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Maybe space is very limited at your wedding venue.

Maybe your idea of a wedding celebration is intimate and small.

Or, maybe your budget just can’t accommodate everyone you’d like to invite.

That’s when you 1) start cutting your guest list, and 2) inviting only those who are closest to you…and not their dates. Then you need to let them know the details. How do you do that in a kind and gracious way? With your invitation wording and envelope addressing.

You’ll want your wording to express that your event is private, intimate or small so guests get the hint that extra guests aren’t invited.

Here are some examples:

We invite you to join us
at our intimate wedding celebration
Saturday, December 28
Two thousand thirteen
at Holy Rosary Catholic Church
in the Marian chapel..

OR be clever with your wording

if you’re having a theme wedding

Our wedding will be small,
but we’d love to see y’all
and kick up our heels together!
Saturday, December 28
Two thousand fourteen
The Red Barn…

When you address your envelopes, include only the name of the guest invited. This, along with your wedding invitation wording, will make it clear that guests and “plus 1” aren’t invited. Address your envelopes like this:

Outer envelope:

Ms. Amy Richardson
12 Pleasant View Rd…

Inner envelope:


Then, in case guests ask you directly if they can bring a date, plan something nice to say to them, like: “We would love to meet your new boyfriend, but our reception venue is so small, we can’t possibly fit in another guest. Let’s plan to get together after the wedding to get to know each other.”