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The Handwritten Note

Always include a handwritten note in your wedding thank you cards. Make it personal and mention the gift specifically to show appreciation and sincerity. Be sure to send them within four weeks of the wedding. Here is an example to help you when writing thank you notes:

Dear Jerry and Diane,

Thank you so much for coming to the wedding. We really enjoyed dancing the night away with you two! We look forward to having you over for dinner soon and enjoying some drinks in that fantastic set of glasses you gave us.

Luke and Mary

5 Ways to Make it Personal

  1. Mention how beautiful or handsome they looked. A stunning dress or striking suit color is often appropriate.
  2. Mention a specific memory from the night, like if the guest made a funny joke at dinner or had some awesome dance moves.
  3. Mention a future visit with the person or couple.
  4. Mention a song you chose specifically for them. “Did you catch the Macarena? That was for you!”
  5. Mention how you plan to use the gift.

Tips for writing thank you notes from Invitations by Dawn

Awkward Situations

Duplicate Gifts - thank the giver for the gift and don't mention that it was a duplicate or what you exchanged it for.

Broken Gifts - most retailers will replace broken merchandise shipped from their store. If they won't replace it, simply thank the giver without mentioning that the gift was broken.

What is it? - mention what it's made of (wood, china, etc.) and use descriptive words like "unique," "special" or "one-of-a-kind" when thanking the giver.

Wedding thank you cards are your chance to reiterate how important it was that your guests made it to your wedding. Chances are you didn’t get to talk with everyone as much as you would have liked. Writing thank you notes allows you to have that last personal interaction and make your guests feel truly appreciated.