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Everyone has one. Nobody can live without one. Smartphones have changed the way we communicate, share and express ourselves.

And of course your guests will bring their smartphones to your wedding. The good thing? They’ll get so many great candid photos that you’ll be able to leave your own phone at home!

The not-so-good thing? When guests go too far with their smartphones. Do you really want guests interrupting your photographer? Spending cocktail hour on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? Playing Candy Crush during the first dance?

Umm…no. Which means you’ll need to set up some guidelines for your guests. Just think ahead and find fun ways to tell them they AND their smartphones are welcome at your wedding, but within reason.

Idea: Set up a unique hashtag for your wedding so all your guests can share their photos and find others’ shots easily.

Let them know: by making fun signs or writing messages on chalkboards (so trendy!) with your wedding’s special hashtag.

Idea: Encourage guests to take lots of photos of you, but to give the professionals room to do their jobs.

Let them know: by writing a note in your wedding program or printing a separate card asking guests to snap away, but not with flash or sound, and not when your wedding photographer is taking photos.

Idea: YOU want to be the first one to see your own wedding photos!

Let them know: by making an announcement before the ceremony begins that guests are welcome to take photos, but to please not share them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter until the day after the wedding, and to only share the good ones. And to definitely not share a photo of the bride in her gown before the groom even sees her!

Idea: Get all those photos in one place for you to manage, approve, enjoy and decide who gets to see them.

Let them know: by using an online photo sharing site that makes it easy for guests to upload their photos for you to view and share as you please.

See? All you need is to find creative ways to ask guests to be smart with their smartphones at your wedding, and they’ll be happy to keep you happy!