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You’ve thought of every single thing, right? The venue, the attire, the décor down to the last ribbon and rhinestone.

But what will you do if road construction causes detours on the day of your wedding? If a rainstorm forces your outdoor ceremony inside? If the best man gets stuck in traffic and the ceremony is delayed? If…yeah, you get the idea.

You know the old saying that if you plan for it, it won’t happen, right? It’s good advice. Not in the freak-out kind of way of imagining every single thing that could possibly go wrong. It’s more like figuring out how you’ll keep guests informed of changes or emergencies or weather or traffic so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll let them know on the day of the wedding.

That’s when technology is at its best – communicating information on a tight timeline. Here are some ways to use it to the fullest:

On the web
Be sure someone other than you can make updates to your wedding website as things unfold. Because you’ll have given all your guests the link your site months ago, and they’ll know to check it frequently for information. Link to weather reports, maps, traffic reports and anything else that will be helpful to your guests.

Face time
Create a Facebook group for your wedding and post messages and updates via the wonders of social media. Again, make sure someone knows the passcode to your phone or iPad and can get to your site so you’re not doing all the work.

You rang?
Put together a list of everyone’s cell numbers and give it to your best man or maid of honor. They can easily take your phone and send a group text to everyone for last-minute info.

Old school
Grandma doesn’t have a computer? Your Dad convinced he’s not smart enough for a smart phone? Set up calling chain for everyone who doesn’t text or compute, and ask your personal attendant to put it in motion for you.

We know, you don’t want to think about of worst-case wedding disasters. But if you plan ahead on how to communicate with guests about last-minute changes, the “disasters” won’t feel so disastrous. And you can get back to primping, knowing that everyone will be in the loops about the change in plans.