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It’s almost impossible to get your wedding party together at one time to talk about the wedding. If they don’t live across the country, their schedules are likely crazy-busy.

Which makes it tough for an equally busy you to share wedding details, get opinions on bridesmaids’ dresses or just plain catch up with all your BFFs.

Our advice? Get techy. Here are a few ways to do it.

Set up a Facebook group and post your info and updates there. Encourage your bridesmaids, groomsmen and others involved in the wedding to add their own updates and ask questions you can answer for everyone, all at once.

Use Facebook Chat. Add everyone you want to update in the “To” line and then type your message. Everyone will see every message that goes back and forth.

Apple iMessage can save you a lot of phone texting – who wants to spell out “bridesmaids” or “Rehearsal Dinner” a hundred times on your phone’s keypad? Replying to and sending texts from your Mac is easier and faster.

If you have a lot of info to share, create a GoogleDocs document and send it to the group that needs to see it. They can update it themselves with addresses, phone numbers, etc., and you’ll always have the important stuff all in one place.

Manage to find a time when everyone can be online? Set up a Google Hangout so you can see everyone’s cheerful face when you chat with them about wedding fun.

(Never again will the best man be able to use the excuse of “I didn’t get the memo” to miss his tux fitting…)