancy jacket it’s shown with included?
  6. Read Product Reviews
  7. See what other brides and grooms have to say about their purchases before making one of your own.

  8. Order Samples
  9. Invitation samples are a great way to be confident in the quality of paper and printing. We highly recommend ordering samples (if available) wherever you decide to purchase your wedding invitations.

  10. Start Personalizing
  11. Ordering wedding invitations online allows you to personalize and preview your custom wedding invitation easily. A lot of invitations are available with two colors, so play with the options and choose a color combo that coordinates with your wedding colors.

  12. Choose your wording
  13. If you like the wording shown on the invitation, stick with it. If you want to choose different wording or write your own, you can do that, too! See how it looks as you change wording options. Wording and fonts can really change the look of an invite. Online wedding invitations allow you to change those features quickly and easily.

  14. Finish the Ensemble
  15. See what’s available for matching stationery. Many invitations have matching response cards and reception cards. You can create a gorgeous invitation ensemble from start to finish by sticking with a design theme throughout all the pieces of stationery.

  16. Check for Discounts
  17. Many retailers offer discounts every day. For example, we offer Free Shipping on all orders of $199 or more. Be sure to check for discounts and promo codes before ordering.

  18. Talk to Someone
  19. Ordering wedding invitations online is fast and easy to do when you have time. You can even save the invitation wherever you are in the process (if you have an account with us) and come back to it later. You can email it to others for proofing or approval and you can see what it will look before you even place the order! So the real question is, why wouldn’t you shop online wedding invitations?