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Solution: Let us address your envelopes for you! Our envelope addressing service will save you time (like time you could be having date night with your sweetie), and our printing will make your envelopes look elegant and professional.

First, load your guest list in an excel (.xls) or comma delimited file (.cvs). Then order your printed envelopes right online!

As you’re personalizing your wedding invitation on our site, click through to the Envelope Options page. There you’ll get to choose the font and color for printing your envelopes. Then just upload your guest list file to our site. You can even preview the way each envelope will print!

Envelope Addressing by Invitations by Dawn

Our addressing service covers both your inner AND outer envelopes, and guides you through the process of specifying what goes where.

And it’s just $1.00 an envelope. That’s not even a refill of your favorite coffee. With all the time you’ll save (not to mention the hand cramps), you really can’t afford NOT to have us print your envelopes!

To find out more specific information, visit our Envelope Addressing Service page.

(Isn’t technology great?)