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“It all went by so fast!” – said every bride ever.

That’s why having a great wedding video is so important. It’ll remind you of the wedding’s highlights, show you what the ceremony was like and even catch events you missed.

What could be better? How about having a video from your point of view. To remember how everyone looked at you when you walked down the aisle. To see that ring-on-the-finger moment during the ceremony close up. To catch the tear glistening on your tough guy’s cheek.

How? (This is why we LOVE technology!) Put a teeny, tiny digital video camera in your bouquet and it will capture everything you saw on your wedding day, as you saw it.

How? (It’s OK, we knew you’d have questions). It’s really pretty easy if you are good with electronics or if your groom is, or if one of his friends is.

First, find a teeny, tiny digital video camera like a GoPro® or any little device that will record to an SD memory card (get the biggest memory card you can find). After the wedding, get the video onto your computer and start watching and editing! You can also use a WiFi SD card like an Eye-Fi card that will transfer the video directly to your computer. Be sure your venue has WiFi before you decide on this option.

Then comes the task of getting the camera into your bouquet. This requires some serious pre-planning. If you take just the camera out of the casing, it will be even tinier and will hide in your bouquet better. Attach the camera securely to a metal rod that will be the “stem” of your bouquet, and then build the bouquet around it. You can use beautiful silk flowers and make the entire bouquet around the camera ahead of time. Wrap the stem in ribbon to hide any tape or wires or bare metal. If you simply must have real flowers, you’ll need to work closely with your florist and see if she’ll be able to construct your bouquet at the last minute. You can still provide the camera on the metal “stem” and have the florist add fresh flowers around it, or you can ask to have the camera wired in securely after the bouquet has been designed.

For the design of the bouquet, keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure the camera buttons are easy to reach for operation.
  • Arrange the flowers to surround the camera in a pretty way so the petals don’t block the lens.
  • Choose flowers that will help disguise the camera. Flowers in dark colors will distract from the black dot of the lens; an all-white bouquet will make the lens stand out.
  • Use flowers with black centers so the lens blends in. Anemones, poppies, gerbera daisies, black-eyed Susans and zinnias are popular bridal flowers with the added bonus of sporting dark centers for some camera camo.

Once you’ve gotten the bouquet details all worked out, make a plan for the moments you’ll want to capture. Line people up to be bouquet video back-ups so you’re capturing your POV even when you’re not holding the bouquet. Think of your maid of honor during the vows and rings, your personal attendant during the receiving line, your artsy cousin during the cake cutting, a friend behind you while you dance. Also make sure there will be places to plant your bouquet when you’ll need to use both hands, like during dinner (head table) and toasting (a pillar behind you).

And as if you need one more thing to remember, try to hold your bouquet as steady as you can so your POV shots are steady. Video editing software can help reduce the wobble, but if you give the steadiness your best effort, it will be easier to do.

Then, on your honeymoon and anytime you want, relive all those moments as only you saw them!